7/23/12 (5:20PM)

I just want to scream, hello
My g0d its been so long, never dreamed you'd return
But now here you are, and here I am

Elderly Woman Behind A Counter, Pearl Jam

Just like Cal Ripken Jr., all streaks must come to an end. After working 495 straight days (not including Jewish holidays, Thanksgiving and a snow day), I finally took a day off. My last off day was August 6,2010. Zyke asked me if I wanted to go with the Center camp to Washington D.C. to see the Mets play the Nationals. The Mets lost in 10 innings 5-4. Iwas sitting right behind the Mason sign in this photo when Valdespin hit his homerun to the tie the game.

A lot has changed since the last time I went away. The buses now have electric outlets and wifi. I don't have to worry about my phone running out of battery. The other thing that has changed is now I have an iPad. I also don't have to worry about reading the Daily News because I have the app. Also, I was able to listen to Howard Stern on my SiriusXM App. And before I went to sleep, I told Siri to set my alarm and it worked perfectly.

Recently I have been teaching a couple of older people how to use an iPhone and iPad. Sometimes it could get a little frustrating but I enjoy doing it so much.

Since my last entry here is a little update of what is going on. I am officially coaching at Flatbush. I co-coached the 7th grade team which lost in the finals. I also assisted on JV and Varsity even though for a short period of time I was not allowed to. This year, I will be coaching 6th, 7th, JV and Varsity.

I know some one who has a terrible habit of saying "what" after every sentence you say to him. It gets very annoying. So I am trying to cure him by the way I was taught when I was younger. Every time he now says "what", I hit him. So far it has been having a positive effect.

People have been asking me why the orignalboat has been on hiatus. I just want to let everyone know that the boat is all right. He went to see a nurse but tells me he maybe feeling better soon.

First it was the walker that bothered me in shul.  Now it is the amplifier. That is the person that prays certain words out loud when the hazzan (cantor) says them.

Here are a couple of apps to get.

Fast customer -  connects you automatically to most companies.

MTA EZ Travel - tells you the traffic.

ABC Eats - gives you the restaurant ratings of any store near you


Here are the must watch shows of the summer.

Breaking Bad - AMC


The Franchise. Miami Marlins

Scroll down for my completer television schedule.

This past television season, I fell behind two shows. Greys Anatomy and Glee. My Tivo was so full that I actually missed a few episodes of each show. That is the first time that I could remember that happening. Due to my coaching schedule, I will try to not watch any new shows because I have no time. As of today, my Tivo is empty.

7/25/11 (5:30PM)
Here is a letter that an anonymous person asked me to post on the site.

This is an open letter to all the girls of the greater Sephardic community between the ages of 28-37.

 As the jewels of the Female Species in the Continental USA and the world, I plead and implore that you do hold the line and don't give in and ever settle for a guy that is short of you're standards. Now, I am aware that these standards maybe just a tad high. That the guy must be good looking, in great shape, wealthy and while were at it let's throw in “he comes from great family”, would cater to every whim and need of yours, funny, smart, and what the heck why not also go shoes shopping with you. Settlements my dear girls are only acceptable to us the Jewish people in the lands of forefathers where the Kingdom Of Judah once reigned. Places like Eli, Itamar, Efrat and Shiloh though they maybe referred to as settlements. To us, they are indispensable parts of the greater Land of Israel. I do apologize that you're dream guy may have gotten away, be it the star QB, or banker or real estate mogul's son, but stay positive! We the Jewish people have waited 2000 years in the Diaspora to return to the land God has given us as it is written in Genesis "to you (Abraham) I will give this land". And these promises are being fulfilled every day in the form of "Shevat Zion". Remember that "us guys" also dream and aspire to be with mediocre looking girls who are bossy, demanding, have great expectations, and seldom put out, but the "us guys” are a settlement. This world is inhabited by great guys and unlike heaven where our fellow cousins whom are promised paradise and 72 virgins in return for "martyrdom"- the Virgins have run out- OK maybe only the really hot ones that they are promised ran out, but that great guy is here somewhere. When the doctors showed Jimmy Valvano the x-ray on his back, it was all black and indicated cancer. Valvano told him "doc you forgot to use the flash"- But he never gave up and urged everyone "to never give up". My message to you  "Don't Dream, Be The Dream.......... 

Here is my television schedule.

 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 8:00Leverage - TNT

America's got Talent - NBC

Shark Tank - ABC

True Blood - HBO

Falling Skies - TNT

America's got Talent - NBC



Breaking Bad - AMC


The Franchise A season with
the Miami Marlins


      Louie -  FX


 11:35 Late Show - CBS
Late Show - CBS
Late Show - CBS
 Late Show - CBS

Curb Your Enthusiasm - HBO

Entourage - HBO

Desperate Housewives - ABC

Grey's Anatomy - ABC

Survivor - CBS

Glee - FOX

Damages - DirectTV

Hot In Cleveland - TVLAND

Apprentice - NBC

The Killing - AMC

Fringe - FOX

30 Rock - NBC

Amazing Race- CBS

Sons Of Anarchy - FX

The Walking Dead - AMC

Boardwalk Empire - HBO

Hung - HBO

Hard Knocks - HBO

Wipeout - ABC

Mad Men - AMC

Bored To Death - HBO

Undercover Boss - CBS

Damages - FX

Boston Med

Shaq VS - ABC

House- FOX

Men Of A Certain Age

Friday Night Lights - NBC

Friday Night Lights- Direct TV

24 - FOX

10 Things I Hate - ABC FAM

American Idol - FOX

Lost - ABC

Heroes - NBC

Rubicon - AMC

Lie To Me

Lights Out

Greek - ABC Family

Smallville - WPIX 11

Human Target - FOX

Rescue Me - FX

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