11/26/09 (10:30PM) The other day while I was walking to work, I saw a dead cat in the middle of the street.  I called 311 who then sent the Sanitation Department to come and take it away.  The previous day, I was driving with someone who had no problem throwing out a soda can and paper out his window. He tried to justify it by saying that he pays enough to the city in parking tickets. He is the same person that would go crazy if someone did that in front of his house.

I had a customer come into the store today who wanted me to use his cell phone to talk to his wife. I said there is no way I am going to be using the same phone as you. I wasn’t going to talk into something that was an inch away from his mouth.

Gravesend House Is Brooklyn’s Biggest Sale Of The Year.

You must watch this: Battle at Kruger.

Here are a couple of good shopping website.

PicClick Ebay - This is a great site that conveniently sorts the items in thumbnail format for a quick search.

Imshopping – You can ask a shopping question and they will give you an answer.

Couponwinner & Savings - search for online coupons.

by Jim Rohn

You may be wondering why I would call this article a Thankful Thanksgiving. Aren't all Thanksgivings Thankful? Unfortunately, no. As a person who has experienced over 75 Thanksgivings, I recognize that being thankful is something that we have to work at, even on Thanksgiving.

If your home is like most, your Thanksgiving day will be very busy, with either traveling to where you want to go or preparing your home to have others over for the day. Either way, that can be very hectic and emotionally trying, which doesn't lend itself to preparing your heart to be reflective and thankful. In fact, Thanksgiving weekend is the most traveled weekend in America. Airports are full, and not always providing much room for contemplation of your good fortune.

This means all the more that if we want to be the kind of people who are characterized by thankfulness, then we must make sure that we focus on it, and not just on Thanksgiving Day, but at all times during the year.

Here are a few key words as well as some thoughts that are simple and practical to apply; something you can use right away in your quest for becoming more thankful:

Time. Set aside time regularly to be quiet, to reflect. We live in the fastest paced time ever. From the moment we awake to the moment we collapse into bed, we have the opportunity to go at full speed and never slow down. If we schedule time every day in which we can be quiet and reflect, we will free our hearts and minds up from the tyranny of the urgent and rushed.

Thought. Give thought to the many blessings that you have. Living in a consumer culture, most of us are fully aware of what we do not have and how we absolutely must have "it". But how often do we reflect upon that which we already have? Take some time each day and think of one or two things that you have that you may typically take for granted and then take a moment and give thanks for those. In fact, I make it a part of my reflection time to review a list of things that I'm thankful for.

Generosity. Be generous toward those with less and not envious of those with more. We tend to look at others who may be wealthier than ourselves and think, "I sure wish I had what he does." That kind of thinking breeds envy and jealousy rather than contentment. What can we do to break that cycle? I would suggest being generous to those who are less fortunate than yourself. Go to work at a food bank. And not just during the holidays - everybody works there then - but on a regular basis during the year. That will remind you of how good you really have it.

Ask. Ask a friend what they are thankful for. The next time you are at lunch with a friend, ask them what they are most thankful for. You will be amazed at the answers you receive and you will create a meaningful bond with your friends as you focus on this powerful question.

Acknowledge. Lastly, tell those you love how thankful you are for having them in your life. So many times we neglect to take the time to craft the words to express to those closest to us what their presence in our lives means to us. Take the opportunity of Thanksgiving Day to write them a note or sometime during the day put your hand on their shoulder, look them in the eyes and tell them. Let them know what they mean to you, and in return you'll begin to create the possibility of deeper, richer, more fulfilling relationships with those you love.

Of course we should do what we can to make the most of the day we call Thanksgiving, but wouldn't it be a shame if the only time we reflected on our blessings was that one Thursday in November? And the answer is, of course! So let's do our best to be aware of the many great gifts that we have each and every day of the year. As we do so we will see our hearts soar and our minds will experience more and more at peace as we regularly remember and remain aware of our good fortune.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jim Rohn

11/15/08 (9:30PM) Big-Time Fight over St. Regis Retail; Chera Cries ‘Conspiracy in Lawsuit.

Here are a couple of  articles about an orthodox Jewish boxer. Brooklyn boxer Yuri Foreman out to claim WBA super welterweight title. Brooklyn rabbi-in-training wins historic world title.

Sober Mood at New York Post as Circulation Spirals.

After being forced to go to the sleep away Camp Hatikvah in the summer of 1983 (more on that some other time), I came home and heard radio station Z-100 for the first time. I always used to listen to the Friday five o’clock whistle and the Z morning zoo until I discovered Howard Stern. On the five o’clock whistle they use to play the same songs every week, which included a Bruce Springsteen song like Born To Run or Stand On It . That was the first time I heard of Bruce. Then once Born In The USA came out, I became a fan.  I found the following clips on youtube. Z100 Morning Zoo, Video Air check - November 24, 1983.           Z100 Z-Morning Zoo Feature on PM Magazine WNEW-TV.

Most people know that I have the same eating routine during the week.  Monday through Friday I have the same breakfast. I eat a Pepperidge Farm chocolate chip cookie and cup of Tropicana orange juice. On Sunday, I go to Dunkin Donuts to get a donut and medium ice coffee. I am thinking about having cereal instead of my cookie. For lunch, Monday and Wednesdays I have my English muffin white egg and cheese with a donut and medium ice coffee. On Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays I go to Blue Mango and get a medium chocolate yogurt with three toppings. For dinner, Mondays I have macaroni and cheese. Tuesday and Thursday nights I go to Dunkin Donuts for tuna on an English muffin with a donut and medium ice coffee. The tuna fish tastes great. I am not alone with my schedule. Here is Howard Sterns fathers routine.
Howard brought up the eating regimen they have and how odd he finds that. Ben didn't think it was that unusual. He said he has 3 breakfasts he eats in sequence. He has oatmeal, rice and a cereal he likes. He said that he eats them day by day.
Howard asked Ben what kind of cereal he eats. He had a whole wheat thing he likes and a honey thing. Honey nut Cheerios. Ben said he had a cold cereal this morning. He keeps a tag on them and he does that so he knows if he should eat cold or hot that morning. He said he has a hot one and then a cold one. Robin said she was confused by this.
Howard asked why he has to tag them. Ben said he eats a cold cereal one day and then a hot one the next. He wants to keep them in order. Howard asked what he would do if he felt like eating a cold cereal and it was a hot cereal day. Ben said he can't because he has a compulsion to eat it in order. Robin said this is an OCD thing.
Ben said he likes to stick to his order of eating because he wants to eat what's good for him. He said he doesn't do the same thing for lunch. He said that he has a way of making his sardine sandwiches when he eats them though.
Robin asked about the dinner thing since they go out to eat every night. Ben said that they do that. Howard said his mother wants to eat whatever she wants but his dad described to Beth how they have set days for every restaurant. Monday night is actually Italian food at a nice restaurant. Howard thought it was KFC earlier in the morning.
Ben said that he likes to have a set meal at the Italian place. He said he doesn't even look at the menu. Ben said he knows that they have there so he doesn't need the menu.
Ben said that Tuesday is KFC and they get grilled chicken there.  Then on Wednesday they go to a Greek restaurant. Howard asked if they ever change the nights they go. Ben said there is no reason to change it. He laughed at himself over that stuff.
Howard asked where they go on Thursday. Ben said they go to a diner on Thursday.
Ben said that on Friday they go to another restaurant and they have the same thing there too. Ben said he only gets fish at this place on Friday so they know him there. He said that they know him at KFC pretty well too. He said they have new kids there all the time though. Ben said that at the diner they know him too but he still has to give his order.
 Ben said that Beth asked him if he eats between breakfast and lunch. Ben said that he doesn't get hungry between then. He said he never eats after dinner either. Ben said that's nonsense to get up at midnight to eat.
Howard said he took over and ordered for his father at dinner the other night. Ben said he loved the food but he felt terrible eating desert. He said he did like it but he doesn't want to eat so much.
Howard thanked his dad for clearing all of that up for them. Ben said he's been reading the NY Times forever and he hopes that it doesn't go away. He said if he misses a day then he goes into withdrawals. He said the paper is now $2 and he understands why they have to charge so much. Circulation is down so they have to charge more for it.

11/8/09 (7:30PM) Since my last entry two months ago, a lot has been going on. I leased a new car, got the iPhone, went to see Bruce Springsteen and the Letterman scandal to name a few things. The reason for the delay was that I had to catch up on my Tivo. Since the holidays were during the week, I fell way behind. There were a couple of new shows that I wanted to watch but was to far behind to watch them. Here are a few  links that I think are interesting for you to look at.

15 Seconds in Sderot


Here is a story from Outside The Lines about Adam Greenberg who got hit with the only pitch he saw in the major leagues

'Jewish Jordan' Retires From Pro Basketball

Mike and the Mad Dog Reunion Show - October 16, 2009

A Community, Shaken

'Sons of Anarchy' surprise hit of the fall

Obama Calls Kanye a 'Jackass' -- The Audio

Join the Jets

Thor Equities CEO on Commercial Real Estate

9/8/09 (11:00AM) Please scroll down to look at what shows you should watch this television season.

Here is an article about Memorable TV theme songs are no longer in the broadcast script and there top     TV themes.

8/20/09 (11:00AM) Sorry for the long delay between posts.  I want to thank everyone for the nice anniversary wishes. It has been two years since I started the blog. This has been my best summer in a long time. It is the Summer of Danny.

A couple of weeks ago, me, Albert “B.Diddy” Braha, Gidy Laniado and Elliot Terzi went to Citi Field to watch the Mets beat the Rockies 4-0. I got two tickets for free and the other two tickets we bought for $50 each. It is a beautiful and clean stadium. To park my car, it cost $18 dollars, which is insane. Towards the end of the game, we moved up to the front row behind third base and ended being on TV. To view the pictures, click here.

I am completely caught up with my Tivo and I am now watching movies that my Tivo is suggesting. I saw Knocked Up and No Country For Old Men. I liked No Country but didn’t get the ending. I am making a lot of progress transferring my VHS tapes to DVD’s.  I went to all my doctors, which ended costing me a total of $255. At the skin doctor, I had this disgusting mole on the back of my neck removed. I am trying to bleach my teeth but the problem with that is it makes them very sensitive. The only thing bad about the summer is that the Yankees are winning. The teams and people that I root for continue to lose. I was watching the PGA and even Tiger Woods lost. I think I am going to begin to root for the Yankees so maybe they will start to lose. I just hate reading all the stories about how no one expected them to win; the clubhouse is so much fun, blah blah blah. 

My car lease is up next month and I have to decide which car to get. I am looking for something that will cost the most $250 a month, which narrows my choices down to a Camry, Accord or Altima. I bought a Tom Tom 740 so I don’t have to get a navigation system with my car. I am also not getting leather seats or a sunroof.

I added a couple of news shows to watch in the summer. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

I was going to put a top ten list of my favorite albums of all time but I only could think of seven. I only allowed one album per artist and I have to be able to like almost all the songs on the album. Here they are in no particular order.

Born in the U.S.A. (1984) – Bruce Springsteen

Ten (1991) – Pearl Jam

The Traveling Wilburys Volume 1 (1988) - The Traveling Wilburys

Full Moon Fever (1989) – Tom Petty

An Innocent Man (1983) Billy Joel

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) The Beatles

Sports (1983) Huey Lewis And The News

Here are a couple of links to look at.

This site called snitch.name allows you to do a comprehensive search on anyone you want to get information on.

What’s Next For The Syrian Jews? has an interview with Zev Chafets.

Frank talk about Joe Sitt’s Coney Island plan

Some one sent me the following information to pass along.

RIGHT HERE in Brooklyn is a safe haven for dogs; a shelter, which also cares for puppies, cats, kittens, exotic birds and turtles! Sadly, the dogs live in small cages and don't get much sunlight or fresh air (nor is there air conditioning). They need homes.
*It has been scientifically proven that a furry friend can be highly therapeutic to the ill, elderly or the alone).
TEL: 718 436 5163
www.nyanimalrescue.org (see pet photos).
The purpose of this endeavor is to aid unfortunate animals in the interest of a higher quality of life.We take in rescued, confiscated, neglected, injured, ill,unmanageable, or otherwise unwanted animals from private owners, zoos, shelters, and other public organizations. These animals are cared for, and/or rehabilitated to the best of our ability and means until which time they can be found healthy, happy homes. For more information please contact Charles Henderson at 436 5163.   

7/20/09 (2:30PM) I think Gidy is right when he says that the summer flies by after the fourth of July. One of the things I am trying to do this summer is convert my basketball tapes to DVD. I have at least 100 tapes to convert. My next step is to see how to take the DVD’s and save them to my MAC that as of now I don’t know how to do.  The other thing I did was take photo slides from more than 25 years ago and converted them to regular pictures. My Tivo is almost empty. I just have a couple of episodes of Dollhouse to watch. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what shows I recommend watching this summer.

The last time I went for a checkup was two years ago.  The reason I don’t like going is because I hate when they take my blood. After seeing all these people dying the past few weeks, I made an appointment with Dr. Zanger. My appointment was for three o’clock but I had to wait for more then an hour to see the doctor. I usually don’t mind waiting but I forgot to bring the Daily News. Everything turned out to be okay. I like to schedule all my doctor appointments in the summer. Coming up in August, I have the skin doctor to check a mole, eye doctor and dentist. The one that costs me the most money is the dentist because I don’t have dental insurance.

If you want to call someone and have the person’s caller ID show a different number go to Spoofcard.

Here is a site called Contact Help. On this site, it tells you the shortcuts on how to get to a live operator instead of voicemail.

On Walkscore, you type in an address and it lets you know what is around you when you walk.

Watch TV Sitcoms is a site to watch television shows or movies that just came out. I started to watch Bruno.

This guy Gar Rynesswas on David Letterman the other night. He can do dead-on impressions of every single player in the Major Leagues. I was doing this back in 1984.

Here are a couple of interesting articles.

How to save Coney Island: Council must preserve the people's playground

Audit reveals shady shenanigans in Brooklyn courts

Aspiring entrepreneurs: Here's how to set up shop for less than $1,000

The Damascus Affair

"Press Hop" featuring A. Iverson (Steve Porter remix) featuring Mora, Green, Namath, Gundy & T O

6/22/09 (10:15PM) Here is another reason why I don’t eat food they is left out on a table. In shul after Mincha, they put out some cookies, tuna fish, etc. This older gentleman who I don’t think is mentally stable walks over to the table, takes a fork and dips it into the tuna fish and eats it. After he is finished, he puts the fork that he just put into his mouth back with the other forks. I was nice enough to take the fork and throw it out. Two days later, the same thin happens again. Disgusting.

Someone forwarded this funny video called Frozen Grand Central.

In this article, Once a Boyhood Outsider, Now Reflecting on His Tribe , I went to school with him.
Here is a response about the article from David Bibi’s weekly email.

Today people spend thousands of dollars on internal public relations departments or contract out to public relations specialists.  Their job is often to get your story out with your spin. Make it onto the front page of any section of the New York Times and you are satisfied that you got your money’s worth.
Well I figured out a way to get the story out and onto page one without spending a cent. Just tell them that you’ve got the scoop on how your purportedly spiritual and observant Orthodox Jewish community is really “materialistic, close-minded, and insular to a fault”. Tell them how dysfunctional it was growing up there. Create in their minds the nastiest possible caricature combining the most awful possible characteristics from a fringe of the worst possible characters leading to a false impression perceived as truth. And as the cherry on the top, do the interview across from your former Yeshiva while biting into a De Fara pizza telling how that same school suspended you for eating there twenty years prior.
That’s the recipe.
A report was issued this week with results of interviews seeking to assess explicit prejudice toward Jews, asking respondents “How much to blame were the Jews for the financial crisis?” with responses falling under five categories: a great deal, a lot, a moderate amount, a little, not at all.
Among non-Jewish respondents, a strikingly high 24.6 percent of Americans blamed “the Jews” a moderate amount or more, and 38.4 percent attributed at least some level of blame to the group. The numbers grow by one third when isolating Democrats who are presumed to have a higher degree of racial tolerance and not withstanding that Jews are a central part of the Democratic Party’s electoral coalition.
Are we shocked at these numbers? Do we blame it all on Madoff? Do we use the excuse that “they” – the goyim just don’t understand us?
But what about the hatred which comes from within?
What causes a young man to write a play which reports call, “his memory play woven from experiences growing up in Brooklyn’s Syrian-Jewish community, has him tied up in knots.”
And which he claims “is a play about my background. It is terrifyingly — and sometimes ludicrously — autobiographical. It is about where I come from and about a community — Syrian/Sephardic/American/Jewish/whatever — that is truly marginalized and not really represented in the mainstream media or otherwise.”
The play which many of us from the community will either hear about and probably be questioned about tells of a spoiled 16-year-old, Lily who has recently married Ike S… (naming a specific community family surname), an older Syrian businessman. Her encounter with a new African American maid disrupts the equilibrium of the household. The worst you can imagine is what materializes.
My son asked why this writer would feel such a need to attack the place he came from so openly. Would it have destroyed his story to name the characters Smith? Could he have set them in Manhattan, in Scarsdale or in Beverly Hills? What is the source of the revulsion?
It is certainly some form of vengeance. The writer states, “I felt an extraordinary anguish,” he said. “…The fonts of pain were opened up in writing this play.”
This week we read the portion of the Meraglim, the spies. Twelve righteous men are sent by Moses to tour the land and bring back their report. They return and exaggerate what they perceive as faults. They go further and editorialize exhorting the people to abandon their mission. They are guilty of speaking against the land. But it goes beyond that, they are guilty for speaking against G-d’s land and in extension against G-d himself. For this sin we have suffered for 3300 years.
The Steipler tells us that what lies at the core of spies fault is ego. Once they achieve status they let that status get to them.
We know that ego and a lack in confidence often leads to putting down others. For some reason if we can’t lift ourselves we do our best to lower others. When they are down, we see ourselves as up.
At the outset, it may make us feel good. The feeling of a perceived superiority is comforting. The feeling that we have righted some wrong is consoling.
And then we come to a cross road.
Do we feel guilty? Do we recognize that we wronged someone? Do we try to make amends? Or do we repeat the behavior for that momentary feeling of superiority and comfort?
The choice is ours. We have to remember that each time we repeat the behavior, we dig the path deeper. Each time it becomes easier and each time we feel less guilt. And the longer it goes on the more difficult it will be to climb out of what has become a deep trench and eventually an abyss.
The choice is ours.
I found some consolation in one of the articles describing the author of the play. After his terrible bashing, the guilt must have set in.
Maybe he is at that cross road. Maybe he realizes the damage he has done and can continue to do. Maybe he realizes that everyone is not out to get him. Maybe he comes to understand that exhibiting ostentatiously and shamelessly is his own mistake. Maybe he realizes that we all know that we all have faults and instead of flaunting them, we need to be modest, to conceal and to refrain from throwing them into people’s faces. Maybe he’ll come to terms that he comes from a place a lot less abusive than he imagines.
He closes by stating, “There’s something so amazing about this beautiful, tight-knit community. Everybody does care for you and really knows you.”
Lets all remember this. Lets all examine our own deeds and lets all commit to get back on the right path in our relationship with each other and in our relationship with Hashem.
Shabbat Shalom,
David Bibi

6/11/09 (11:45PM) Here is a response that I got from another reader about the previous blog.

Hey Danny,
I just read your blog.  You should not have removed the school from the article.  The school should be ashamed and called out on it.  I was at the parade and it was embarrassing when the school came by.  They recruited the parents that brought their kids in (as there were no buses) to march.  In fact they were so desperate they recruited someone off the street.  It was very depressing to see.  Everyone should know what happened so it does not happen again.  The  school board should be ashamed of them selves.

Joe Sitt hits the fan over City's construction plans for Coney Island

My brother Charles forwarded me the following.

We have had tremendous reductions in crime in our neighborhoods this
past year, I will relate how these reductions were accomplished in
another email. I want to relate here a story of Susan Porcello, an
officer that responded to a 911 call for a sick, aging man, and found
that he was alone in the world. Here is that story. This is by no
means unique. When asked, most officers will tell you that they became
cops in order to help people. I will tell some of the other good deeds
in future posts.
joe dweck

Last days for Marine were true Finest hours

6/3/09 (1:15AM) Here is a brief clip of Bruce Springsteen dancing the hora while his band plays "Hava Nagila".

A blog reader, who wants to remain anonymous, sent the following article in after finding out that a certain school in our community made attending this years Israeli Day Parade optional. I know the write of the article will be upset but I took out the name of the school. This is the writer’s opinion, not mine.


                Due to the outbreak of the Swine Flu, [redacted} decided to close its doors this week giving students an extended holiday weekend. I agree with the fact that you do not take chances in these unknown circumstances. With the school reopening Monday, the "administrators" decided to make the Salute to Israel Parade optional. They said the main reason was that they don't want kids to be so close in proximity on the buses. Something in this decision smells fishy or shall we say more like Swine. With the exodus of thousands of students to the “Mecca of the Community”, Deal NJ for the weekend, school officials decided to blame not going to the parade on the Swine flu.  Last time I checked, Hillel and other South Jersey schools attended the parade. What would be the problem if you paid the bus companies a little extra to have a pick up in Deal as well as Brooklyn. Oh, my apologies. There’s probably not enough money in the school budget. To a school that claims to be Zionistic, this is a shame. Some would say what's the big deal? We still had representation there. It's only a parade. They would be wrong. The parade represents the support for the State of Israel by the Jews in the Diaspora. At this time, the State of Israel needs as much support as possible. As a Jew, nothing can make you feel prouder seeing thousands of our blue and white flags flying across Fifth Avenue. To be fair, there were some parents and students from [redacted] proudly marching along with Rabbis and other administrators, but not nearly enough. They should be commended. As for the school as a whole, they should be embarrassed. Boosha ve Chrepa.  Don’t’ parade yourself as a Zionistic school and choose when to abide by its ideals.

I just signed up for the following.

Notify NYC is the City of New York’s official source for information about emergency events and important City services. What you need to know, when you need to know it.
Registration is now available citywide and includes a variety of new features to help you customize your experience. Notify NYC services are available by email, text messaging, and auto-dialing to your home, office, and cell phones.

Here is Diversity, the group that beat Susan Boyle in Britain's Got Talent

5/25/09 (1:00AM) Growing up, I was always a procrastinator.  If I had homework or a report to do, I always waited to the last night to do it. I’ve been thinking about buying a bike for the past few months but I kept on putting it off. I also had a bike in the basement that I bought in June 1992 that I needed to bring in the bike store to see if it could get fixed. For some reason, last Tuesday night I finally decided to bring my bike into Roy’s Sheepshead Cycle.  They told me that the bike needed a tune-up for $45 and two tubes for $12 and it would be ready the next day. I also purchased a helmet for $40 and kryptonite lock for $25. The next morning I tried to start my car but it wouldn’t start so I had to walk to shul on Avenue T and then to work on Avenue O.  I called Infiniti during lunch and they sent a tow truck to bring it to the dealership.  I got lucky because Roy’s was only two blocks away so I was able to walk to pick up my bike.  My car was ready a couple of hours later. All it needed was a battery for $91. I was lucky that Coach G was in Brooklyn because he drove me to get my car. I now ride my bike to shul and work which saves me around 20 minutes. Once I started riding my bike, I realize how horrible the street are and how people drive.

This past Thursday, May 21st was my birthday. I got smart this year by removing my birthday information from Geni and Facebook so I didn’t get all those phony happy birthday messages. My thinking is if you can’t remember without the web sites, then you really don’t mean it. I can’t exactly explain what I mean but it makes sense to me. Not including family, three people told me happy birthday. Even some family members didn’t say happy birthday. It really doesn’t bother me that they didn’t but it is something that I remember.

My nephew Victor was supposed to email me this site but I found it on my own. It is called Video2mp3. It takes a youtube audio or video and automatically transfers it to itunes. It is a great site.

It has been 10 years since I had the laser eye surgery. I think it is still the best thing that I ever did. I was so sick of outing in my contact lenses or wearing my glasses. If I had to do now, I probably wouldn’t because I would be too afraid. Even though I went through with it, knowing what they do still freaks me out.

A couple of weeks ago at work, I started to have trouble breathing. After a few minutes, I realized that I was having a panic attack. There was no reason for this to happen because nothing has been bothering me.  The next day it happened again but I was able to control. Whenever I have a problem, I go look it up in Dr. John Sarno’s book.  He said the reason it happens is when you are angry and try to repress it necessitated a reaction which was the panic attack. Once I remembered that I did get into an argument with someone, I was able to control it because I knew it wasn’t physical just mental.

5/17/09 (10:30PM) On the web site tvworthwatching.com, they had a contest for fun on who could predict the opening-weekend box-office gross of a movie based on a TV show. This weekend's subject: the new Star Trek film. My guess (which I got from Howard Stern) was to predict that it would gross $79 million dollars. The actually result was $79.2 million so I won. The prizes that I had to choose from were 1) A tiny Fringe note pad, with a 3-D image-shifting cover.  2) A Blue's Clues 10th anniversary note pad, shaped like a sparkly gold chair. 3) An orange headband, with purple writing, saying So You Think You Can Dance.  4) A Bart Simpson zombie keychain from The Simpsons. I went with the keychain. It is a great web site and whatever he recommends, I mostly watch. Here is his blog mentioning that I won.

"Star Trek" TVWW Contest Prizes Boldly Go To Two Different Winners
May 12, 2009 10:31 AM

Okay, I'm proud of myself on this one. Before throwing it open to guesses from readers, I estimated the opening-weekend box office for the new Star Trek movie at $80 million. The final tally? $79.2 million.
But close, under my own rules, means guessing closest without going over. That means one of you won instead. And, since the final numbers included a Thursday-night showing as well, I figured it would only be fair to subtract that Thursday figure and also present an award to the reader closest to THAT figure.
Hey... when the prizes are this tacky and tiny, I can afford to be generous...

Closest to the overall $79.2 million figure, which includes the Thursday tally, was Danny, who guessed $79 million. GREAT guess!
Excluding the Thursday screenings, the opening-weekend Star Trek total box-office was $75.2 million. Poor Lance R, at $75.8 million, just barely overshot. So the winner, according to my Price Is Right rules, is Neil, who offered up a guess of $71 million, the nearest amount that didn't go over. And he was the last of 41 readers to chime in, so, in his case, it paid to wait.
But it didn't pay much -- a note pad here, a key chain there. I'll contact both of you privately to get your home addresses and which prize you're claiming. In case you both want the same thing, Danny gets first pick. My game. My rules. No fighting. I'll pull this website over if I have to.
Thanks to everyone who participated -- this contest drew the highest entries of any of my other TV-to-movie guess-the-gross games. And for the record, here's how I stand on all the predictions to date. (If I could remove The X-Files from the mix, I'd be impressed with myself.)

Every Saturday after shul, the minyan has a breakfast that consists of Reisman’s Cinnamon Rugelach in a plastic container. I hate when everyone touches them with there dirty hands. Knowing that I wouldn’t eat them if I were not the first one to open it, Nathan Horowitz brings me over a container every Saturday without me asking him. I can’t thank him enough for doing that.

I decided to go “green” at work. Since I clean my hands a lot, I use paper towels to dry them. I finally brought in a towel to use. I think I am saving at least 15-paper towels day. When I was younger, I was recycling before you had to. There was a place where I had to drop off my newspapers but forgot where. With my soda cans, I went to Shop Rite to collect the five-cent deposit. It felt good contributing to help the environment. I then read where they put all the garbage in one place so I am not sure how much I was doing.

Howard Stern sings a Jewish song (Eyn Keloheynu).

Obama has trouble reading the teleprompter.

A blog reader who wants to remain anonymous sent in the following:
Even though it is not required for a single guy to give wedding gifts, I still do my best to give a few dollars to the bride and groom. But what really bothers me is when I do not receive a thank you card especially when I give a generous gift. What is the big deal about writing a one-minute thank you card so I know that you got it.

When I gave cash and never received a thank you card, I give them the benefit of the doubt and said maybe it was lost or it was stolen. So I now give checks only to know 100% they got it and it was not lost. Even after it was cashed I did not receive a thank you card that makes it more disturbing. Maybe I will go up to the people and ask them straight out "did you receive my gift? I never got a thank you card"

This spring/summer I will be very cautious on to whom I give gifts. Not because of the recession but because I want the newly weds to appreciate the fact someone gave them something when they were not supposed to.

5/10/09 (2:15PM) This blog I am writing from my front porch.  Whenever people walk by, I try to make believe I don’t see them so I don’t have to say that phony hello.

Within one week, I had both my cell phone and computer break.  Thankfully, I kept my old cell phone so I switched the service to that one so I still had a phone to use. When I got my phone, they never told me about the insurance so I figured it was going to cost me a lot of money to have it fixed. The problem with that is my plan is up in August so I didn’t want to spend any money fixing it. I went to the Sprint store on Kings Highway and they told me that they just started a special promotion where I could purchase insurance for seven dollars a month.  A few days later I went to the Sprint store in Kings Plaza and they gave me a brand new phone. The last time I backed up my phone was a few months ago so I was missing a few contacts. Otherwise I was able to retrieve everything I needed.

Then last Sunday night, I was using my MAC and all of a sudden it froze and wouldn’t start up. I shut it down hoping that it would restart in the morning, which it never did. When I called Apple they told me the only way that I could get it fixed was to take it to the Apple store in the Staten Island Mall, which was a pain, but I had no choice. To bring your computer in you have to make an appointment with one of there “geniuses”.  They said I could bring it in right away so that’s what I did. When I got to mall, I saw a place where you could get a Chinese massage (fully clothed). Since I was 25 minutes early, I decided to get one. They charged me $15 for a 20-minute massage and it was great. I then when to the Apple store where they told me that I had to leave my computer there. The next day they called me to tell me it was ready. They gave me a new keyboard which was cracked and a new hard drive because mine had crashed meaning that I lost all my information.  A few days before my computer crashed, my computer guy came into the store to check on another computer. I asked him what is the best way to back up my system. He said to use Carbonite for $54.95 a year. I downloaded the program and backed up my entire computer. It was one of the best things I ever did. I was able to restore my ENTIRE system. I feel that this back up system is great that I forwarded an email to all of my contacts telling them to get this program.  I don’t know what I would have down if I weren’t able to get my information back. I think backing up your system is like getting an alarm for your house. Most people don’t get an alarm until they are robbed.

The other day my mother was reading an article from Image Magazine about how a son wrote about wanting to hear his dead mothers voice one last time. I told her that I would never have that problem because I always have her voice inside my head. Hello. Wear a jacket. Turn on the alarm. Shut the oven and on and on. For Mothers Day, I got her some nice flowers from Proflowers.

I agree with this articled called ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE... WATCH TV.

I still don’t know what cell phone I am going to get. Here is an article that has me leaning towards getting the IPhone. iPhone Sweeps JD Power Consumer Smartphone Ratings -- Except In Battery Life

I was having a discussing with someone about how Jewish owned stores could open on Saturdays and Jewish holidays by having a non-Jew sign a contract becoming partners. I dont know how valid that contact could be. He should find the following article very interesting. I highlighted the most interesting part toward the end of the article.

Why Circuit City Failed, and Why B&H Thrives
INC Magazine By Joel Spolsky

New York - When Circuit City went kaput in January, I didn't waste my time on the chain's so-called going-out-of-business sale. First of all, Circuit City never had anything good in stock, even before it decided to go out of business. A year ago, I looked at the retailer's entire selection of laptops, and all I found were these huge, ugly, shiny things festooned with garish stickers announcing that they had "Intel Inside" and were "Vista Adequate" and "Y2K Ready." Also, I had read on the Consumer Reports website that Circuit City's liquidator had actually raised the price on many items for the going-out-of-business "sale."
Truth be told, I don't think I ever bought anything from Circuit City anyway. On weekends, I would occasionally wander into the local branch, attracted like a moth to the bright wall of plasma TVs. When I actually needed a new TV, however, I found the Circuit City salesperson to be so aggressively unknowledgeable and remarkably useless that I fled to Best Buy, where I was helped by a cheerful, 20-year-old twerp who knew everything. I later learned that in 2007, Circuit City had fired the chain's 3,400 most experienced salespeople and replaced them with generic, untrained, near-minimum-wage workers.
So it was no surprise to me that Circuit City failed. The chain's CEO, in an e-mail, blamed the demise on "poor macroeconomic conditions" -- an assertion that was repeated by The Associated Press, which cited "the expanding financial crisis" for the liquidation.
You know what? I don't buy the argument that the economy caused Circuit City's failure. Take one look at its competitors, and you know that the market for consumer electronics and computer equipment remains strong, even in this economy. You can walk into any Apple Store and see large crowds of people lining up to buy computers and iPods. But enough has been said about how wonderful Apple is. I want to tell you about another first-class consumer electronics retailer -- a much smaller business you probably haven't been to, unless you live in New York City or are a professional photographer or an avid hobbyist. It's called B&H.
B&H opened in 1973, and it's an amazing place. If you are in Manhattan, you should visit the store, on Ninth Avenue at 34th Street. The first thing you will notice? The place is humming. Originally a camera store, B&H has grown to carry more than 250,000 items, including all kinds of pro audio, pro video, and computer gear. The company is closely held and somewhat press shy, so it's hard to know how successful it is. "Our business remains strong, particularly considering the overall economic climate," a spokesperson says. I suspect that's an understatement. The store is always packed with customers, browsing through hundreds of varieties of camera bags with every possible combination of lens compartments; the room full of telescopes; and, of course, enough lenses to burn all the ants in the Sahara to a crisp. The electronic superstores in Tokyo's Akihabara district are the only other places where I have seen so much gear under one roof.
And what a roof it is: The whole operation is a crazy Willy Wonka factory. If you want to check out a product that's not on display, a salesperson orders it by computer terminal from a vast stockroom in the basement. Moments later, as if by magic, the product arrives at the retail counter, via an elaborate system of conveyor belts and dumbwaiters. You can try out the gear, see if you like it, and, if you do, the salesperson puts it in a green plastic box and places it on another conveyor belt, which runs, above your head, to the pickup counter. There, an employee bags your purchase. Meanwhile, your salesperson gives you a ticket, which you take to a payment counter. After you have paid, you get a different ticket that you take to the pickup counter to get your merchandise.
At first, this all seemed like incredible overkill to me. But then, as I thought about it more, I developed a theory as to why B&H operates this way. With all the expensive electronics and cameras and lenses and laptops floating around the store, the system creates a series of checks and balances -- typically, five employees are involved in every purchase -- in order to reduce shoplifting and employee theft. That it works at all is not the most amazing thing about B&H, however. The most amazing thing is that the prices are so low that I don't even bother to comparison-shop anymore.
No, wait: The most amazing thing is that the salespeople at B&H really know their stuff. When I recently bought a portable digital recorder, the salesperson knew that some gear was not compatible with flash memory cards larger than 2GB and spent a few minutes surfing the Web to make sure that the 8GB card I wanted would work with it.
No, wait: The most amazing thing is that I have often gone into B&H to purchase a specific product, only to be talked into something cheaper. For example, once I went in to buy a field video monitor to use for some interviews I was conducting. I expected to pay $600 until the salesperson said, "Why don't you just get one of these cheap consumer portable DVD players? They have video inputs, they work just as well, and they're under $100." This was no accident. "The entire premise of our store is based upon your ability to come in, touch, feel, experiment, ask, and discuss your needs without sales pressure," B&H's website says.
But wait: The conveyer belts, the prices, the smart salespeople, the fact that they recommend cheaper products almost as a rule -- none of these is actually the most amazing thing about B&H. Really, the most amazing thing is that because the owners of B&H are Orthodox Jews -- Hasidim, in fact -- the store closes every Friday afternoon for the Jewish Sabbath, and on Jewish holidays. Moreover, B&H's website, which reportedly accounts for 70 percent of sales, shuts down, too. Bhphotovideo.com is, to my knowledge, the only major online retailer that closes for 25 hours every weekend.
Even as competitors like Circuit City go bust, B&H remains packed with loyal customers. And that makes me very happy. For a business owner, there's nothing more satisfying than watching honest dealers expand their operations while the schmucks, with their going-out-of-business markups, go down the drain. It's inspiring to know that starting with the premise of treating your customers well really does pay off.

4/28/09 (10:00PM) I went to Dana Suits a couple of weeks ago and purchased two talet’s (a fringed shawl traditionally worn by Jewish men at prayer). One talet I use everyday and the other one is just for Shabbat. It was a little expensive but worth it. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t slip off. That was the major problem I was having on Shabbat. Every minute it kept on falling off. The one that I use to wear everyday was Ashkenaz, which I think I received at my Bar Mitzvah.

My weight stayed around 160 lbs for the entire holiday. After the holiday I was actually 158 lbs. It was my holiday miracle. I am addicted to Bloom’s kosher for Passover Potato Chips. I can’t stop eating them. The only time I get in trouble with my weight is when I eat at my sister in laws houses. When I eat at home, I know exactly what I am going to eat. On Friday night, it is a cup of rice and beans, five chicken legs, cup of potato’s and three meatballs.  Saturday lunch is basically the same thing but only two chicken legs. When I eat at their houses, there is more to offer and it is hard to control myself. I still haven’t found a solution to my problem.

During the holiday, Cablevision came to my house because I was having trouble with my Tivo. Even though I have Tivo, I still have to use their cable cards, which has the channels on them. The technician kept on trying to convince me that it was my Tivo that wasn’t working. When he finally decided to put a new cable card in, it worked. As he was leaving, I told him that I couldn’t sign the paper because of the holiday. He then said who was going to give him his tip. I said sorry.

I have a great computer back up program that I recommend everyone should get. It is from Carbonite.com. It backs up your entire system automatically so you will always have a copy of your files. The cost for the year is $54. If you are interested, please let me know so that I could refer you. When I get someone to sign up, I get a couple of months free.

I don’t understand why more people don’t watch the hockey playoffs. How do the Mets and Yankees get better ratings then the playoffs? How many games can compete with the Rangers game seven that they lost to Washington 2-1. Even though I feel bad, Gidy put things in perspective. He said “GO ASK LUNDQVIST TO PAY YOUR BILLS. HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU WHY SHOULD YOU CARE ABOUT HIM”

I have a couple of customer stories to share. A customer who smokes brings in his air purifier for a tune-up. The amount of tar and dirt on his collector cell was disgusting. Imaging what is going on in his lungs. I will never understand how anyone could smoke. I had another customer who asked for a discount on a vacuum. When they came in to pay for it, they used a black AMEX card. I wanted to say something but I kept my mouth closed.

I see more and more Syrian girls texting while they are driving. They keep the phone right in front of their face hardly looking at the road.

With this Swine Flu going on, I accept everyone’s apology for making fun of me for not wanting to shake hands. We should be like Japan. When someone has a cold, they have to wear a surgical mask. Also, there is no reason why anyone has to shake hands. The fist pump should be good enough.

Here is a funny clip from a strange television interview.

My life would be so much better if the Daily News and NY Post go out of business. The following article explains how newspapers are struggling and going out of business.

US Newspaper Circulation Sees Steeper Decline

Circulation at U.S. newspapers continues to fall.

The Audit Bureau of Circulations said Monday that average daily circulation declined 7.1 percent in the October-March period from the same six-month span in 2007-2008. The latest figure represents data from 395 daily U.S. newspapers that reported in both the current and year-ago periods.

The most recent drop was faster than the 4.6 percent fall recorded in the April-September period of 2008, and the 3.6 percent fall recorded in the October 2007-March 2008 span.

USA Today remains the No. 1 newspaper, though it suffered the steepest circulation drop in the publication's history. It sank 7.5 percent to 2,113,725 after several periods with little change. The Gannett Co.-owned newspaper attributes the falloff mostly to a drop in hotel occupancy that stemmed from the economic decline and a December price increase for copies sold at newsstands.

The Wall Street Journal, the second-largest newspaper, was the only one in the top 25 to raise its daily circulation. It increased less than 1 percent to 2,082,189. The New York Times' daily circulation fell 3.6 percent to 1,039,031, while the Los Angeles Times saw a drop of 6.6 percent to 723,181.

Other newspapers in the top 25 had daily circulation declines ranging from less than one-tenth of 1 percent at the Chicago Sun-Times to a drop of 20.6 percent at the New York Post.

Sunday circulation fell 5.4 percent in the latest period. This is based on data from 557 U.S. newspapers that reported in both the current and year-ago periods.

The New York Times continues to be the top newspaper on Sunday -- when USA Today and The Wall Street Journal do not publish -- though circulation dropped 1.7 percent to 1,451,233. The Los Angeles Times remains second, with a decline of 7.5 percent to 1,019,388.

Two newspapers in the top 25 posted Sunday increases, but both gains were less than 1 percent. Sunday circulation rose to 516,562 at The Arizona Republic and hit 415,815 at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Newspaper sales have been declining since the early 1990s, but the drop has accelerated in recent years. Circulation revenue has largely held up, though, because of price increases. The publications have been hurt more by drops in advertising sales, which represent the bulk of revenue at most newspapers.

(Source: Yahoo Business News)

4/7/09 (4:45PM) I decided to shave my head again. I think I might do that from now on. It is just so much easier to manager. My fear is to be one of those guys that have the sweep. With my shaved head, it much faster to get ready in the morning.

Last Saturday night, I woke up with a bad stomach. I couldn’t sleep and had to go to the bathroom. I knew I had to vomit but I hate doing that.  I went to shul in the morning but had to leave early. On Sunday mornings, I go to Dunkin Donuts to buy my ice coffee and chocolate cream but was unable to drink or eat it. The good thing about being sick was that I was able to catch up on my shows. Finally at around 10:00 PM, I gagged but nothing came up because I didn’t eat it anything all day. It still made me feel a lot better. I woke up today weighing 156 pounds. I have a streak of not missing a day of work since last January.  Out of a possible 660 days of work, I made it in 659 of those days. Even when I was in school I hardly missed a day. I remember one time I had a boil on my thigh and could barely sit down without being in pain. I still went. Another time it was snowing very hard. When I got to school, I was one of the only people there and went straight back home.

The picks that I did for Albert Braha for the NCAA Tournament got him 8th place. Out of the top 20 finishers, we were the only ones not to have North Carolina winning the tournament. That means all of our other picks were better then anyone’s. That feels like a nice accomplishment but still means no money.

On the second night of Passover when everyone its over, I usually tell the family where they are sitting. This year I decided not to do that. I am going to sit in my seat and let everyone sit where they want.

Happy Holiday.

4/2/09 (4:45PM) It seems that every few months I have to visit a family member in the hospital. This past week, my mother had an artificial pacemaker put in. She was only in the hospital for two days and is doing fine. As my grandma Hilda use to say “if you have your health, you have your wealth”. Besides one other person who I can’t mention, no one has done more for me in my life then Mom.

It seems that every few months I have to visit a family member in the hospital.This past week, my mother had an artificial pacemaker put in. She was only in the hospital for two days and is d

Happy 6th birthday to Alan I. Fallas.

Congratulations to Stevie and Regine Fallas on the birth of Alan Fallas. I found a great web site called Charityfolks.com. I was able to bid on a Bring Home Baby with a Fabulous Newborn Basket
which I won.

Two of the best shows on television and probably top 20 all time are Friday Night Lights (NBC) and Damages (FX). I highly recommend buying or renting the DVD’s and watching them.

Here is a clip from the Brady Bunch when Peter’s voice changes.

I keep most of my money in the Citibank money market. I had a six-month CD that gets automatically renewed. I then found out that I get a better rate having it in the regular money market then with a CD. I think I like Obama’s tax stimulus plan. I now make $38 extra a month because they take out less federal taxes.

Albert Braha asked me to help him with his NCAA picks. The team that I had winning it all was Louisville who lost last Sunday. Otherwise, I picked the three of the four teams in the Final Four. If Louisville would have won, he could have won $2150. He still has a chance to finish in second place and win $900. I hate picking games because then I can’t root for some underdogs that I didn’t pick.

Here is a highlight video of HANC winning the Yeshiva league championship. Flatbush lost both the JV and Varsity championship on the same day. I feel bad for Jan Sandusky who is the coach of Flatbush along with Mike Gelber. Maybe if they had let me help coach this year I would have made a difference. I guess we will never know.

I would like to welcome Glenn Zykofsky back to work at the Sephardic Community Center. He last worked there in 2002. Everyone is so happy to have him back.

If anybody has a bike that they want to get rid of, please let me know.

Danny Devito crazy for 'Eddie' - Will produce, direct film based on true events

In my blog notes, I wrote down 05/04. I can’t remember what that means.  The only thing I could think of now is May 2004 which was the last time I was truly happy. But I don’t think that’s it. It is driving me crazy.

3/3/09 (4:30PM) One of the things that I have to do everyday is read the Daily News and most of the NY Post. If I can’t read the whole thing, I save it for the next day. If I didn’t read the paper, I might have missed the following articles. The first one is about the community’s SAFE program called Red flags raised by Rep. Anthony Weiner's 'earmarks’.

The second article is about Crazy Eddie opening up again.

A couple of weeks ago, my nephew Victor played an excellent game for his hockey team. The Magen David varsity hockey Warriors muscle there way past Flatbush this week, 3-1. Warrior 3rd line forward Victor Mizrahi scores one goal and assists on another. Mizrahi—a Magen David senior—also helps kill 5 out of 6 penalties. The Warriors move to 7-3-0-1 in the central division. They play at home against Hillel tomorrow night at 8:30.

I started to ref again at the Center on Sunday nights from 6:00 – 8:00. The pay was excellent for two hours work. The last time I refereed was five years ago. I stopped because I wasn’t enjoying it and I was just making $20 a game. The players on Sunday night were much better then I expected. I am not like some of the referees who don’t hustle and are there to just collect a paycheck. I try to run up and down the court every possession.

Last night’s two hour episode of 24 has to be one of the greatest episodes in the history of television. From start to finish it was filled with action and suspense.

There has to be something wrong with people having their housekeepers shovel the snow. I thought slavery was abolished.

My Uncle George passed away last week from Parkinson’s. I think the most depressing sound you could in life is the dirt being poured on to the coffin.

Here are a couple of good videos to watch.

Kevin Garnett and David Beckham go one on one.

Dwight Howard's Amazing 75 Foot Shot In Warm-Ups.

Eddie Vedder Sings Hotel Karoke.

I would like to welcome my parents back from Florida. We missed them so much and are happy to have them back in Brooklyn.

Happy 30th birthday to Ikey Fallas.

From the NY Daily News editorial.
UN seen abuses: The clownish United Nations Human Rights Council hits new heights of absurdity
    What do these have in common: genocide in child soldiers in and compulsory sterilization of women in suppression of dissent in  and rape as a political weapon in sex trafficking in denial of human rights to minorities and women in and other Arab countries?
Answer: None of those gross abuses has drawn the notice of the
No, the council has had other matters to attend to, the vast majority of which focused on Pretty much whenever an Israeli soldier has responded to terrorism, the group has cranked out a formal condemnation. Twenty in less than three years.
But now the council has broadened its portfolio. It has turned to brainstorming over the ills likely to flow from the global economic meltdown - meaning, let's figure out how to heap blame on the It also has decried the human rights threat posed by global warming, declaring:
"The inundation and disappearance of small island States would have implications for the right to self-determination."
Take that, global warming.
As for female genital mutilation in - who cares?

2/19/09 (1:40AM) Here is a little Jewish law some people may not know about. If you hear Kiddush in shul, you must have a seudah (meal) in order to eat. If not, you are not allowed to eat at all. So the people that hear Kiddush and think they can have a drink, they are not allowed to.

Can you tell me why some people get so upset if you use a spoon to eat rice instead of a fork? They said you are not suppose to and it gets them angry.

The other night after practice, I went to the weight room in the Center and rode the bike. The best part was that I was able to watch TV while I was exercising.

I am still debating if I should write about the school that I use to coach at for 10 years. I don’t want to mention the schools name because I know that they get upset when I do. I’ve been hearing some stuff that has been going on there but I guess I will hold off for now.

David Letterman's Top Ten Most Insane Interview Moments

Here are a couple of interesting articles to read.

The first one is by Rick Reilly about John Wooden.  Some people say he is cheater because he was friendly with a person named Sam Gilbert.

The second is called Shahar Peer's absence from Dubai is moral dilemma for Women's Tennis Association. It is about an Israeli tennis player not being allowed to play in Dubai.

The third one is called Groom to grow: Salon biz is looking good.

In the 2005 JCC Maccabi Games, I coached against this kid, Sylven Landesberg.

The following information is taken from Mighty Quinn in the Daily News.
Helpful tips from Joe Cantiello, all verified by Suzy Q. Part I:
A sealed envelope. Put in the freezer for a few hours, then slide a knife under the flap. The envelope can then be resealed.
For icy door steps in freezing temperatures: Get warm water and put Dawn dishwashing liquid in it. Pour it all over the steps. They won't refreeze.
To remove old wax from a glass candle holder, put it in the freezer for a few hours. Then take the candle holder out and turn it upside down. The wax will fall out.
Whenever I purchase a box of S.O.S. Pads, I immediately take a pair of scissors and cut each pad into halves. After years of having to throw away rusted and unused and smelly pads, I finally decided that this would be much more economical.
Blood stains on clothes? Not to worry! Just pour a little hydrogen peroxide on a cloth and proceed to wipe off every drop of blood.
Spray a bit of perfume on the light bulb in any room to create a lovely light scent in each room when the light is turned on.
Place fabric softener sheets in dresser drawers and your clothes will smell freshly washed for weeks to come.
Candles will last a lot longer if placed in the freezer for at least 3 hours prior to burning.

From the NY Daily News editorial.
Noodling with the acrostic puzzle in Sunday's New York Times Magazine, we came across a stumper. Clue F called for an eight-letter word defined as "revolt against an occupation."
D-E-F-I-A-N-C-E did not work. Nor did U-P-R-I-S-I-N-G. Only by filling in surrounding blanks did the desired answer become clear.
It was I-N-T-I-F-A-D-A. As in the bloody terror campaign waged by the Palestinians against the Israelis - whom the Palestinians have vowed to drive into the sea. No more is the word a generic Arabic term for battling an occupier. Events have given it a very specific meaning.
So riddle us this: Does The Times write Editor's Notes about puzzle clues?

2/4/09 (4:20PM) Here is an article called Seder With Beach Limbo? The article is about how he doesn’t think its right to go away for Passover. He debates this by bringing a group of Syrian Jews he met at Club Med during intercession.

If you fall asleep on the train, this site might have a picture of you.

All the people that are saying that Bruce Springsteen’s wasn’t good at the Super Bowl are crazy. What other halftime show/concert did you ever want to last longer then it did? I think it was the best halftime show I ever seen.

On Sunday, I lost my black leather glove that Steven Fallas bought me a couple of years. It was the perfect pair of gloves because I was able to use my fingers to turn on the alarm or use my keys without dropping them.

If you want to experience some culture, I recommend going to the Hayden Planetarium. You could spend hours there without getting bored.

1/27/09 (1:30PM) I have updated my television viewing schedule. I included a link for each of the shows. Keep in mind that some shows are not currently on the air. I currently watch 22.5 hours a week. With Tivo, it’s a little less then that.

I posted my first item that I am selling on Ebay. Click here to view it.

Here is HonestReporting’s response to last Sunday’s 60 Minutes reports.


We wonder where Bob Simon of CBS's 60 Minutes has been for the past few weeks. Hamas's actions in the Gaza Strip, which Israel evacuated in 2005, have led to divisions within the Palestinian people and Israel's Operation Cast Lead. Hamas is still intent on destroying the State of Israel through terror. Yet, according to Simon, the sole "obstacle to peace" is West Bank settlements. Whether one agrees or disagrees with settlements, Simon has produced a shocking piece of journalism that amounts to a smear against Israel.
    According to Simon, Palestinians "have to submit to humiliating delays at checkpoints and roadblocks." Simon fails to mention the Palestinian terror that has plagued Israel, necessitating such security measures.
    In an incredibly loaded narrative, Simon claims that Israel has three options: "They could try ethnic cleansing, drive the Palestinians out of the West Bank, or they could give the Palestinians the vote. That would be the democratic option but it would mean the end of the Jewish state. Or they could try apartheid - have the minority Israelis rule the majority Palestinians, but apartheid regimes don't have a very long life."
    Intentionally pandering to Palestinian propaganda, Simon immediately follows this up by associating Israel's security barrier with apartheid: "Apartheid? Israel is building what it calls a security wall between the West Bank and Israel." As the barrier is mostly a fence, Israel certainly does not refer to it as a "wall" and Simon makes no reference as to why the barrier was constructed nor to its effectiveness at preventing terror. Instead, viewers are treated to one side of the story.
    It appears that Simon is attempting to misrepresent the majority of Israelis. He claims that "Moderate Israelis who deplore the occupation used to believe passionately in a two-state solution." Yet, to illustrate this point, he interviews Meron Benvenisti, an Israeli who has long advocated a one-state solution and considers Israel to be worse than apartheid South Africa. Is this representative of the Israeli mainstream?
    Likewise, Simon's focus on settler Daniella Weiss is not representative following Weiss's rejection by the mainstream settler movement.
Presenting a one-sided picture of perceived Palestinian grievances, unrepresentative Israeli viewpoints, and completely ignoring the Palestinian role in the conflict, Bob Simon's report deserves a response.
Please send your considered comments to CBS through its Feedback Form - http://www.cbsnews.com/htdocs/feedback/fb_news_form.shtml. Select 60 Minutes from the drop down menu and register your complaint.

1/25/09 (11:55PM) Blue Mango came out with a new yogurt flavor. Chocolate. It is incredible. They also added M&M’s as a topping. I think I could eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The other day as I was passing a gas station, a car was waiting to come in to the lane, which I let him. Driving behind him, another car was waiting near another gas station to come into the lane but the guy that I let in didn’t let him in. After being nice to this guy, I couldn’t believe he didn’t let him in. Jerk.

Here is a classic Howard Stern bit featuring Jackie Martling's laugh.

Gabe Kapler of the Tampa Bay Rays agreed to a $1,000,018, one-year contract. The reason for the 18 is because he is Jewish and 18 is considered a lucky, life sustaining number (from Phil Mushnick, NY Post).

There was a great special on the National Geographic channel called On Board Air Force One.

60 Minutes aired this one sided look at the Israeli-Palestinians conflict.

1/21/09 (11:00PM) Sorry for the three week delay in the blog. Now that I am caught up on my TV shows and finished reading my newspapers, I finally have some time to write. I admit that I have been procrastinating. I used to do the same thing with my homework in school. Also the weeks have been going by real fast. I was going to save some of my stuff for next time but decided just to put everything down in this one.

A couple of weeks ago, I had my Tivo and Sirius radio both stop working within a couple of hours of each other. I was getting very frustrated when once again Gidy spoke his words of wisdom. He told me how could I be getting upset over that when you had soldiers dying in Israel? He put everything in perspective for me. He had a Sirius radio that he wasn’t using anymore and gave it to me. It is a better one then the one I had. On his Sirius, you are able to pause the radio up to an hour. Now when I have a customer come into the store, I pause the Howard Stern show until I am finished. This way I don’t have to wait for the replay to know what happened. The problem with my Tivo was that it wasn’t recognizing my HDMI signal. That gives you a much clearer picture then just using the regular wires. I went to Radio Shack to buy a new HDMI cable, which they charged me $40 dollars. You are better off going on eBay and buying them for six dollars. I told Tivo that it didn’t fix the problem. They were nice enough to exchange my Tivo free of charge.

The eight o’clock minyan that I pray in has moved from the basement to the Midrash, which is upstairs. I like it a lot better then basement because you could see outside. I still got my corner seat but I have a couple of people that I can’t stand sitting next to. The first person is Cologne Guy. He wears so much that you could smell it a mile away. The second person is Pray’s Out Loud Guy. He is so loud that he drowns out the chazzan (Jewish cantor). I also know that he has OCD because he has to repeat some of his words three times before moving on. I have been successful avoiding seating next to them by placing my jacket in one chair and my talet cover on the other.

Here is a great interview between Howard Stern and Paul McCartney.

Two of my favorite shows are back on the air. 24  and Friday Night Lights.

I found a great site for people who want to check the TV ratings of the shows that they watch. It is called tvbythenumbers.com.

Here is a Syrian couple that made the NY Post. Note that there is a 17-year difference between them. Not that I have a problem with that.

I read this article called Irrational Fear Takes a Seat two days before the crash in the Hudson River. It’s been six years since the last time I flew on an airplane. If I was on that plane, I think I would have died of a heart attack before it crashed. I am still amazed how people don’t have any problems flying. I know that it is the safest way to travel but it is still scary. On the day of the crash, I was coming back from an Oreck meeting in Secaucus, NJ. Since I have no sense of direction, I use my navigation system that sometimes takes me the longer way around. I was lucky that day because it told me to use the Holland Tunnel instead of the Lincoln Tunnel which bypassed all the traffic on the West Side Highway.

I recently started eating at Mendy’s Deli on Coney Island Avenue. They have a very good turkey on rye sandwich with French fries.

I made my first Sirius radio phone call to Chris “Mad Dog” Russo two weeks ago. I wanted to see if I could get through, which I did in less then 30 seconds. That means he wasn’t having many callers. I didn’t have that much to say. They were talking about the college football BCS system that I gave my opinion on. I hate it.

My 5th grade Stallion basketball team is 1-1. We lost to a real good team by 20 points. They had one kid who could probably play for an eight-grade team. This league is much better then the 7th and 8th grade league because those teams just play against other Young Israel teams which isn’t that competitive. This league plays against non-Jews, which makes it more competitive. The first two teams we played were made up of entirely African Americans which I think I was a little bit of a shock for my team.

The past few Friday nights and Saturday afternoons I’ve been eating alone and loving it. Instead of going to Sedua each week to pick up my food, I order in bulk and freeze it.

This blog took more then an hour to write. I  finally finished it at 2:00 AM. When I used to coach at Magen David, I sometimes stayed up till 3:30 in the morning watching video, doing stats and writing a game article for my web site. Someone told me that my writing isn’t that good. I don’t really care. A friend told me that it is good just to put your thoughts on paper. I wonder how many people have read this entire entry. If you made it this far, please answer this question in the box below. Who won last years Super Bowl?

1/1/09 (1:00PM) My brother Charles sent me this video about a demonstration that happened in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Watch the second video first.

Last week while I was watching T.V. I ate a lot of sunflower seeds. Before I went into the shower, I had to go to the bathroom. I must have been in there for an hour without been able to make.  I think the sunflower seeds caused me to be constipated. It felt like I was trying to give birth.   After I got out, I drank some orange juice and put my laptop on my stomach hoping that would loosen things up. I was able to go a short time later.  One of the many things I learned from Howard Stern was to use baby wipes after I make. I use to use a lot of toilet paper and sometimes I got a rash. Using the baby wipes makes my life much easier. If I go away, I always take them with me.  I recommend that everyone to use them.

I read most of the comics everyday in the Daily News. Sometimes I try to figure out why the comic is supposed to be funny.  I go to the comic's web site and read what people have to say about it. After reading some of the comments, I realize that there are crazier people then me out there.

I don't understand why people think they have to reply to a text but saying "k". It is such a waste to do that.

Amir Cohen suggested using www.channelsurfing.net to watch television shows on line.

My parents left to Florida on Tuesday morning. I am going to miss them so much. They will be coming back at the end of February.


3/4/08 (4:00PM) My brother sent me the following article on this amazing kid. For all those kids that say they can’t do this or that, watch this. A teenager in Utah is one of the stars of his basketball team... and he only has one arm. He lost the use of his right arm in an accident when he was a young boy and now plays basketball and baseball.
Last night I went to Heschel and watched Flatbush beat them 63-58 in the first round of the playoffs. After blowing a 10 point leads with five minutes remaining, Flatbush held on for the victory. They will be playing at Ramaz in the quarterfinals. Never in a million years did I ever see myself rooting for Flatbush. They were the team that I hated the most in the league. Since Jan Sandusky started coaching there last year, I have no choice but to root for them. 

3/3/08 (12:10AM) I am sorry that I haven’t posted in a week. Here is what has been happened. Two weeks from today, I am going to the Jonas Brothers concert. My niece asked me if I could I get her tickets. Being the great uncle that I am, I went to Stubhub.com and spent a few bucks for seats right near the stage. The concert is in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Last Wednesday, I went to Cedarhurst and watched HAFTR beat Magen David varsity in the first round of the playoffs. With around 20 seconds left and the game out of hand, the Magen David coach asked some of his players to go into the game. I think three bench players refused. I personally have no problem with that. I always ask the player if they want to go in with that little time left. After the game, one of the Magen David kids broke a door to the locker room. I wonder how much the school is going to charge them to fix the door. On Thursday, I went to Charles Azrak’s engagement party. If you get there before 10:00, it is considered early. I stayed from 10:15 till 12:15. Anytime you try and have a conversation, the music is so loud that you have to keep on saying WHAT? What bothers me about some people is that when they go to shul on Saturday they wear a yamulka. But when they go to shul for a party, they never bother putting one on. The people that I am talking are the ones that pray three times a day who I know are religious. Tonight I had my cousin’s daughters wedding. I don’t even know her but I went anyway so my father wouldn’t get upset. I have to thank my cousin Mitchell and his wife Robin for hanging out with me. At these parties, I never know how to get out of a conversation. I always need to make up some excuse. That’s why I always try for just the hello goodbye chat. The rest of the night I drink my Diet Coke. Growing up, Mitchell was the only cousin that I really knew. Most of my cousin’s I don’t even know because I was the youngest and weren’t to close to them. Today (3/3) is Ikey Fallas’ 29th birthday. He was on the first team that I coached in Magen David. One of my regrets I have in coaching was for him to not win a championship. He did win the Sackin Tournament and was the MVP of the tournament in 1996. From 7th grade to 12th, I think he might have missed three or four practices at the most. He still is one of my favorite players. One time in the Ramaz Tournament, he scored 10 points in forty seconds. Two four point plays and a field goal. I think he is one of the top three players all time in Magen David.

2/24/08 (11:00PM) At last, after eight months, I took a haircut. I shaved it all off. Without having to comb my hair in the morning, I save around two minutes in getting ready. You can view my before and after pictures here. Around this time every year, I always get a little sick. The past couple of days, I had the runny nose and the annoying cough. Yesterday afternoon was the first time since Thursday that I feel good. Last night, my good friend and colleague Zvi Goldberg got me a floor seat to the New Jersey Net game. It took me just 30 minutes to get there. The face value of the seat was $1263. I don’t know who would be crazy enough to spend that much on a ticket. It was the closest I have ever been at a game. The game itself wasn’t that exciting but seating in those seats made the game great for me. During halftime, they have a special club with free food and drinks. Any game that I ever go to, I always save the ticket stub and tape the box score on the back of it so that I remember what happened at the game. You can view the photos of the game here.   Here is the clip of my brother on CNBC.  As I am writing this, I am up to three and a half hours of watching the Academy Awards. It is very boring. I think the last movie I saw was The Simpsons in the summer. This is the first blog that I have written on my mac laptop.

Here is an article from yesterday's Daily News.

Nathan’s dogs get lift from hip hop
— and that is kosher!


NATHAN’S HAS gotten some hip-hop help to make its hot dogs even more famous.

Coney Island’s favorite frank will be sold in kosher vending machines in a deal with a company partly funded by Ruby Azrak.

The former Phat Farm exec, partner of Russell Simmons and friend of Beyoncé moved from clothing to invest in Kosher Vending Industries last year.

“These machines grill and sear hot dogs and provide a warm bun in just 34 seconds,” said Alan Cohnen, CEO of the Rockland County-based business.
“It’s going to revolutionize the way people are eating.”

Brooklyn-born Azrak said last year his investment in the company was “in the millions.”

Kosher Vending’s machines are already dispensing such goodies as kosher pizza, mozzarella sticks and knishes, which means they are produced and served under rabbinical supervision.

The new Nathan’s machines will serve only the famous frankfurters. While Nathan’s hot dogs are all beef, only a small percentage are kosher.

Prior to the vending machines, the kosher hot dogs could be found only in select restaurants.

“Kosher Vending Industries .. . offers us an exciting new sales opportunity, as well as a platform for us to connect with the ever-widening audience of kosheronly customers,” said Nathan’s CEO Eric Gatoff.
“Everyone knows the Nathan’s Famous name, and adding it to our offering will be a tremendous boost to our business,” Cohnen said.

“Kosher-only consumers certainly appreciate being able to enjoy the same pleasures as their neighbors, and that includes the world’s best hot dogs.”

2/20/08 (3:00PM) My brother Charles' appearance on the Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo on CNBC has been rescheduled for this Friday, February 22 at 3:00 PM EST

2/19/08 (5:00PM) My brother Charles will be appearing on the Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo on CNBC at 3:00 PM EST. He will be discussing his book, Getting Started in Value Investing, and the Hidden Values Alert newsletter.

2/18/08 (5:35PM) This blog entry was written by Gideon Laniado.

The following letter was sent to Prime Minister "Maybe we should remind you that if any Arab leader is sending sign’s of peace maybe the slightest ones you should respond. You should immediately check his sincerity and seriousness. You do not have the moral permission to avoid him. You must do it for the sake of those you may demand to sacrifice their lives in case war commences".
Last week, terror mastermind Imad Mughniyeh was killed in a car bomb in Damascus Syria. Mughniyeh, who is responsible for the murder of hundreds of Americans and Jews all over the world, finally got what he deserved. Several years ago, prominent members of the Syrian Sephardic community made a trip to Syria to meet with Bashar al Assad and other Syrian Dignitaries on behalf of the community and to push a “peace agenda”. They not only had the audacity to praise Assad as a friend of the Jews, but also took out an ad in a major newspaper expressing their heartfelt condolences to his father, the brutal dictator Haffez el Assad. But give them the benefit of the doubt maybe they didn’t know that Syria is home to Hamas terrorist Khaled Mashall, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Israelis or maybe that Insurgents from Syria go in and out of Iraq everyday with the goal of killing American troops and is on a list of promoting state sponsored terrorism. Or how about the fact that they funnel money and weapons to Hezbollah. I have no problems with people going back to their old stomping grounds to see how where ancestors lived even if it is in a terrorist state. I do have issues with people who promote themselves as peace emissaries at the expense of The Jewish State. I wonder now if these same self serving self promoting leaders are singing praises for Bashar Assad. Maybe it’s not so bad to allow Mugheniyeh to seek refuge in his country and meet with Khaleed Mashaal. Maybe they were working on a secret peace deal. I highly doubt it but maybe we should check out their sincerity after all.

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