12/23/08 (5:00PM) I can’t tell you what a great guy Albert M. Braha is. The other day when I got to work, I noticed that I lost my kippah. I figured that I must have dropped it in shul. He was nice enough to go to Shaare Zion and find it for me. I wish his friend who he took to a concert and basketball game treats him a little bit better.

I know that I am late with this, but my nephew Victor told me about this site called Justin.TV.  On this site, you are able to watch and sporting event that you want. So if you are not near a TV, you could watch the broadcast online. I don't know how they let this site on the internet. But i am not complaining.

There is a good new show on TNT that I started watching called Leverage. It is like the movie Ocean’s Eleven.

Here is a web site on how the two state proposal for Israel is a terrible idea called the18

The following is from www.tvworthwatching.com

TV Holidays Are Festive Again: Letterman Is Back with His Annual Christmas Show
December 22, 2008 10:05 AM

Last year, the writers' strike put a Scrooge-like end to David Letterman's annual late-night Christmas show. Tuesday night at 11:35 ET, on a fresh edition of Late Show with David Letterman, it's back. Darlene Love will sing, Jay Thomas will tell his Lone Ranger story, and Jay and Dave will toss footballs at the giant meatball atop the tree.
And I'll be watching, and grinning...
This is one TV tradition we shouldn't take for granted. I made the case a year ago, a month into the writers' strike, with a column that recounted the entire glorious history of the Letterman Christmas show. I begged for the Powers That Be to grant special dispensation to allow Letterman's streak to continue. You can read the story, and find out all about the Lone Ranger and Jay Thomas, by clicking HERE.
The Powers That Were, of course, ignored me. The strike continued, and despite the adage that the show must go on, it didn't. But for 2008, the gang is back: Darlene Love singing "Christmas (Baby Please Don't Go)," as she did for Letterman 22 years ago, and every year but one since. Thomas back to spin a yarn and toss a football. And, as this year's special guest, another veteran performer: Mickey Rourke, hot on the comeback trail thanks to The Wrestler.
Who knows? He may even stick around to take aim at the giant meatball. This show, every season, has become more obviously, and more delightfully, a celebration not only of Christmas, but of tradition, and friendship, and life itself.
As The Lone Ranger might say: Believe ME, citizen.

12/12/08 (12:25AM) I hate people who say something vague expecting you to ask them a question about it. The other day someone instant messaged me that something great happened to them. Instead of asking what happened, I just ignored them. If you have something to say, just say it.

Here is  an article I found on the web on How Should we Relate to a Relatives Non-Jewish Spouse?

by Charlie "Tremendous" Jones
(excerpted from 2004 Jim Rohn Weekend Event Teenager Session)

How many of you are under sixteen? How do you like the idea that you might be driving a Cadillac when you're sixteen? When my son was your age, he wasn't quite as excited as you. I said, "Jerry, do you want to have a car when you're sixteen?"


"Do you want me to help you buy that car?"

"Yes sir, dad."

"Alright, son, we're going to do it, but the free ride's over. No more allowance. I'm going to give you a way to make a lot of money. Here is the deal. I am going to pick out books for you to read. There will be motivational books, history books, inspirational books; and every time I give you a book, you give me a book report. Every time I get a book report, I'll put money in your car fund. Another book report; more money in the car fund. In two years if you read in style, you'll drive in style. But if you read like a bum, you're going to drive like a bum."

Overnight he developed a fantastic hunger for reading. The first book I had him read was Dale Carnegie's, "How to Win Friends and Influence People." Somebody said, "Why did you have him read a book like that?" I'll tell you why. The first day he read that book, he smiled and said, "Dad, there's a whole chapter in here about smiling." And he smiled at me--he smiled at me. I couldn't believe it--he's smiling and he's only 14 years old--smiling already. Then he took my hand and he shook my hand and he said "Dad, there's a whole chapter in here on shaking hands." He shook my hand. I couldn't believe it--oh my.

Next, I had him read the book of Joshua. Oh, I love the book of Joshua. It's on discouragement. We all have a right to be discouraged, but none of us have the right to act discouraged. So we're going to Sunday school one day, and I said, "Jerry, how do you like that book on Joshua?" He said, "Dad, everybody ought to have to read that book." And when he said that, he hit my leg. He hit my leg! First sign of life in 14 years--he hit my leg! 

Well, let me tell you this. That may not sound like much, but many people have read great books, and never once have they said, "You've got to read this book." If you don't have a passion and desire to share what you're reading, you may as well not read it. But if you're not living your life out, you're a dead sea. Well, he read 22 books. He didn't buy a car; he kept the money and used my gas!

He went on to college; he wrote me a Dear Dad post card every day for four years. And some of those cards--I'd like to read you a couple--because they were tough years of my life. You know, no matter how anybody looks on the platform, we all have our ups and downs and hurts and what-have-you, but if you're wise, you'll always keep your hurts to yourself and you grow through and you never suck your thumb and complain and tell people about them. And so here come these cards, and those years I was going through tough times, and sometimes I would just put my head on the desk and shed some happy tears. Because I was so grateful to realize that it was a book he read where he got his seed thought, to put it on a card and write to me every day. And the other thing so beautiful about it, he may not have known the meaning of some of these great truths, but the thought was in his mind, and you have to get it in your mind, you have to memorize it before you can start to rea lize it. 

And here are a couple of cards:

Dad, the only happy man, successful man, confident man, or practical man is the one who is simple. See it big--keep it simple.

Unless his mind can crystallize all the answers into one powerful punch of personal motivation, you live nothing but a life of uncertainty and fear. 
Tremendously too, Jerry

Dad, it's simple to be able to know that when you're in a slump, just like that baseball player will break out in time, so you'll break out of yours. Yea, time really cures things. Like you said, you don't lose any problems. You just get bigger and better ones--tremendous ones.
Tremendously, Jerry

Dad, I just started reading "100 Great Lives." Thanks for what you said in the front, the part that every great man never sought to be great. He just followed the vision he had and did what he had to do.
Love, Jerry

Dad, I just got done typing up little quotes out of the Bible and Napoleon Hill, so that everywhere I look I see these quotes. When people ask what they are, I tell them, "They're my pin-up's." 

Dad, I'm more convinced than ever that you can do anything you want to. You can beat anyone at anything, just by working hard. Handicaps don't mean anything because often people who don't have any handicaps, have a bad attitude and don't want to do anything.

Dad, Nothing new. Just the same old exciting thought--that we can know God personally and forever in this amazing life. 

Dad, The mind of God is so unbelievable. He throws nothing at us but paradoxes. He makes us completely and utterly helpless and depraved, and then He takes our failure which normally knocks us out, and makes it our greatest asset.

Dad, when you're behind two papers in the 4th quarter and you're exhausted from the game, and you have to make up a set of downs in order to stay in the game, and you get up to the line and see 5 250-lb tests staring you in the mug, you're too excited to wait and find out what play the Lord is going to call next.

Wow! Well, anyway just imagine, if I had it to do over again, I'd have paid him $1,000 a book report. How many have grand-children here? Okay here's what you do. You tell your grandchildren from now on you'll pay them $100 for every book report, and they get $5 bucks and the rest goes into the college fund. So that way, when they're 8 or 9, they'll have $10,000 or $15,000 to put toward college education and they'll have the satisfaction of paying for it. Plus they will have read books that will truly make a difference in their lives.

Charlie "Tremendous" Jones

12/7/08 (10:15PM) Not much going on. Mark “Booey”Guindi was able to set up my Mac with Bluetooth.  I am now able to connect to the Internet through my phone. So as long as I have cell service, I could go online. The other day the Internet wasn’t working at work. I was still able to go online.

Here is a contribution from an anonymous blog reader.

           What is this Debt Worth?

      Some would say out of the goodness of his heart and others would say out of sheer stupidity that I lent an acquaintance  $500. A young lady that was new too the country needed a check for some sort of immigration agency and some cash. Not only did I decide to lend her the money but even went out of my way to drop it off the at this young lady's work place. I asked her when do you think you can pay me back? "Oh don’t worry within a month, " she answered. A month goes by and this young lady calls him frantically.  Please I need you to get me a copy of the check that it cleared. Of course she doesn't even acknowledge the debt. I make a photocopy of the check and again go out of my way to drop it off by the girl’s house. The next day she calls again and said she needs a copy of the front and the back of the check. That means I would have to go too the bank and wait on the customer service line to get the copy of the check. – It too about 30 minutes to get it done and once again goes somewhat out of my way to drop the copy at this lovely young lady’s residence. She again promises to repay the $500 at the end of the month, I became somewhat irritated but smiled and shrugged my shoulders and walked away. Seven months have passed. No money, no remorse, no texts. How should I do handle this situation? Please help. 

11/25/08 (11:30PM) I always hate to ask people for favors but in the past two weeks I had to ask three people.  The first favor was a difficult one but Albert M. Braha was great. He picked up the three scooters that needed to be returned and brought it the store so I could ship it out. Artie Lange’s new book, Too Fat to Fish  came out and a friend of mine bought it. He offered me the book once he was done reading it. Instead of him dropping it off to me, he has been giving me a tough about how I should pick it up from him. So I just went ahead and ordered it myself. Someone was trying out for a team and I asked the coach to do me a favor by putting him on the team. If I didn’t know who the coach was, I wouldn’t have asked. But I know him for a long time. He ended up not doing it.

I started coaching the 5th grade Sephardic Center called the Stallions last week. It was much harder then I anticipated. I am lucky to have Coach Gidy “Truck” Laniado helping me. I know that a few other teams wanted him but he turned them down. Coach G is like E.F. Hutton. When he talks, everyone listens. The kids main concern once they made the team was what number they wanted and what position. My goal is to teach them the right to play basketball.

This lady came into the store the other day buying a vacuum cleaner for her daughter who is getting married. She then tells me she is marrying a non-Jew. Even though she is a reform Jew, that still bothers her. She said she wished she came into the store a few months ago and met me then.

Brooklyn dad's "Castle of Dreams" float set to debut at Thanksgiving parade

Watch how Obama really got elected.

I thought someone would take my side in an argument. They took the easy way out instead. They remained neutral. What does that mean? That they don’t agree with me? Thanks a lot.

Over the river and thru the wood,
To grandfather's house we go;
The horse knows the way
To carry the sleigh,
Thru the white and drifted snow, oh!
Over the river and thru the wood,
Oh, how the wind does blow!
It stings the toes,
And bites the nose,
As over the ground we go.

Over the river and thru the wood,
To have a first-rate play;
Oh, hear the bell ring,
Hurrah for Thanksgiving Day-ay!
Over the river and thru the wood,
Trot fast my dapple gray!
Spring over the ground,
Like a hunting hound!
For this is Thanksgiving Day.

11/14/08 (11:00AM) This past Monday night I had tryouts for the 5th grade Sephardic Center team.  I think the name of the team is the Stallions. Around 35 kids tried out and I picked 13. I am lucky to have Gidy “Truck” Laniado helping me out.  I already had a couple of kid’s call me wanting a specific jersey number. We will practice every Tuesday night from 6:00-8:00. I am not sure what type of teams we play or if it is a real league. I am not concerned about that. My goal is to teach them the right way to play. After the tryout, I went next door to see the new building.  The new gym looks very nice but  I didn’t turn on the lights to get a better look.

NOVEMBER 15, 2008         17 HESHVAN 5769
DEDICATION :  To the Rhine Family in Efrat for hosting Aryana this Shabbat
The 17th Of Heshvan is the day the flood began. If you have time, Rabbi Pinchas Winston wrote a beautiful article explaining what the 17th of Heshvan could have been. See Torah.org, Perception on Noah – Perceptions from 5767 - http://torah.org/learning/perceptions/5767/noach.html
One of the most amazing stories floating around the internet is that of the MV Iran Deyanat. Normally when I get these, I either ignore them or do a quick search to see that they are false and then let the sender know. In the case of the MV Iran Deyant, the story appears in the back pages of major newspapers and the basic facts seems to be agreed upon by most with some differences in conclusions. I first saw it reported by Debka, but my friend Sam Cohen sent me a version below.
We know from the story of Bilaam and Balak that had Moshe not written the story in the Torah as he was told to by Hashem, we would have never known of either the threat or that we were saved. How many times does Hashem come to our aid to stop a bullet meant for us that we never knew about?
Chazal say that those who enjoy the benefits of miracles have no idea that those miracles have been taking place. Nothing could be truer.
People have been buzzing about an Iranian plot to destroy Israel, G-d forbid, this past Yom Kippur. When people first heard the story, they understandably had serious doubts about its veracity. But, with more and more proof piling up, it looks like the real deal.
Hashem foiled an Iranian effort to contaminate Israel with over 40,000 metric tons (100 million pounds) of radioactive nuclear-contaminated sand. The Iranians had planned to take advantage of the prevailing winds that blow off the Mediterranean to spread the deadly sand all over Israel, Heaven forbid.
On August 21st, 2008, the MV Iran Deyanat, an Iranian civilian merchant ship carrying 44,458 dead weight, was heading towards the Suez Canal. As it was passing the Horn of Africa, about 80 miles southeast of al-Makalla in Yemen, the ship was surrounded by speedboats filled with members of a gang of Somalian pirates who grab suitable commercial ships and hold them and their cargos and crews for ransom. The captain was defenseless against the 40 pirates armed with AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades blocking his passage. He had little choice other than to turn his ship over to them. What the pirates were not banking on, however, was that this was no ordinary ship.
Within a period of three days, those pirates who had boarded the ship and opened the cargo container with its gritty sand-like contents, all developed strange health complications, to include serious skin burns and loss of hair. And within two weeks, sixteen of the pirates subsequently died, either on the ship or on shore.
At this writing, the MV Iran Deyanat is at anchor, watched closely by American, French and Russian naval units.
Although American intelligence and government sources are maintaining a strictly observed silence, the same does not apply to the Russians and so it is that we learn the real story of the MV Iran Deyanat. She was an enormous floating dirty bomb, intended to detonate after exiting the Suez Canal at the eastern end of the Mediterranean and in proximity to the coastal cities of Israel. The entire cargo of radioactive sand, obtained by Iran from China (the latter buys desperately needed oil from the former) and sealed in containers which, when the charges on the ship are set off after the crew took to the boats, will be blasted high into the air where prevailing winds will push the highly dangerous and radioactive cloud ashore.
Given the large number of deaths from the questing Somali pirates, it should be obvious that when the contents of the ship's locked cargo containers finally descended onto the land, the death toll would be enormous. This ship was nothing more nor less than the long-anticipated Iranian attack on Israel. Not the expected rocket attacks (which could be intercepted by the Israelis) but an even more deadly and unexpected attack by sea. It is very interesting to note that the Israeli government has in the past few weeks, been loudly demanding that the United States establish a naval blockade of Iran.
The reason for this blockade would be to prevent any more Iranian ships with deadly cargos from attacking either Israel or other targets from the sea.
The author concludes that: “We should be singing praise to Hashem nonstop day and night. Our job is to strengthen emunah, Torah study, and mitzvah observance. Hashem will fight our battles for us.”
What puzzles me is why this story is not blasted on the front page of major papers and run as a lead on network news. Is the story suppressed to prevent panic? Is it suppressed so that the world can put its “united” head into the sand and be allowed to ignore a threat that it is too afraid to face? Or is suppressed because what goes on in the middle east between the terrorists and the Jews we prefer to believe has nothing to do with anyone else. And what if this boat were discovered on route to a US port? Would the story remain so suppressed? I wonder!
Shabbat Shalom,
David Bibi

It was a great Jet game last night. You had a feeling that New England was going to make a comeback. I don’t understand why when teams get a lead they play conservative. I think John Madden said that the only thing that the prevent defense does is that it prevents you from winning.

11/5/08 (10:10AM) Who Am  I?  (This is a good one. Go  to end)

I was raised in one country but my father was born in  another.   I was not
his only child. He fathered several children  with a number of women.

I became very close to my mother because my  father showed little interest in
me.  Then my mother died at an early age  from cancer.  Later in life,
questions arose over my real name.  My  birth records were sketchy and
no one was
able to produce a reliable birth  certificate.

I grow up practicing one faith, but converted to  Christianity because this
was widely accepted in my country.  But I  practiced non-traditional beliefs
and did not follow mainstream  Christianity.

I worked and lived among lower-class people as a young  adult before I
decided it was time to get serious about my life and I embarked  on a
new career.

I wrote a book about my struggles growing up.  It was clear to those who read
my memoirs that I had difficulties  accepting that my father abandoned me as
a child.

I became active in  local politics when I was in my 30s and then burst onto
the scene as a  candidate for national office when I was in my 40s.  I had a
virtually  non-existent resume, very little work history, and no experience in
leading a  single organization.  Yet I was a powerful speaker who managed to
draw  incredibly large crowds during my public appearances.

At first, my  political campaign focused on my country's foreign policy.  I
was  critical of my country in the last war.  But what launched my rise to
national prominence were my views on the country's economy.  I had a
plan  on how
we could do better.  I knew which group was responsible for  getting us into
this mess.

Mine was a peoples campaign.  I was the  surprise candidate because I emerged
from outside the traditional path of  politics and was able to gain
widespread popular support.   I  offered the people the hope that
together we could
change our country and the  world.

I spoke on behalf of the downtrodden including persecuted  minorities such as
Jews, but my actual views were not widely known until after  I became my na
tions leader.  However, anyone could have easily learned  what I
really believed
if they had simply read my writings and examined those  people I associated
with. But they did not.

Then I became the most  powerful man in the world.  And the world learned the
Who am I?  .

Adolf  Hitler

11/4/08 (5:40PM) If you want to see what people contributed to a politician, you can go to www.opensecrets.org. Here is a search that I did for the 11223 zip code.

11/2/08 (11:15PM) If you are thinking about voting for Barack Obama, read this article called An Election Plea To Those Who Love Israel.

10/31/08 (12:00PM) I went to Magen David elementary school the other night to watch the Magen David basketball tournament.  I don’t understand why they decided to build a school in front of a train track. You will never be able to see the front of the school. Here is a funny article about the school. Why did they decide to build a gym where you have beams right in front of the bleachers? If you are sitting in the stands, you could never get a clear view of the court. Also the clocks have been broken since I think they installed them. Can’t they get them fixed or buy new ones?

S.D. (Special Delivery) Jones died Sunday of a heart attack in Antigua at the age 63. He was a former wrestler in the WWF.

10/29/08 (11:50AM) i received this email yesterday. I have no idea what it is about.

From: Shb11223@aol.com
Date: October 28, 2008 6:15:00 PM EDT
To: Shb11223@aol.com

Attention Fellow Syrian Community Members
It is unfortunate and uncomfortible to bring to light and publicize a current and potential dangerous situation that is presently going on in our Syrian Community. A so called hair salon which caters to many Syrian women of our community has been engaging and openly dealing with immodesty and promiscuity to an extent which is now intolerable and is crossing lines, which can jeopardize marriages in our Syrian community.
It can surely endanger the welfare and well being of our Syrian sanctity in marriage.
This full service hair salon, located in Brooklyn, has had numerous encounters with a certain amount of husbands, in the community about affairs with numerous women of the Syrian community that frequent the establishment, and has had numerous issues come up that has husbands enraged and fearful that this will start spreading and becoming an epidemic that will have disasterous results in the future of families, that consequently bring a precarious situation if not done so already.
If patronizing this salon, and not knowing what is going on behind the scenes, this can and will most surely break up marriages and cause divorces in our community.
Only a hairdresser knows for sure how to penetrate in the minds of women, to eventually have them under his mindset. When a man is beautifying a lady, it is very common that the women let their guard down and pick up on emotional vibes that can cause sexual indiscretions to take place without the knowlege of their husbands.
It is extremely pertinent and of the utmost importance for husbands to be fully aware that this “Full Service” hair salon, located in the heart of the Syrian Jewish Community in Brooklyn, be scrutinized and taken seriously by husbands whose wives frequent the establishment of this “Full Service” salon.

10/27/08 (1:00AM) I have been receiving some criticism that I don't update the blog more frequently. If you look at other blogs, they don't update it everyday. If I have something to write about, I will. 

I forgot to mention this on the last post. The Arbit that we pray after Yom Kippur is usually so rushed. After fasting for 25 hours, I think it would better if people would take there time and not run through it to get home and eat.

Whenever we have the family eat together in the afternoon on holidays or Shabbat, you have some family members rushing to get out of the house. Usually they are just going to be with there friends. Is it so horrible for them to spend time with there family? Then again, if I had somewhere to go, maybe I would leave also.

Howard Stern made a great point about the presidential debates. He said that when it comes to sports, the networks have no problems televising the games for hours. But when it comes to the debates, they only have a certain time limit to broadcast it. Since it is determining the next president, they shouldn't care about how much time it takes.

My scooter was great. It took me three minutes to get to shul from my house and six minutes from shul to work. After using it three times, it stopped working. The same problem happened to the other person that bought it. They have to send me a part in order for it to work. I don't know when I should get the part. We are going to fight the charge on the credit card if two of them broke within using it three times. I have a bike in the basement that is around 15 years old. I am going to see if it is worth it to fix it.  I have been walking to work the past couple of days and it took me 13 minutes. I think I am going to be doing that for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's. For the past year, I have been saving my receipts from the gas station. The price of gas today ($2.99), is exactly what it was a year ago.

A friend has his own blog at www.onlyajew.blogspot.com


10/12/08 (9:15pm) After praying in the same minyan for the past 10 years, I switched to the Kids Minyan (Midrash) for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Its called the kid’s minyan but not too many kids pray there. Jack Terzi and Joe Mizrachi run the minyan. There were a few reasons for the switch. The first one was that we started at 9:30 and finished at 12:50 and 12:30. There was a 10-minute speech and that’s it. Also, you didn’t have to bid for an aliyah so a common person like Gidy was able to get one. He inspired me with his generous donation. In addition you didn’t have those phony people running around the minyan so everyone could pay attention to them. Yom Kippur was the same way. I know people say they don’t like having a break. But it felt pretty good to go home and relax for two hours. I hate shaking hands and was able to get through the whole holiday without shaking anyone’s hands. Here is another reason why my nephew Richie is the best. During Rosh Hashanah, my mother said everyone could eat before she sat down. He was the only that refused to eat until she sat down.

This the first time in over 35 years that my father did not put up a Succah. I tried to get one of those pop up ones but they were out of stock.

Here is a web site that I found which tells you what berchot to say.

Here is another web site that is similar to The Last Halaby. It is called Enclavement.

A friend of mine who doesn’t want to be mentioned always gives me great advice. A few years ago, they recommended that I stop eating Kosher Delight for lunch. So I switched to a bagel and tuna. Now I was looking for something to replace my slice of pizza on Thursdays. They told me to get yogurt from the new place on Kings Highway called Blue Mango. It is great. The only negative thing is that a large cost almost eight dollars with a topping. But it is worth it. I am back to being under 160 lbs.

I have to thank Albert Braha for helping me pick up my scooter from Sammy Fallas. I had a little problem setting it up. The major problem was trying to fill up the back tire. I went to the gas station where they now charge 75 cents for air. I rode it back to my house and it works very well. Tomorrow is the first day that I bring it to shul and work. It is a little heavy to carry up and down the stairs but I still think it is better then looking for parking.

I know I am a little late with this but Eddie Vedder wrote a great song about the Chicago Cubs.  It is called  "All the Way".

Check out this amazing video of Kevin Love called "KING of the Trick Shots".

Here is an article by Charles Krauthammer called A question of Barack Obama’s character.

Here are a couple of happy birthday announcements.

October 13th – Glen Zykofsky

October 16th – Morris Dweck

October 18th- Charles Mizrahi

October 18th - Happy Anniversary to Tanya & Joey Dushey

9/23/08 (2:45PM) I want to wish one of my original blog readers, Gidy Laniado a happy birthday on Thursday, September 25th. He doesn’t like to reveal his age but I think he is in his mid thirties.

I am glad that the Yankees finally played their last game at home. I  was getting so sick of all the coverage. If everyone loves this stadium, why are they getting rid of it?

I had a very busy sports Sunday. At twelve o’clock the Ryder Cup was starting. At one o’clock, the Giants played Cincinnati. And at 1:30, the Mets played Atlanta. The Giants won an exciting game in overtime,which in the past they probably would have lost.Then the Mets bullpen blew the game again. It’s ok if they give up a run or two. But they are giving up four runs, which gives the offense hardly any chance for a comeback. And lastly, USA beat Europe in the Ryder Cup for the first time since 1999. They also did it without Tiger Woods. It’s great to see athlete’s just play for their country without doing it for the money.

I have a new way to say hello to people when they get married. Instead of trying to say hello to them when they are dancing, I wait by the door just before they come in for the first dance. This way I get it out of the way and don’t have to be pulled in to dance.

A few years ago I use to have my money in a mutual fund, which lost me thousands of dollars. Now I have most of it in a money market with Citibank. Now I don’t have to worry what happens with the stock market.

I want to apologize to my new blog reader. Her name is Michal and not Nelly like I mentioned last time. I like to again thank Gidy for recommending this blog to her.

Since this is my last entry before the Jewish New Year, I want to wish all my blog readers a Shana Tovah.

9/16/08 (11:40PM) Since everyone came back from Deal, it's been impossible to park.  It's been so bad that I am think about getting a scooter but I don't know if its legal to have one in New York. The otherday, I spent 30 minutes looking for a parking spot near work.When I finally found one, it was five minutes away from the store. I had to take a box out of my trunk and into work. To free my hands, I put my Mac laptop on top of my roof while I went to my trunk. When I got to work, I did my usual routine. It was then I realized that I left the laptop on top of my roof. I cant remember the last time I ran that fast. Luckily it was still there. For the next few days, my shins were killing me from doing that running to the car.

I saw that they took down the Last Halaby web site. I guess they were getting pressured to shut it down. Here is a new site they someone sent me. www.Lasthalaby1.blogspot.com. I have a friend who is becoming more religious and he decided to get rid of his Dvd's. I told him that if he were getting rid of it, I would take it from him. He told me that his rabbi said that he is not allowed to give it to another jew. So he is going to try and sell them.

I decided to keep my Tivo HD. I forgot how great Tivo is compared to the cable DVR. When I stop a program on Tivo, it remembers where I left off. It also lets me know on the screen how much time has gone by to what I am watching. With Tivo, it has an automatic 30-second skip so I get through the commercials in seconds. The 30-second skip also comes in handy when I Tivo football games. Between plays usually takes 30 seconds. So as soon as a play is over, I hit the 30-second skip and it takes me right to the next play. I am also able to watch You Tube on my Tivo. Here are a couple of recommendations on what to watch on TV. First Blood on HBO and Sons of Anarchy on FX are really good shows. I am trying to cut down on the new shows because I have too much to watch. On Tuesdays, I have House, Fringe and Greek to watch.

I always like when Howard Stern interviews people that I like. Last week he had Chris "Mad Dog' Russo who has his own show on Sirius-XM. It is amazing how Stern gets people to open up and express their true feelings. There were some things that Chris said that I never imagined him saying. Here ia a clip from Sal and Richard who work on the Howard Stern show.

Last week on 9/11, the History channel had a special called 102 minutes that changed America. It was about the events that happened on that day. It had the video that regular people and the news channel took from the time the first tower was hit until the second tower collapse.

Here is another video that my brother Charles sent me on how the news channels covered the attack.

Here is video of LeBron James losing at horse.

I would like to welcome a new blog reader from Israel, Nally. She is friends with Gidy who told her about the site.

8/28/08 (2:05PM) A blog reader of mine said I use to be his favorite one to read. Now he says The Last Halaby is his favorite. I am trying to win him back by updating the blog a few times this week. I also changed around the format of the site to try to make it easier to read.

Every time I leave the hospital after visiting my brother, I feel sick. I am also very careful to make sure not to touch anything. Last night I got smart by wearing surgical gloves while I was there. While I was there, I brought my Mac laptop so my brother could I chat with his children.

Since this is probably the last blog entry before he goes away on Monday, I want to say goodbye to Joseph Dana. He is going to be in Israel for the year studying at Torat Shraga.

Someone told me about this web site where you could watch live sporting events. Just go to www.myp2p.eu/ and download the software.


Here is a response from FN about the Old vs. New basketball debate.


Good argument and well put i must say.

But i beg to differ,- There were PLENTY of great athletes back in the day at EVERY level and perhaps no less better than todays great athletes.  Yes, the bodies are no doubt more sculpted today and the shorts are longer and stylish.-But a good physique, nice haircut and 150 dollar pair sneakers does not a good athlete/ basketball player make.  

In terms of basketball skill,-shooting, passing, defending- there is no advantage now.  I believe on the contrary.

For example, PURE, savvy, seasoned scorers like Alex English, Adrian Dantley, Kevin Mchale,- they just don't make them like that anymore. (Please refer to YOUTUBE.COM Kevin Mchale highlights).

The BIGGEST thing to me, which is one of the main causes for the erosion of our game (which we see in play quality and on court behavior with "the new generation") IS the current "stars". (will explain why below).  

THE DIFFERENCE in the respect for the game (one example: practicing 3's and halfcourt shots instead of free throws) and the  respect for one's teammates, opponents and officials is drastic. (To often now, Its an ALL ABOUT ME attitude-this lowers the quality of the athlete/basketball player-this is easy to see if you had seen the REAL stars.  As blogger so accurately pointed out, you watch a 4 on 4 in the park and it is like 4 separate games of 1 on 1 and you absolutely want to throw up. Not only with the high school and grammar school age, but "adults" in their 20's, the taunting after (and during) just about every single play is unfathomable. It was said it is  because "they have not been taught". My reply is: Many decent players from  around the world (and in our community) were taught the same or worse or in some cases not taught at all. You were "self taught" meaning twenty years ago,  all you had to do was turn on Channel 2 and see Larry Bird, or Magic Johnson. And then you'd go to the center or the park and practice what you saw. And you saw the GREAT TEAMS: the early 1970's Knicks or '77 Trail Blazers or the 80's Great Sixers, Lakers Celtics, or PISTONS teams and you got a pretty good idea on HOW the game should be played. THEY PASSED THE BALL MORE AND DRIBBLED LESS. (There is a concept called "LESS IS MORE" and this is a perfect example).

(Another surprising advantage of back in the day vs. Now, was you had REAL PROFESSIONAL broadcasters and color commentators/GREAT teachers like Tommy Heinson with Dick Stockton or Hubie Brown, or Billy Cunningham with Brent Mussberger or the great Bill Russell. You listen to them and you could learn a TON.  Don't get me wrong, some of the color guys now and on national television are terrific! (But they don't compare).  (And MOST of the play by play guys nowadays in particular on national television suck. -They are too busy trying to outdue the color guy with the unnecessary and making jokes). (By the way Marv is super but Breen can take his signature  "BANG" call and shove it). Now, compared to the 80's Celtics and Lakers etc great teams, (Basketball at it's best),  NOW, they get to see (and hear) Lebron take 10+ dribbles (IN THE half court), score and get fouled BY outmuscling his opponent and they think that's good basketball, and THEN he makes body and facial expressions as if he belongs in WrestleMania. So its NOT the kids fault. This is what they get/  who they are learning from on the court (and in front of the microphone). That is unfortunate.

What is the difference between the way 'Bron and Kenyon Martin come off and the way "P Diddy" or "The Game" come off? The answer is not much. (Compare that to gentlemen like Julius Erving or Sidney Moncrief or Bernard King).

It is the  Manu Ginobilis, the Steve Nashs, the Tayshaun Princes the Jason Kidds and the Kevin Garnetts who still make the game great and keep it safe from absolute erosion.  But what will be in another 10 years? And that is why coaches have a tougher job nowadays in my opinion. -There are a lot less "REAL pros" on TV for kids to learn from.  And to make matters worse, you have the AND 1 streetball on TV.

This is basketball?

I call it GARBAGE.

So now, you have to SELL kids much much more on what Russell, Oscar, Larry, Magic, and Julius stood for and that's not so simple in this day and age.

And for you teens reading,-- It's a THINKING game and it's a TEAM game, and that's how to become a great basketball player/ athlete and a REAL winner. - FN

8/27/08 (1:00PM) Last Sunday, my brother Lenny was having pains in his stomach. This past Monday he went to the doctor to get it checked out. He was sent for a CT scan, which showed that his appendix ruptured. He was sent to Mount Sinai hospital where he has been ever since. I have visited him the last two nights and he is doing fine. The following paragraph explains in detail on what is happening to my brother.


On occasion, a person may not see their doctor until appendicitis with rupture has been present for many days or even weeks. In this situation, an abscess usually has formed, and the appendiceal perforation may have closed over. If the abscess is small, it initially can be treated with antibiotics; however, the abscess usually requires drainage. A drain (a small plastic or rubber tube) usually is inserted through the skin and into the abscess with the aid of an ultrasound or CT scan that can determine the exact location of the abscess. The drain allows pus to flow from the abscess out of the body. The appendix may be removed several weeks or months after the abscess has resolved. This is called an interval appendectomy and is done to prevent a second attack of appendicitis.


8/26/08 (3:50PM)
A former player of mine, Morris D. Cohen is running in this year’s 2008 ING New York City Marathon to raise money for lung cancer research. You can donate money by clicking here.

Here is Mark Spitz speaking at this year’s 2008 Maccabi Games in Detroit.

In an article in Sports Illustrated, they explained how the fist bump started. Davey Johnson said that Moises Alou used to urinate on his hands to make them stronger. His teammates didn’t want shake his hand so they came up with the fist bump.

I decided not to be a potential donor for the bone marrow. After thinking about it, I don’t think I would be able to go through with the procedure.  I do feel horrible about the decision. They said the worst thing that I could do is be a match but then back out.

I went though with it and I got the Tivo HD. I love it. It really is so much better then Cablevisions DVR. It has a 30 second fast forward button so I could fast forward through the commercials a lot quicker. I am also able to download from the Internet. I am still thinking about returning it. I have two more weeks to decide.

Someone else sent in a comment about the Now vs. Them argument.

A. as a general rule – people look at players from their era as better. Why? Because they only generally remember the highlights whereas the lowlights fade away with time.When they watch current players and try to compare they usually end up comparing the negatives they see today to the positives they saw back in the day. It’s human nature. I watch players in high school today who are considered “great” and laugh because I think they guys I played with and against were much better… but truth is, I am probably wrong. They are probably just as good today.


B. Players today are far better athletes than the players of the past. This is true on every level of the game. Doesn’t mean better or worse, but there is an added advantage of athleticism that players in the game today possess. To see what this advantage can produce check out the USA team currently playing in the Olympics. They are a team without a significant shooting threat and therefore in order to maximize their huge talent advantage over the rest of the world MUST run and attack the basket constantly. Their talent alone has not been enough the last few years. They are playing against teams that may possibly have more of the traditional basketball skills (shooting, passing, pick and rolls, etc), yet because of the huge athletic advantage that Coach Kryzevski has maximized, they are blowing teams away. Of course the U.S. players are also much more talented players to start with. This wasn’t meant to be a comparison of the talent-level of old and new, just making the point that athleticism has changed the game and to some extent gotten rid of the need for some of the skills that were so important to the game in the past. Another great example of this – the dribble drive motion offense – that is not an offense that would have been considered a possible attack method years ago because the athleticism wasn’t there. But what coaches have done is they have taken that athleticism that now exists in the game and bottled it into an organized motion set founded on the fundamental principals of catch and shoot, and catch and drive. Never has triple threat been more important to the game as it is today – because without it, a player cannot use his athleticism to gain that first step advantage (whereas in the past, a player often needed a pick to gain a step advantage, that is no longer the case). So the fundamentals of the game absolutely live – but they just live a different life these days. 


       C. I will agree with the old timers on this point – the so-called “street game” has certainly suffered. While the organized game is making major strides over the last few years and finally recognizing the proper use for this abundance of athleticism, the street game has yet to catch up. If you go to a park and watch a bunch of kids play it is as if they are playing 4 different one on one games as opposed to a 4 on 4. This is because they have not been taught how to play. Old or new, they have not been taught the fundamentals of the game.

8/13/08 (2:00PM) It’s finally official. I will not be coaching at Flatbush for the foreseeable future. A friend of mine did me a favor and contacted someone that is high up on the board. He asked him whose decision it was on hiring the coaches. His reply was the athletic director and the principal. Well the other day I got word. I was told to just drop it because it just won’t happen. I am so proud to be an alumnus of Flatbush. I was asked the other day to be a co coach of the 7th & 8th grade Sephardic Center team but I turned that down. I just have to find out if I coach either the 5th or 6th grade Center team.

Yesterday, I received this email. “On Aug 2, 2006 you volunteered to join the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry at a recruitment drive held at the Congregation Shaare Zion. We are thrilled that you made the important decision to be a part of this life-saving resource for patients around the world! You have been identified as a potential match for a 38 year old man suffering from Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia needing a bone marrow transplant.” I called them and have started the process to see if I am a possible donor. The next step I take is that I have to get my blood tested, which I hate to do. I am afraid of needles. It takes them a couple of months to see if I am match. She said there is a 20% chance that I could be. To watch what happens if I am a match, click here.

Watching the USA swim team win the gold medal in the 4x100 relay Sunday night was on of the most exciting sporting events I ever watched. You can watch the race here.

The other day I went to my dentist, Dr. Doueck on Kings Highway. It is such a pleasure going to his office. My appointment was scheduled for 12:40. As soon as I walk in, they send me in to get my teeth looked at without waiting. And all the equipment is very modern. Even though he is a little expensive ($195), it is worth it. I did have one cavity, which I have to take care of next week. That’s going to cost me another $195.

 Before the past couple of fasts, I have been eating too much. So even though I don’t eat the whole day I barely get down to my weight of 160lbs. On the day of the fast, I have no problem not eating. It’s just that I am having a problem psychologically before the fast.

Here is another submission from blastfromthepast.
In reply, too bad you never saw Abie Dweck in his prime butit is nice that you know that he was special.  A 65% from the field shooting  percentage and maybe even 70%, (off the charts!!).  He had the speed of the quickest guard and he played ABOVE the rim all while making it  look easy. (If you want to get an idea of what he looked like on the 
fast break maybe you can find James Worthy of the Los Angeles Lakers  highlights). #00's  signature move was the lefty finger roll and it was as sure as a dunk. (The thing about him that you may not know which made him the best was his TEAM FIRST attitude--and unselfishness on both ends of the court (you never saw him disrespect a teammate. He would get on a teammatewhen necessary but he knew HOW to do it) . (and he had the ability (and willingness) to FIND the open man when the double team came.  And his defense--scary,--blocking & changing shots WITHOUT fouling./ Now, in regards to your statement Now VS. Then,-- that "we weren't good"--in reply,-  JUST WHAT WE LOST, (most of you) never even had! Just what we lost!!!  :)It is not that you are being "taught the wrong way to play" as you said,- (basketball is not rocket science )- the question is are most of you COACHABLE? The great players work hard and are coachable. / We  want to leave the game in good hands.

8/6/08 (3:10PM) Here is a response about yesterday’s post from blastfromthepast.

sorry to break to it you but everyone generally looks back at the past thinking it was better then it was. YOU GUYS WERENT GOOD YOU WERE THE SAME S*** THAT WE ARE NOW (besides Abe Dweck).

If you think otherwise then I can say its the older generations fault for teaching us the wrong way to play. or lack of teaching us.


8/5/08 (2:45PM)I found away to save 600 calories a week. Instead of getting egg and cheese on a croissant that has 455 calories, I will now get an egg and cheese on an English muffin, which has 305 calories. Growing up, I always use to have cream cheese on an English muffin while watching Abbot and Costello on Sunday mornings.

I came across this interesting article about the Syrian Jews in Aleppo.

The following has been sent in by a guest blogger who didn’t want his name mentioned.

THE QUALITY--when we played @CENTER free play EVERY NIGHT/and league play versus now: (the patience, (and turnover rate) TEAM PLAY, (ball movement), fundamentals, game knowledge, COURT BEHAVIOR / CHARACTER of younger players, the star players we had vs. The "stars" nowadays) AND, we were able to play much more physical (and harder) and STILL the respect was greater--(you box someone out properly today and they think it's dirty). Is there an 6 second shot clock today that I am unaware about? Or a rule that you must put it on the floor a few times every time you touch it? All these game areas were better 15-20 years ago--AND by a W I D E margin. Nowadays, they're too busy doing everything on the court but playing basketball. (Including answering cell phone calls in the middle of a game). There used to be respect for the game.

From: blastfromthepast

7/31/08 (12:40AM) Happy anniversary to me. It was one year ago today that I started this blog. Here was my first entry last year. 

7/31/07 (12:40 AM) -  Just finished the first Harry Potter book last week. Have to get the second one. I loved it. First book i read since the Da Vinci Code. I will be posting new pictures probably tomorrow. Went to Jerusalem Steakhouse with Coach G and Munster. Sorry. I mean "Cool" Al. Hope i weigh 160 in the morning. I may change my lunch tomorrow. Didnt have a chance to watch Kyle XY or Greek yet on ABC Family. Greek is a great new show. Bill Walsh died. Scroll down and read the comic strip Foxtrot. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions about the site. Got to finish watching Letterman  and  reading the Daily News and Post.

 I got some use out of Facebook recently. I saw a couple of old classmates on Facebook and I became friends with them. Tonight a couple of us went out to eat and got caught on what’s been happening in our lives.

I know that I am late on this by Google’s mail is great. You are able to set up alerts so whenever something you like is mentioned, you will get an email with the link to the article. For instance, one of the alerts I set up was for Howard Stern. Anytime that Howard Stern is mentioned on the web, I get a link for the article.


When I got my Samsung HD TV a year and half ago, my Tivo became obsolete because it didn’t work with an HD TV. I just got an email from Tivo with a great offer. They have a Tivo HD for $300 with a lifetime subscription for $299 for a total of $599. Plus, I could get a wireless adapter for $50 so it could be connected to the Internet. Also, I could get rid of my cable box by getting a Cable Card. I think I am going to buy it. I hate my Cablevision DVR. The only thing that is stopping is that I am afraid the price may get cheaper. Let me know if you have any thoughts on what I should do.


Somebody has put out his own blog called One mans thoughts, The Last Halaby. It is his thoughts about what is happening to the Sephardic Community in Brooklyn.


Coach Harold Katz sent me this article about how the NBA is fixed.


Usually I go to down to Deal to watch Top Gun. Since it was raining on Sunday, I didn’t want to sit in the JCC watching basketball games all day. I was able to finish watching season one of Mad Men. Now I am caught up and watched the first episode of this season. Adam Buckman of the NY Post said, “Episode Two is the rarest kind of TV show there is - one that you hope will never end.”  I was real happy when I found out that the Beyda’s won Top Gun and that Jack “Red” Beyda was named MVP of the tournament. I coached Jack from 6th grade until 9th. Back when he was in 6th grade, he used to have a two handed shot from behind his head. I then taught him the right way to shoot. At first it was difficult for him because he was so small. He never got discouraged and kept on practicing. Besides Jamie Dweck (who I coached from 7th grade until 10th), I think Jack has one of the most perfect forms on his shots in the community. He was also one of the smartest, if not the smartest player I have coached. I just want to be clear on something. I am not taking credit for them being excellent ball players. I am just stating the fact that I coached them when they were younger and it feels good to see them do well when they got older.


 The Sirius and XM merger finally happened.



7/24/08 (12:45AM)Yesterday, I posted an article about a coach that was allover the  news.  Here is an email that I got in response to that. ‘You MAY want  to consider removing article on Teaneck coach if we want to abide by  "Loshon Harah" transgression rule.” After thinking about it, I decided to take the link to the article  down even though I don’t totally agree with the email. I didn’t offer  any opinionon the article. Also, it wasn’t something that I heard or  made up. I do hope that the allegations aren’t true. If it were someone that I personally knew, I wouldn’t have put the link to the article.

Here is an article by Meir Jolovitz that he gave at Rabbi Meir 

Kahane’s Yahrzeit in 2007.

Today is the half point of the summer.38 days to Labor Day.

7/23/08 (3:05PM) On July 7th   2008, Coach Hy Weinstein of the SephardicCommunity Center passed away at the age of 83. I first got to know Coach Weinstein back in 1991 when I started working in the gym at the Center. Coach was in charge of the little league and needed umpires to work for him. That required waking up on Sunday mornings, which I hated. Every year I would tell him I didn’t want to do it. His reply was “you’re doing it and that’s it”. In 1993, just before my first practice with the Mustangs, Coach Weinstein walks out of the gym office and presents me with his magnetic coaching clipboard. The clipboard must have been at least 20 years old. Along with Morris Dweck, Coach Weinstein was the one that brought the Maccabi Games to the Sephardic Center. It started with 10 athletes in 1992. It is now up to over 40. Even though he was over 70 at the time, he made the trips with us to the Maccabi Games. He was the first one up waiting for everyone at breakfast and always making sure that our athletes were taking care of. It was working with on Maccabi that I learned how to be organized as a coach. Once Coach Weinstein moved to New Jersey in 1996, he worked in the Center twice a week driving over 50 miles each week taking care of the Sunday leagues. He loved coming to the Center was so much that he was still driving in once a week up until this past January. I use to speak to Coach once every two weeks just to check in. He will be greatly missed.


I know I am a year late but I just discovered a great TV show on AMC called Mad Men. It takes place in the 1960’s and is such an unbelievable show. If you have Cablevision, you can watch the first season On Demand for free. With the new season starting this Sunday night, I have eight more episodes to go to catch up.


Last Tuesday night, I had to drive 150 miles to Norwich, CT for an Oreck meeting. It was the night of the All Star game. There are a couple of casinos in the area, which I planned on going to after the game. Since the game ended at 1:30, I was too tired to go. I don’t understand why they have the first pitch at 8:45 P.M. I had a wake up call scheduled for 7:45 A.M. for the 9:00 meeting. I get my wake up call and look at my watch. It was already 9:15. I know I said this many times before but Sirius is fantastic. The way back to Brooklyn took me 2:45. There was only one commercial break on Howard Stern the whole ride back.


On Monday night I went to the Center and played a few games of full court to see if I was capable of playing in Top Gun on Sunday. I remembered why I don’t play anymore. I had a kid half my age on my team yelling at me for taking a shot. Meanwhile he was chucking the ball up and missing but I didn’t say anything. On defense, I was taking the weakest player helping out on the better players. My guy scores a basket and they start telling me don’t help out. So I just stayed with my man like they told me to. Amazing. The only positive thing was that I got some good exercise.

The following article was taken from www.murraychass.com who use to write for the New York Times.


Because so few major league players are Jewish, Jewish fans celebrate those who are Jewish with extra enthusiasm. I have long wondered how the players themselves feel about the intense attention, and I got a chance to ask a coupe of them about it at the All-Star game.
“It’s awesome,” Ryan Braun of Milwaukee, last year’s National League rookie of the year, said. “It’s something I embrace. There obviously aren’t too many Jewish athletes at the highest level. Not too many are having a lot of success so it’s something I take a lot of pride in and it’s really cool.”

Ian Kinsler, the Texas Rangers second baseman, leads the American League in batting average, hits and runs scored. I asked him if he thought the attention he receives because he is Jewish is too much.

“It’s definitely not too much,” he said. “There aren’t too many of us so it’s not too much. It’s fun. I can’t remember what the movie was called, but it had to do with the Holocaust and Jewish people, when they’re held down against playing activities outside and playing sports and doing all this stuff. Obviously to see Jewish people succeeding in sports, I think it’s a big deal.”

Besides Kinsler and Braun, the Jewish population in the major leagues has Kevin Youkilis of the Red Sox, Jason Marquis of the Cubs, Gabe Kapler of the Brewers, Scott Schoeneweis of the Mets, Jon Grabow of the Pirates, Scott Feldman of the Rangers and Craig Breslow of the Twins.

Until he was sent back to the minors a few weeks ago, Brian Horwitz of the Giants was a 10th, meaning there were enough Jewish players in the majors for a minyan, a requirement for Jewish prayer services.


7/2/08 (3:25PM) Before Howard Stern moved to Sirius, I always use to listen to Mike and the Mad Dog on WFAN. While Howard is on a two-week vacation, it gives me a chance to listen to there show. On Monday, a caller gave a plug for his web site called Mike and the Mad Blog. The site mentioned an article by NeilBest of Newsday who wrote that there show could be history.Click hereto listen to Chris Russo’s reaction to the story.Click herefor MikeFrancesa’s reaction.


Here is the Yiddish version of Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

Blog contributor Joseph Dana had his letter to Community Magazine published in this month’s issue.

It was 10 years ago today that Howard Stern appeared on the Magic Johnson Show.

If you are thinking about voting for Barack Obama, read this article by Charles Krauthammer. By the way, if you do a spell check on the name Obama, the suggestion that comes up is Osama.

Here are a couple of articles about some people from our community. This article is about the Sephardic Angel Fund. And this article is about Stephen Jemal.


Here is some good news. SIRIUS recently extended the run of      E Street Radio through mid-2009.


6/26/08 (1:50PM)It was 15 years ago yesterday that Late Night With David Letterman had his last show at NBC. I wassleeping at my brother’s house in Deal for the weekend but I was also taping it. As I was watching it, the show went around seven minutes past 1:30 AM so I never taped the end. I was real upset about that. Letterman has been at CBS longer then he was at NBC. I started watching Late Night in 1985. I used to stay up till 1:30 every night to watch the show. If I couldn’t stay up, I used to tape it and watch it when I got home from school. He was my idol growing up from who I learned how to be sarcastic. Here is a clip of Tom Hanks telling a very funny story on the last Late Night(fast forward to 3:00).Here is a clip of the last musical guest on Late Night, Bruce Springsteen.

Every year around this time, Coach G always tells me the same thing. Once we get to July 4th, the summer goes by so fast and it’s almost over. He will be leaving to Israel this Tuesday for his annual trip. A friend of his is upset that he wont be seeing him for two weeks.

On Tuesday night, I went to my good friend and colleague Zvi Goldberg’s daughters Bat Mitzvah in the Young Israel Of Staten Island. The invitation said that cocktail hour starts at 6:00, and it did. He forced me into doing the hora, which caused a problem. Both of my hands were touching someone else’s, so I had to watch them immediately. Unlike Syrian events where you have hundreds of people, this had around 250 people. You also didn’t have the music blasting where you are unable to have a conversation with the person sitting next to you.

Yesterday, a customer was in the store that just got off the phone with his wife. He asked me if I was married which I replied no. He then told me that I was smart and that I should never get married. He said it was the biggest mistake he ever made.

A new show on ABC tonight called Hopkins is getting great reviews.

There is a funny new show on ABC Family called The Middleman which in on Monday nights.

Here is a web site called billshrink.com which recommends the best cell phone plan for you.

For the first time in four and a half years, I bought some new Calvin Klein black underwear.


6/18/08 (3:10PM) Last Sunday before Shavuot, I played 18 holes of golf with a friend of mine, Yossi Gindi at Dyker Beach Golf Course. I was horrible. In the beginning I didn’t start off that bad. But after a couple of holes, I was just hitting ground balls. I did enjoy riding the golf cart. We teed off at 11:30 and finished at 5:00 so it was a long day.

The other day while I was parking my car, I saw this lady who had a
severe case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). She got out of her
car, locked the door and walked around looking if she wasn’t blocking
a driveway. She must have done that at least three times in a row. I
was sitting in my car just watching her for a few minutes. I have OCD
but not to that extreme. Some of mine are I just making sure the front
door is locked a couple of times or walking on the left hand side.
Another example of my OCD is that I read the entire Daily News every
day. Around four years ago, I was able to manage it for six months.

When I was young, I remember watching the movie Helter Skelter. It was
about the Charles Manson murders and it gave me nightmares. Now any
time I hear the Beatles song Helter Skelter, it freaks me out.

Growing up, we only had on car for the whole family. So we had to
listen to what he wanted to listen which was 1130 AM. That station
played 1950’s music, which use to drive me insane. The reason that I
bring this up is because last week I drove them to graduation. Being
the nice son that I am, I turned on the Sirius 50, which plays
only 50’s music.

Last Saturday, CW11, which use to be know as WPIX celebrated their
60th anniversary by airing episodes of the shows that they use to air.
They showed to episode each of Get Smart, Abbot And Costello, I Dream
Of Jeanie and a few more. I always use to watch Abbot And Costello
Sunday mornings at 11:00.

I went to a wedding on Sunday night. I finally drank some alcoholic
beverages. I had two screwdrivers. I thought it would be better. I
have to try something different next time. Maybe a Jack and Coke. I
made sure I didn’t drive to the wedding. I don’t know how all these
kids under 21 are able to drink. I saw one girl who was drunk and her
parents were just a few feet away who I don’t even noticed that she was.

6/4/08 (3:10PM)I was reading an article in the Daily News about people bringing lunch from home to save money. I started doing that back when I was in high school. I use to get a 10 dollar a week allowance. And if I didn’t behave, I didn’t get my allowance. In order to save money, I asked my mother to make me lunch. So instead of going out to lunch with everyone, I ate in school by myself. When I asked my father how I could get more money he said, “When I was in high school I had a job. Go get a job.” That’s when I started working at the Sephardic Center. Starting my junior year, I worked 12 hours on Sundays making five dollars an hour. After I graduated, I worked from 5-11 P.M four nights a week still making five dollars an hours. The most I got paid was $6.50 an hour. When no one was in the gym, I use to play full court by myself. I use to just shoot outside shots for an hour until people use to come into the gym.

The Met announcers, Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling make even a blowout game fun to listen to. The only thing I don’t like is when Gary Cohen tries to be funny. He also tries to one up them and it always sounds awkward. As for the Yankee announcers, it’s impossible to listen them. They never say anything bad about the team and make the routine plays seem like it was an amazing play.

Keith Hernandez is my all time favorite Met and I still don’t understand why they haven’t retired his #17 jersey. When they traded Neil Allen and Rick Ownbey for Hernandez on June 15, 1983 it changed the franchise. They went from being a last place team to winning a World Series in three years.

I have made a change to my lunch schedule. Instead of getting tuna on a bagel on Tuesday, I now get a tuna wrap. So far it has been paying off. I woke up this morning weighing 158.8. I am always in a good when I weigh less then 160 lbs. even though someone doesn’t talk to me anymore.

Tonight I have to go to my nephew’s graduation. Between Magen David elementary and high school, I will be going to my eight graduation ceremony in the last six years. It is torture. Next week, I have my niece and nephews elementary school graduation. Thankfully they are in the same grade.

5/28/08 (2:50PM) Last week in my house, I realized that I didn’t have my cell phone. In the past I would have went crazy. But now I don’t think it would have been a big deal if I lost it. If it was lost, what could I do? I went to shul and Dunkin Donuts looking for it but didn’t find it. When I got home, I found it right on my kitchen chair. I think God punished me because I checked a text message that I got in shul.

It was nine years ago that one of the greatest thing happened to me. I got the laser eye surgery. My brother Gary had it done around a month before me. One day I just decided to do it. I use to have the worst eyesight. Without my glasses or contacts, I couldn’t see a thing. I always hated putting in my contacts because they always bothered me through out the day. Just before the surgery, I got scared. I forgot what pill they gave which really calmed me down. By the time they did the second eye, I was totally calm. If I had to do the surgery today, I doubt that I would because I would be too scared. The best thing about the surgery was when I woke up the next day and was able to see the clock clearly on my cable box.

On Monday night, I went to the Met game with Coach G. His mother won the tickets in an auction. I met him on

42nd Street
and we took the number 7 train to Shea. It wasn’t that bad of a ride. The game itself was horrible. I think the only way I wood go to a game is if I have field seats. On the way back, I stopped off at Coach G’s new apartment on
Nassau Street
in Manhattan. He has one bedroom, one bathroom and Howard TV. The only problem he has is with his car. He has to move it before seven o’clock every morning otherwise he would get a ticket. The only other option is to park it in a lot, which cost $500 a month. So every morning he has to wake up around 6:15.

The other day, I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. It was great. I got to the theater a little late, which I hate because I know everyone is looking at me so I just take the first seat available. That ended up being between two guys who must have weighed over 300 pounds. The movie was so good that it didn’t bother me. I saw the last Indian Jones movies, The Last Crusade on my senior trip in 1989.

Last night I had Toby Souleiman’s engagement party at SLC. I said to myself that I would not get there early. I got there at 10:00 and I still happened to be early.

Joseph Dana asked me to post this link to a charity called the Charity of Light Fund.

5/22/08 (2:45PM)  I posted a new article on the home page.

I want to thank all the people that sent me birthday greetings yesterday. Due to Facebook, this was the most birthday greeting I ever received; there was only one person who I expected to say happy birthday but he didn’t until today. A couple of people from Facebook told me that they also read this blog. My parents and brother Lenny wanted to take me out to dinner but I declined. I told them to go without me. I think the last time I got a birthday present was four years ago. If someone would ask me what I would want, I am not sure what I need.

Flatbush turned me down from coaching there again. I think this is like the third or fourth time that I did. I wasn’t surprised by it. I expected it. Jan called me yesterday and left a message. I wasn’t even looking to be a head coach, just an assistant on JV or Varsity. I think I will still be helping Jan out but just not as an official coach. i think it might be better this way so that I don't have to commit myself full time.

The other day, I was looking in my cell phone for a telephone number and I started to dial it. Only until I heard the voice mail did I realize that I was calling the wrong person. It was someone who I did not want to speak to. They called back but didn’t talk and hung up.

I don’t understand how Americans treat Memorial Day. That is a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered. What do Americans do? They have parties and go to the beach having a good time. Why should there be a day off on Monday? In Israel, the whole country comes to a stop for two minutes.

Here is a clip of Bill O’Reilly going crazy when he used to anchor Inside Edition.

It was 16 years ago today that The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
broadcast it's last episode. David Letterman was suppose to take over after Johnny but Jay Leno back stabbed him.

One of the best sitcoms ever, Cheers broadcast it's last episode on May 20, 1993.


5/15/08 (4:10PM) I had all my blog notes on my Mac but it some how got erased. I hope I remember what I wanted to say. I was going to write in the blog the other night but I did a favor for a friend of mine. I thought it was going to take around 20 minutes but it ended up taking an hour and a half.

I receive both the Daily News and NY Post at home and noticed a $61.20 charge for the Post. I called them up and they told me that was for 12 weeks which comes out to $5.10 a week. I said that if I went to the newsstand and bought the paper, I would only pay $3 a week. I said why are you charging me so much. He said that when I signed up it was a special promotion and when they renewed my subscription automatically, they charge the higher rate. I said that was unfair and he ended up giving me nine months for $48. I still think I am going to write a letter to the Daily News and tell them what the Post did to me.

From 1996 – 1999, Coach G and me use to go to the ABCD Basketball Camp in Teaneck, NJ where high schools kids who are looking to get recruited by college coaches play in front of them. One of the coaches I met there was Lute Olsen who I talked to on the phone a few times. I was watching one of his videos and at the end of it he said if anyone has any questions, give him a call. So I called him and one time he spent around 30 minutes on the phone with me. Here are a couple of pictures that I took with some of the coaches.

Growing up, I use to always watch the Little Rascals when I got home from school or camp. They don’t reply them today because it is not politically correct with some of things they did. Here is a clip from one of their shows.

Here is an article that I got from Vixlist about a couple of Syrian Jews fighting over building a shul in downtown Manhattan.

It was 10 years ago yesterday that Seinfeld aired its last episode.

Here is a clip of Sue Simmons cursing on Channel 4.

5/9/08 (1:45PM) I posted an article on the home page that Joseph Dana forwarded to me.

I finally managed to watch all my Thursday night shows on one night. With my DVR it took 3:20 to watch four hours of shows. On Survivor, one of the contestants, Eric gave up his individual immunity to a fellow contestant with the promise that they wouldn’t vote him out. As soon as he gave it up, they voted him off. Never trust anybody.

Here is a story from Coach G on what happened to him the other day.

While waiting on Line at a CVS two Lines were formed one at the Photo Line and one at the regular line. Half the customers picked the Photo Line and half picked the regular line. I was the third in the Photo line standing in front of me was an Old Guy buying some rubbing alcohol with his coupons, when his turn came an Obnoxious Older women raced from the other line plopped her stuff down and claimed there was only 1 Line. The Old man startled didn't say a word, with out raising my voice politely(maybe I mumbled some choice Arabic phrases) Don’t you see that there are two Lines look at half the people in you’re line and half the people in our line and just because you got stuck in the crappy line It's not our fault. The Old Man Turned around and smiled, The Obnoxious women Aghast stared me down as if I Spit on the devil or farted in shul, and went off Telling me she's coming to this store for years and who am I to determine the Line system, and what right do I have to tell her what to do. I replied that I was speaking on behalf of my Fellow people in line and to prove it I would ask everyone on line there opinion to see whose right. She continued to mouth off and we ended at that. What do you do in a situation like this............................?

5/5/08 (3:00PM) I receive a basketball email every once in awhile from a Christian coach located in Texas. I forgot how I got on his list but he sends some good information. He loves Israel and tells people to pray for the state. What he sent today goes back to something I wrote about a few months ago that got a certain school mad at me. “*Here are two situations that coaches asked me about this year. 1. What do if a kid tells me to "Shut Up" during a game? 2. What do I do if a player tries to fight me during practice? Here is how I answered them in both situations. The player has to go and there is no coming back to play. Tough love is the BEST LOVE! I have found that if you let that player stay on the team after doing something crazy like this that (he/she) will be a cancer and ruin your stay at that school. This is just my opinion. I also believe that high school basketball is not about winning every year it is about "Doing the Right Thing". I also think a coach is more likely to get fired because of lack of discipline than the ability to win games.

*Here is how to tell if you are a good coach or not. If you get on to your best players more than your poor players you are probably a pretty good coach, but if you are the type coach that only yells at the poor players you will find your team will have very little respect for you. (Deep down inside you know what the answer is don't you.)

*Kim Mulkey when she came to Baylor (her first head coaching job, she had been an assistant for 15 years) (2000) the first thing she told me was Duane..."All coaches know if you get on your two best players seldom will you have discipline problems on your team". (Believe me, she gets on the good one!)

*As I look back now I wish I would have talked more to coaches with experience to help me with discipline problems and to make kids play HARD. I hate to tell you this, but I coached for 13 years before I had a clue about how to coach! I thought I knew too much! (What an idiot I was!)

The Bible says: "The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the gray head (experience) Proverbs 20:29”

If the Rangers had won last night, the Garden would have been amazing tonight. The end of a basketball playoff game doesn’t even compare to the end of a hockey playoff game. In basketball, the last two minutes takes around 15 minutes to complete. There seems to be a timeout after every play. Or if a team is down, they will keep on fouling. In hockey, there is constant action with hardly any stoppages of play. If a game goes in overtime, there are no commercials.

Here is a contribution from Elliot Terzi.

The other day my 4-year-old daughter called me in the office, I put her on speakerphone and kept working at my computer. While she was speaking she then said " da, I hear you texting" which of course we all know as typing. Except for her generation she will know typing something out as texting.
It occurred to me that 20/25 years will not spilt generations anymore. Technology is the new split between generations. My 11 year old calls working at the computer typing.
i wonder in 10 years will there be anymore need for sitting & working at a computer . what will they call it then

5/2/08 (2:15PM) I have officially resigned from Zvi Roth. I called up the executive director and told him that I wont be coming back to coach next year. He said, “I will have to look for another coach. Bye”.

Jan Sandusky stopped by work on his way to coaching Flatbush
softball. He treated me to french toast at Oh! Bagel on

Coney Island
between N&O. The cook adds some sugar and cinnamon for me and its great. I use to get the home fries with that but I was gaining too
much weight.

I would like to welcome another new reader to the blog, Ira Horowitz.
Ira was the one that got me tickets to see the Late Show With David
Letterman’s first show on August 30, 1993.

4/30/08 (10:15PM)Here are the intros to the Friday night shows that I use to watch. ABC used to call this TGIF. What those shows had that the current shows don’t is the theme songs to the show. Now they don’t even bother with that. When the VCR+ came out, I was able to program it to change the channels for me. But growing up, once we put on a channel before Shabbat, it had to stay on it. I remember one time we were watching the Met game and they had a rain delay. I guess the only person they could interview was the Mets P.R. man, Jay Horowitz. We had to sit through it because there was nothing we could do.

16 years yesterday were the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. That day, my whole family left to Israel so we didn’t know what was going on. When we got to the hotel and turned on the TV, we saw riots. It was kind of ironic being in Israel where people tell you its not safe while in LA they were burning down the city.

I took my nephew Adam to Shea Stadium today to see the Mets lose to Pittsburgh 13-1. It took us a half hour to get there and got a great parking spot. We sat 10 rows behind the Mets dugout. You use to be able to sit right behind the dugout but they made those seats in to the real expensive ones. They have a chain separating the expensive seats with an usher seating there so you cant get by. I purchased the seats from Stun Hub. The game was delayed for 40 minutes because there was a water main broke near the stadium. Click here to see pictures of today’s game.

Here is a picture of a sign that Albert “Munster” Braha took when he was down in Florida hanging out with all the cool people.

4/29/08 (1:45PM) I have a new reader to the blog who’s an old friend of mine, Elliot Terzi. I believe his father and my mother went to the same elementary school. We were both in the same class until he went to Sephardic and I went to Flatbush High School. In 1992 he was coaching the Sephardic Center 7th & 8th grade team when he said I could be his assistant. I had no idea how to coach basketball. I had no clue about a zone defense or how to run an offense. The only time I was on a team was 7th and 8th grade so I didn’t know how a practice was run. I remember I went to the library and took out a book about coaching basketball. I still have the notes that I took on the book. The following year he went to coach Magen David JV leaving me to coach the 7th & 8th grade and being his assistant on JV. There were two books that set the foundation for my coaching philosophies. The first one was Basketball Coach's Survival Guide. The second was Pat Riley’s The Winner Within. The year after that, he was getting married so he didn’t have time to coach the JV which I took over for him. So to sum it up, he gave me my start in coaching. All those years that I coached the Sephardic Center, I never took money for it. That was my way of contributing to the community. I know someone is calling me stupid for doing that.

I found out why the principal of Zvi Roth never called me back. One of the students said that he got fired. Something about there being poor supervision in the school but I am not sure.

Here is the Wonderlic IQ test, which the NFL gives to all the college players that are in the draft.

Here is an article about Cookie’s Department Stores trying to make money in today’s economy.

Whenever somebody calls me that either I haven’t spoken to in a while or I don’t know has one thing to say. Do you want to take out this girl? And it’s always the same thing. She’s a great girl. Good looking, down to earth and she works. A guy calls me up last night whom I don’t know and said he a girl for me. I actually know who this girl so I politely turned him down.

House returned last night and it was great as usual.

Here is Bruce Springsteen’s eulogy to his former band member Dan Federici.

4/28/08 (2:30PM) Since 2003, me Steven and Sammy Fallas go to Dunkin Donuts as soon as Passover is over. Sammy lives right across the street from shul so we get there before they run out of bagels. This morning, I was only one pound overweight so I feel pretty good. Now I could get back to my regular eating schedule.

Now that the television strike is over, this past Thursday was a real
busy TV night. I was able to watch Survivor, Smallville, Lost and half
of Grey’s Anatomy. Before Tivo and DVR, I had to limit the number of
shows I watched because I couldn’t tape all of them.

Here are a couple of internet clips. The first is of Joe Smith of the
Mets heckling a couple of Chicago Cub fans
. The next clip is a game

that was sent to me by Morris Dweck.Clip here to play.


4/24/08 (5:20PM) A few weeks ago, I went to get my tefilin checked by Rabbi Anderson. He charged me $50 and told me that were good. I use to keep them in the back seat of my car all day. I was surprised that he told me they were good. Now I leave them in shul. Even though I never miss a day of minyan, I still get worried that I don’t have a pair at home. I am thinking about getting an extra pair to leave at my house. The eight o’clock minyan that I pray in has to be the slowest around. Yesterday, the minyan that starts 15 minutes after mine finished the same time.

If you want to have a place to keep track of  your family tree, go to www.Geni.com. Now I am able to see all the relatives that I don’t talk to.

On today’s Howard Stern show, they were talking about JD’s blog. Here is a recap about what they talked about from Marksfriggin.

Howard asked JD what he's thinking when he blogs. He asked if he was a star or something. JD said he's not. He said he feels he needs to write something once in a while and that's how he does it. JD said he wants to be a writer and that's what he's doing to do some creative writing.

4/23/08 (6:00PM) Two Sunday’s ago, I tried the new restaurant on

Kings Highway
called Tuvia. That use to be Kookiriko, which used to be Lucky’s Diner. It seems like every two months they change the store. While I was there, I saw Soly Kassab who’s a former player of mine. He ended up paying my bill for me which came out to $18.

Sometimes I like to play a game with myself seeing how long I could go without talking to some people. If people don’t want to call and talk to me, that’s fine. I could hold out for a long time. There are maybe one or two people that I give in and I call them.

I left a message for the principal at Zvi Roth telling him I wont be coming back to coach next year but he never got back to me. Jan is still trying to get me a job coaching at Flatbush. Even if I don’t get hired, I would probably go to his practices and help him out. Or maybe I will go back to coaching at the Sephardic Center if they need a coach.

The other night I was walking up my porch and I see something looking at me underneath a chair. As I got closer, I saw that it was a possum. I ran down the stairs but thankfully it also ran away.

Before the holiday this customer comes into the store and tells me her vacuum cleaner isn’t working. She always wants a free bag, which I did for her a few months ago. I told her you have to buy a pack of bags, which she never did. She then said you guy are a bunch of “sketchers” and that I should take of my yamulka because I am stealing from her. I put in a new bag and belt for her and said you can take your vacuum and leave. She put her money on the counter and her told her I don’t want it. She just left it there and I put the money on the side.

The only thing that I don’t like about the holiday is that I eat too much and I can’t weigh myself. People make fun of me that I eat the same thing on the same days. This helps keep me skinny because I know what my limit is. On Passover, it gets all messed up because I don’t know what my limit should be. My sister in law makes the best checkered chocolate cake. It takes a lot of will power not to eat the whole thing. If I did, I would gain 10 pounds. For some reason, she only makes it on Passover.

I had trouble sleeping Sunday night because I was wondering if Artie Lange would be coming back to the Howard Stern show. He did apologize and is back on the show.

I think I have given up on playing basketball. On Monday, I played my nephew Richie a one on one in my backyard. He is a freshman in Magen David who is around 6”3. He killed me in both games, 15-3 and 11-5. I couldn’t even get a shot off him. He is a lot better then I expected. Being that he is my favorite nephew, I didn’t mind losing to him.

I got the following article from Mighty Quinn in the Daily News.

Edward (Easy Ed) Gerbe with advice: Tell your spouse, your children, your neighbors, your parents, your doctor's office, the checkout girl at the market, everyone you run across.

"Put your car keys beside your bed at night. If you hear a noise outside your home or someone trying to get into your house, just press the panic button for your car. The alarm will be set off, and the horn will continue to sound until either you turn it off or the car battery dies.

"This tip came from a neighborhood watch coordinator. Next time you come home for the night and you start to put your keys away, think of this. It's a security alarm system that you probably already have and requires no installation.

"If your car alarm goes off when someone is trying to break into your house, odds are the potential burglar or rapist won't stick around. And after a few seconds, all the neighbors will be looking out their windows to see who is out there, and sure enough the criminal won't want that."

My brother suggested that I put the blog into paragraphs, which I did.

4/10/08 (11:45PM) I finally have a chance to write in the blog. I’ve been real busy at Oreck. I know most people think that all I do at work is read the Daily News. I don’t care what people think so that doesn’t bother me. I am an organized person that knows how to manage time. It’s not my fault if people make their lives more complicated then they are suppose to be. Every one was impressed with Stephen Curry from Davidson averaging 32 points per game in the tournament. Well, Pistol Pete Maravich averaged 43.8, 44.2 and 44.5 a year in college. This year since Passover falls out on a Saturday night, Sephardic Synagogue is having a dinner in their shul Friday night. My father wants me to eat there. I said no way. I don’t know anyone that will be there. He then tells me I am anti social. I do agree with that but even so, if I did know some one there I would go. The next time the first night of Passover starts on a Saturday night is in the year 2021. Steven Fallas is one of my top five favorite people. Last Sunday he calls me up and asks me if I want to go shopping at the Garage. The last time I went to buys suits was a few years ago at Rothman's. He picked me up and picked out four suits for me. The next night, we go back and he picks out my shirts and ties. I got home with eight minutes left and watched the finish of the NCAA championship game. Why didn’t Memphis foul with seven seconds left? How do you think Davidson feels right now after losing to Kansas by only two? Stevie is the best even after he left JV and went to play Varsity in his sophomore year of high school. I have a rotation for my suits and shirts so I don’t wear the same thing back to back. For the holidays, I will be wearing all my new suits in a row. After the holidays I will mix them into my regular rotation. The next thing I need is a pair of shoes. Someone is suppose to get them for me but still hasn’t done it. A friend of mine told me something personal this week. I asked them why are you telling me? They replied because they trust me. It meant a lot. This morning on the Howard Stern show, a bizarre situation happened. Artie Lange got into a major argument with his assistant Teddy and walked off the show. You could read what happened here. It was so serious that they didn’t reply the show for the rest of the day. And the Howard Stern web site is still not updated. The Howard 100 news reported that Artie did go on his scheduled trip to Amsterdam. Howard is on vacation next week so we have to wait a week to see what will happen. To show you how popular Howard Stern still is, on Google Trends, Artie Lange was the number one hot trend for most of the day. In the morning, I  don’t talk to anyone because I am very cranky. I think I am going to try this pill out.           30 Rock is one of the funniest shows on TV.

Lets Go Rangers.

3/28/08 (2:20PM)

The following article i got from Vix List:

 Mar 27, 2008 - Lakewood, NJ

The Yeshivishe community of Lakewood, NJ is all astir at the biggest exposé to hit the bastion of Torah Judaism in years.After initially duping a number of reputable organizations, leaders, rabbis and volunteers, a non-Jewish individual who in recent court proceedings has stated his name as Ted Riley Floyd continued a years-long charade of posing as a Jewish baal teshuvah of Marrano ancestry. In the process, he deftly fooled an entire community to whom he was, for all they knew, a returning Jew deserving of their loving embrace."They took care of him panim v'achor," says his former Partners in Torah study partner, who was taken in by Mr. Floyd's convincing act for over six years, he told VIN News.

You could read the rest of the article here.


3/24/08 (4:45PM) Yesterday, from 12:00 until 7:30, the only thing that I watched was college basketball. After a lousy first day, the tournament starting getting good. Even though I wasn’t in any pools, the three teams that I liked, UCLA, Louisville and Villanova are still in it. After that, I caught up on my Smallville and Celebrity Apprentice episodes. I found out that HANC lost to Ramaz in the varsity championship game today. I really feel bad for HANC. They were undefeated only to lose in the championship game. Even though people could say it was a great season for them, not winning the championship is a major disappointment. Most of the time in sports you are only judged by how many championships you have won. It may not be fair but that’s how things are. It was eight years ago that I lost at HANC in the semi finals with Magen David JV. That still ranks as my most painful loss. The championship that year was played at the Meadowlands. One starter was out for the game because of a broken hand and another had to leave the game in the first quarter after hurting his foot. Even with all that we still only lost by the score of 52-44. We could have won but we shot just 6-16 (38%) from the free throw line. The other day I went to Shop Rite to buy my Diet Sprite. They have a sale for four 12 pack plus and eight pack of diet coke for $12. The offer is one per customer. I have to checkout and bring it to my car three separate times. Each can of soda comes out to .29 cents so it’s worth it. Channel 7 has a protect Our Children Campaign which ask have you seen this child? They then post a picture for less then two seconds. How are you suppose to see who the kids are? Check out the home page of my web site. Joseph Dana submitted an article.

3/19/08 (3:40PM) On Monday night, I went to Flatbush and saw the JV lose to HAFTR 37-36 in the semi finals for the second year in a row. I feel that if I were coaching them, they would have won. I know that sounds arrogant but I think every coach would feel the same way. And when I said at the time they didn’t hire me that it would be there loss, this is what I was talking about. I find it amazing that even our new governor David Paterson who is blind and married to a good-looking woman, cheated on her. As Howard Stern said this morning, it’s great to be a guy. Last night I went to Magen David to watch the JEC – Ramaz semi-final game. Magen David does a great job of hosting the game but even they are running out of room for all the fans. I just wished they could have built a bigger gym where you could see the court from any place you seat. One of my favorite gyms is JEC. You get a clear view of the court from any seat in the stands. JEC had a small lead for most of the game but Ramaz hit some big three’s to pull away at the end 58-47. I feel bad for my good friend and colleague Zvi. He really is passionate about basketball and I thought this would be the year that he could win it. At least now I could root for HANC to win the championship. I decided not to be in any college basketball pools. This way I could root for the underdogs to win. I think Louisville could win it this year. But I also like UCLA’s chances of winning it all. I also like Villanova winning in the first round. I don’t mind that the fast falls out on Thursday this year. That day I only have a slice of pizza for lunch so I don’t miss out on much. I am still not sure if I am going to work on Purim this year. Maybe I will take the day of and watch the tournament. The other day I asked my friends on Facebook to join the HonesReporting group which monitors the media, exposes cases of bias, promotes balance, and effects change through education and action. I was glad to see that some people that I didn’t expect joined the group. The collecting of money in shul in the morning is getting out of hand. This morning, I saw one person who was collecting asking money from another person was collecting.

3/17/08 (1:00AM) I received a few complaints about not posting in a while. The problem is that my Mac Book doesn’t work with my web site editor. So I have to go to another computer to post it on the site. Here is a recap of the last week. On Monday night I went to see Flatbush play at Ramaz in the quarterfinals. I tried to get there early but I was a little busy at work. By the time I did get there, the doors were locked and they didn’t let anyone in because there was no room in the gym. I felt bad for some of the parents that couldn’t see the children play. They have to come up with a better system then this. I just turned around and went home. Flatbush ended up losing. On Tuesday I went to the city to eat at Va Bene. I usually get the Penne Vodka but this time I got some other pasta, which was great. A couple of hours out cost me a little more then a $100. On Wednesday, my parents came back from Florida after been there for two months. I missed them so much. Thursday is my busy night on TV. So many great shows on one night like Survivor and Lost. I still have to watch Smallville and Celebrity Apprentice on my DVR. The whole week I have been behind on my newspapers. As of today I am all caught up. This time of the year is the best in sports. First you have March Madness. And when that is over, you have opening day in baseball. Tiger Woods has to be the greatest athlete in this era. What he is doing is amazing. He has all of his competition beating before the first tee because they know he is so good. Tonight I went to the Jonas Brothers concert in Bridgeport, CT with my niece. My ears are still ringing from 10,000 girls age 13-16 screaming there heads off for an hour and a half. The only song I knew was a remake of Take On Me by Ah-Ha. I think this was one of the first videos i ever saw. Before MTV, there was a UHF channel 68 which played videos.

3/7/08 (3:10PM) I think that any coach that tells you he is happy for a team he coached after he left or got fired is probably being dishonest. After I found out that Magen David JV lost to Flatbush, I was pretty happy. Now, I don’t have any personal feelings against the coach or the players (my nephew is on the team), but I still can’t stand the school. I don’t know if that feeling will ever go away. It would have been nice coaching Flatbush JV these next couple of years but I didn’t get the job. So that’s another team I don’t root for. Whenever Howard Stern talks about his parents, I could relate to him. Just like my father, Howard’s father watches Jeopardy at 7 and Seinfeld at 7:30 every night. While my parents were in Florida, I ordered them the New York papers to read. The first week that they were there, my mother calls me up and tells me that they didn’t receive it. Instead of telling me to call up the paper and find out what’s wrong, she tells me to cancel it. I said it’s all right and I will get the paper delivered, which it was.

3/4/08 (4:00PM)My brother sent me the following article on this amazing kid. For all those kids that say they can’t do this or that, watch this. A teenager in Utah is one of the stars of his basketball team... and he only has one arm. He lost the use of his right arm in an accident when he was a young boy and now plays basketball and baseball.
Last night I went to Heschel and watched Flatbush beat them 63-58 in the first round of the playoffs. After blowing a 10 point leads with five minutes remaining, Flatbush held on for the victory. They will be playing at Ramaz in the quarterfinals. Never in a million years did I ever see myself rooting for Flatbush. They were the team that I hated the most in the league. Since Jan Sandusky started coaching there last year, I have no choice but to root for them. 

3/3/08 (12:10AM) I am sorry that I haven’t posted in a week. Here is what has been happened. Two weeks from today, I am going to the Jonas Brothers concert. My niece asked me if I could I get her tickets. Being the great uncle that I am, I went to Stubhub.com and spent a few bucks for seats right near the stage. The concert is in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Last Wednesday, I went to Cedarhurst and watched HAFTR beat Magen David varsity in the first round of the playoffs. With around 20 seconds left and the game out of hand, the Magen David coach asked some of his players to go into the game. I think three bench players refused. I personally have no problem with that. I always ask the player if they want to go in with that little time left. After the game, one of the Magen David kids broke a door to the locker room. I wonder how much the school is going to charge them to fix the door. On Thursday, I went to Charles Azrak’s engagement party. If you get there before 10:00, it is considered early. I stayed from 10:15 till 12:15. Anytime you try and have a conversation, the music is so loud that you have to keep on saying WHAT? What bothers me about some people is that when they go to shul on Saturday they wear a yamulka. But when they go to shul for a party, they never bother putting one on. The people that I am talking are the ones that pray three times a day who I know are religious. Tonight I had my cousin’s daughters wedding. I don’t even know her but I went anyway so my father wouldn’t get upset. I have to thank my cousin Mitchell and his wife Robin for hanging out with me. At these parties, I never know how to get out of a conversation. I always need to make up some excuse. That’s why I always try for just the hello goodbye chat. The rest of the night I drink my Diet Coke. Growing up, Mitchell was the only cousin that I really knew. Most of my cousin’s I don’t even know because I was the youngest and weren’t to close to them. Today (3/3) is Ikey Fallas’ 29th birthday. He was on the first team that I coached in Magen David. One of my regrets I have in coaching was for him to not win a championship. He did win the Sackin Tournament and was the MVP of the tournament in 1996. From 7th grade to 12th, I think he might have missed three or four practices at the most. He still is one of my favorite players. One time in the Ramaz Tournament, he scored 10 points in forty seconds. Two four point plays and a field goal. I think he is one of the top three players all time in Magen David.

2/24/08 (11:00PM) At last, after eight months, I took a haircut. I shaved it all off. Without having to comb my hair in the morning, I save around two minutes in getting ready. You can view my before and after pictures here. Around this time every year, I always get a little sick. The past couple of days, I had the runny nose and the annoying cough. Yesterday afternoon was the first time since Thursday that I feel good. Last night, my good friend and colleague Zvi Goldberg got me a floor seat to the New Jersey Net game. It took me just 30 minutes to get there. The face value of the seat was $1263. I don’t know who would be crazy enough to spend that much on a ticket. It was the closest I have ever been at a game. The game itself wasn’t that exciting but seating in those seats made the game great for me. During halftime, they have a special club with free food and drinks. Any game that I ever go to, I always save the ticket stub and tape the box score on the back of it so that I remember what happened at the game. You can view the photos of the game here.   Here is the clip of my brother on CNBC.  As I am writing this, I am up to three and a half hours of watching the Academy Awards. It is very boring. I think the last movie I saw was The Simpsons in the summer. This is the first blog that I have written on my mac laptop.

Here is an article from yesterday's Daily News.

Nathan’s dogs get lift from hip hop
— and that is kosher!


NATHAN’S HAS gotten some hip-hop help to make its hot dogs even more famous.

Coney Island’s favorite frank will be sold in kosher vending machines in a deal with a company partly funded by Ruby Azrak.

The former Phat Farm exec, partner of Russell Simmons and friend of Beyoncé moved from clothing to invest in Kosher Vending Industries last year.

“These machines grill and sear hot dogs and provide a warm bun in just 34 seconds,” said Alan Cohnen, CEO of the Rockland County-based business.
“It’s going to revolutionize the way people are eating.”

Brooklyn-born Azrak said last year his investment in the company was “in the millions.”

Kosher Vending’s machines are already dispensing such goodies as kosher pizza, mozzarella sticks and knishes, which means they are produced and served under rabbinical supervision.

The new Nathan’s machines will serve only the famous frankfurters. While Nathan’s hot dogs are all beef, only a small percentage are kosher.

Prior to the vending machines, the kosher hot dogs could be found only in select restaurants.

“Kosher Vending Industries .. . offers us an exciting new sales opportunity, as well as a platform for us to connect with the ever-widening audience of kosheronly customers,” said Nathan’s CEO Eric Gatoff.
“Everyone knows the Nathan’s Famous name, and adding it to our offering will be a tremendous boost to our business,” Cohnen said.

“Kosher-only consumers certainly appreciate being able to enjoy the same pleasures as their neighbors, and that includes the world’s best hot dogs.”

2/20/08 (3:00PM) My brother Charles' appearance on the Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo on CNBC has been rescheduled for this Friday, February 22 at 3:00 PM EST

2/19/08 (5:00PM) My brother Charles will be appearing on the Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo on CNBC at 3:00 PM EST. He will be discussing his book, Getting Started in Value Investing, and the Hidden Values Alert newsletter.


2/18/08 (5:35PM) This blog entry was written by Gideon Laniado.

The following letter was sent to Prime Minister "Maybe we should remind you that if any Arab leader is sending sign’s of peace maybe the slightest ones you should respond. You should immediately check his sincerity and seriousness. You do not have the moral permission to avoid him. You must do it for the sake of those you may demand to sacrifice their lives in case war commences".
Last week, terror mastermind Imad Mughniyeh was killed in a car bomb in Damascus Syria. Mughniyeh, who is responsible for the murder of hundreds of Americans and Jews all over the world, finally got what he deserved. Several years ago, prominent members of the Syrian Sephardic community made a trip to Syria to meet with Bashar al Assad and other Syrian Dignitaries on behalf of the community and to push a “peace agenda”. They not only had the audacity to praise Assad as a friend of the Jews, but also took out an ad in a major newspaper expressing their heartfelt condolences to his father, the brutal dictator Haffez el Assad. But give them the benefit of the doubt maybe they didn’t know that Syria is home to Hamas terrorist Khaled Mashall, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Israelis or maybe that Insurgents from Syria go in and out of Iraq everyday with the goal of killing American troops and is on a list of promoting state sponsored terrorism. Or how about the fact that they funnel money and weapons to Hezbollah. I have no problems with people going back to their old stomping grounds to see how where ancestors lived even if it is in a terrorist state. I do have issues with people who promote themselves as peace emissaries at the expense of The Jewish State. I wonder now if these same self serving self promoting leaders are singing praises for Bashar Assad. Maybe it’s not so bad to allow Mugheniyeh to seek refuge in his country and meet with Khaleed Mashaal. Maybe they were working on a secret peace deal. I highly doubt it but maybe we should check out their sincerity after all.

2/18/08 (12:40AM) On Thursdays and Fridays where I work, there is alternate side of the street parking. This past Friday, I was surprised to see two open spots. This morning, I notice a ticket on my windshield. I didn’t realize that I parked on the wrong side of the street on Friday and got a $45 ticket. One of my favorite movies, Indiana Jones is coming out with a new sequel a day before my birthday called the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. You can watch the trailer here. Last week, a school wasn’t happy with what I wrote in the blog. I believed they complained to my school, Zvi Dov Roth and the commissioner of the league that I coach in. They didn’t like how I questioned the policies of the school. I mean come on. Don’t they have better things to worry about then what I write in my blog? It seems like they want to censor me. I am not allowed to have an opinion? I just commented about something that I believe was wrong. This is what I wrote back on December 6th, 2007. “I know people are visiting the site but not sure if they are reading the blog. Imagine some schools are having classes studying this blog and looking into my mind trying to analyze me.” Looks like I was right.

What a great Slam Dunk contest they had on Saturday night. Dwight Howard was amazing. It was the best slam dunk contest that I ever saw. Recently people were saying how boring it was getting. Now with all the props they are using made it fun to watch again. It just goes to show you that there is no limit in what the mind can imagine and do. The only thing I didn’t like was Kenny Smith. He was just too annoying, He never shuts up. As to the NBA All Star game itself, I don’t even bother watching it until there is eight minutes left to the game.


2/15/08 (2:00PM) Here are a couple of quotes that i found today which i like.

"The person who will risk nothing does nothing, has nothing, is nothing. Only a person who risks becomes truly free." -- Denis Waitley

"Dare to risk public criticism." -- Mary Kay Ash

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -- Mark Twain


2/14/08 (11:55PM) I am flattered with all the attention my blog has been receiving lately. It seems like every other day someone walks up to me and tells me that they read it. Back when I started this on July 31st, my objective was just to put my opinions and thoughts on my web site. I still haven’t gotten used to using my Mac laptop. It is great that I am able to use my laptop anywhere in my house or at work.  Here is a great clip of Bruce Springsteen doing the Detroit Medley.

This clip is a longer version from 1980 doing the Detroit Medley

Beatles - We Can Work It Out

Try to see it my way,
Do I have to keep on talking till I can't go on?
While you see it your way,
Run the risk of knowing that our love may soon be gone.

We can work it out,
We can work it out.

Think of what you're saying.
You can get it wrong and still you think that it's alright.
Think of what I'm saying,
We can work it out and get it straight, or say good night.

We can work it out,
We can work it out.

Life is very short, and there's no time
For fussing and fighting, my friend.
I have always thought that it's a crime,
So I will ask you once again.

Try to see it my way,
Only time will tell if I am right or I am wrong.
While you see it your way
There's a chance that we may fall apart before too long.

We can work it out,
We can work it out.

Life is very short, and there's no time
For fussing and fighting, my friend.
I have always thought that it's a crime,
So I will ask you once again.

Try to see it my way,
Only time will tell if I am right or I am wrong.
While you see it your way
There's a chance that we may fall apart before too long.
We can work it out,
We can work it out.

2/14/08 (12:55AM) We almost got our first win of the season tonight. We had a 62-55 lead with three minutes to go but TAB came back to beat us 68-64. We just couldn’t make a couple of defensive stops in a row. Elliot Tabache almost led us to victory by scoring 29pts. That was more points then he scored in the last five games combined (27pts). With two and a half minutes left, Elliot picked up a foul. While play continued, my score keeper Rose told me that Elliot picked up his fifth foul and fouled out. TAB had no one to do the books for them so they didn’t realize that Elliot fouled out. When play was stopped, I told the referee that Elliot fouled out. Could I have not said anything and let him finish the game, sure. But if we won, it would have been cheating. Some people called me stupid for telling them, but it was the right thing to do. I don’t know if this was my last game at Zvi Roth. I need to think if I want to come back and coach them. Right now I am like 90/10 not coming back. Even though the past two years my record is 3-25, I still believe that I know how to coach. One of my coaching idols, Pat Riley, has lost 23 out of 24 games this year. All of a sudden he doesn’t know how to coach? He is one of the top three coaches the NBA has ever had.Sometimes you just have some teams that are difficult to win with. After the game, a few of us went to Subway. I got my Mac laptop and was able to use it there. The ichat is an instant message program where you could see the person that you are talking to. The only problem is that I have no one to talk to. I finally found out what <3 means. If you look at it sideways, it’s a heart. 143 means I Love You. And 637 means Always and Forever.

I got a few responses from my previous entry. Here is one email that I got agreeing with me. The author of the email wants to remain anonymous.

Unfortunately at the end of the day the only thing that will be remembered are the wins and losses. The only person that has a say in this matter is the coach and if he feels that the offending player deserves a second chance or perhaps a third or fourth than that's his choice. Deep in his heart I truly believe that this decision is weighing on his conscience and he is sacrificing his morals and ethics for a chance to cut down the nets. I see this as a lose - lose situation. If they actually lose then there will be a feeling of emptiness. And if they should win, nothing will take away from the thrill of victory. But in the coaches mind, there will always be that asterisk.

2/12/08 (12:40AM) Around two months ago, a player who is one of the top two players on his team was thrown off because he was very disrespectful to his coach. At the time, I gave the coach credit for doing the right thing by kicking him off. Last week, this player was put back on his team and played in the last two games. I couldn’t believe it. I personally have no problem with the kid but I thought after what he did, there would be no way of him coming back. The coach told me that he was apologetic and didn’t want to punish him any further. I have a few questions. Number one; what lessons are we teaching as coaches if you take him back? Winning is more important then teaching a lesson? That it’s ok to take him back as long as he says sorry? Number two; if he was a bench player would he have taken him back? Number three; what about all the players that behaved who are now losing there playing time because he took the player back. Is it fair to those kids? Especially to the players who showed up to all the practices. At my last game at Magen David which was a playoff game, I suspended two players who were being difficult. Even though it meant playing with only seven players, I felt that was the right thing to do. If anyone wants to comment on this, feel free to do so.

I forgot to mention something from my Baltimore trip. Coach Katz has a book which gives you all the scores and scoring leaders from every NCAA basketball game. If you ask Coach G about any game from 1988-1993, he is able to give you the final score and the leading scorers from each team (give or take a few points).

Here is a clip of a few Syrian Giant fans celebrating the Super Bowl victory.

2/8/08 (1:30AM) Even though I am a week late and forgot most of the stuff I was going to write, here are my thoughts about the Super Bowl. One word, unbelievable. If you root for the Giants, Jets, Mets, Knicks or Rangers like I do, this is the first time you could celebrate since 1994. That’s 14 years! There are only a few games that I remember where I jumped out of my seat or bed watching a game. The first time I remember doing that was in game six of the 1986 World Series when the Mets tied the game in the 10th inning. I did it twice in 1991 when the Giants beat the 49ers and Bills. The next time was 1994 when Matteu scored the overtime goal in Game seven against the Devils. The last time I did it before Sunday was when Endy Chavez made that catch in Game seven vs. the Cardinals. I did it twice on Sunday. The first time was when Eli Manning escaped being sacked and completed the pass to Tyree. The next was the touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress. I though the key to the game was the first drive the Giants had to start the game. It reminded me of the 91 Super Bowl where the Giants controlled the ball for most of the game. Just like in basketball, if the offense doesn’t have the ball, they can’t score. Since I got my HD television, I notice a lot of details. I think Jordin Sparks has a moustache. Even though he lip synched some of his songs, Tom Petty was great. One of the greatest albums ever made was his 1989 Full Moon Fever. Every song is great. The announcers were great. Just before the final drive, Troy Aikman did say that Eli Manning does great in these situations. The one thing that annoyed me was that every time someone got to the outside, they keep on using the word edge. I finally gave up on that shaver that I bought last month and went back to my old one. The new one didn’t work well and didn’t have enough room for my hair. If anyone wants it, please let me know. I only used it four times. I still didn’t get my Mac yet. Fed Ex had the wrong zip code on the package. I was able to get $100 headphones (BANG & OLUFSEN FORM 2 EARPHONES-USA) free from Apple for my inconvenience.

Tom Petty - Even The Losers Lyrics

It was nearly summer, we sat on your roof,
Yeah, we smoked cigarettes and we stared at the moon,
I showed you stars you never could see.
It couldn't been that easy to forget about me.

Time meant nothing, anything seemed real.
Yeah, you kissed like fire and you made me feel
Like every word you said was meant to be.
It couldn't been that easy to forget about me.

Baby, even the losers, get lucky sometimes.
Baby, even the losers, keep a little bit of pride, they get lucky sometimes.

Two cars park on the overpass, rocks hit the water like broken glass.
I shoulda known right then it was too good to last,
God, it's such a drag when your living in the past.
Baby, even the losers, get lucky sometimes.
Even the losers, keep a little bit of pride, they get lucky sometimes.


2/6/08 (12:40AM) Here is a recap of my Baltimore trip. Coach G and I left Friday morning with the drive taking three and a half hours. Just before Shabbat, Morris Dweck got into a fender bender. Friday night, we prayed at this small shul wear they all had the black hats and beards. It’s pretty much the way our Syrian community is now. The only difference was they way they prayed. We then ate at Coach Katz’s house. For Shabbat morning, we prayed with the other teams. And of course, all most all of the Magen David kids showed up late. The ashkenaz can say all they want about the Syrians, but the way they pray can’t be compared to the way the Syrians do. I got there early and didn’t realize that they started. They only say the first and last line out aloud. I do like the Kiddush before reading the torah. It’s a nice break. During lunch Coach Katz told us some good stories. He has a very nice family which his twin boys play for Rambam of Baltimore. Coach G wanted to leave early Sunday morning but all the kids begged him to stay for the championship game between Magen David and Rambam of Baltimore. He finally gave in and we sat on the Magen David bench. It was nice to finally be involved in a competitive game. Eddie Gindi scored 15 points in the last five minutes to lead Magen David to the championship. I was happy that they won because I was hearing a lot of trash talking about how the Yeshiva League isn’t any good. The drive back took a little more then three hours. The fastest I got up to was 105 mph. Somewhere along the way, I lost my yamulka. I found out the during the Magen David - Flatbush JV game Saturday night, Magen David’s coach went crazy and cursed out Flatbush because he claimed that they cheated on the clock. I wonder if the school is going to reprimand the coach. Probably not. Since I got fired, most of my predications about the school have come true. I will give you my thoughts on the Super Bowl tomorrow.

2/5/08 (1:20AM) My radio never went off this morning and I woke up at 9:30. I had to pray at work. I will write about my trip to Baltimore and the Giants winning the Super Bowl hopefully tomorrow. I am still very tired and way behind on reading my newspapers. I just finished reading all my emails. Now I remember why I hate going away. I should have taken today off as well to catch up on some sleep. I also forget to mention David Letterman’s 26th year doing a late night show on February 2nd.

Pearl Jam

And the rivers shall open for the righteous (X2)
And the rivers shall open for the righteous,someday

I was walking,with my brother
And he wondered,oh,how I am
I Said what I believe with my soul
Ain't what I see with my eyes
And there's no turning back this time

I am a patriot, I love my country
Because my country is all I know
I wanna be with my family
People who understand me
I got no place else to go...
I am a patriot...

I went was,with my girlfriend
She looked so fine,I said,"Baby,what's on your mind?"
She said,"I wanna run like the lions
Released from the cages
Released from the rages burning in my soul tonight"
I am a patriot, I love my country
Because my country is all I know
I wanna be with my family
People who understand me
I got no place else to go...

And I ain't no communist
And I ain't no socialist
And I ain't no capitalist
And I ain't no imperialist
And I ain't no democrat
Sure ain't no republican either
I only know one party,and that is freedom
I am,I am,I am...

I am a patriot,and I love my country
Because my country is all I know

And the rivers shall open for the righteous (X2)
And the rivers shall open for the righteous,someday

1/31/08 (11:35PM)My streak is finally coming to an end tomorrow. After working 363 straight days, I am taking a day off. Coach G and I are leaving to Baltimore and will be staying by Coach Katz for the weekend. I remember why I hate going away. Even though it’s only two days, I hate packing. Plus I fall behind on my TV. Great new episodes of Smallville and Lost. Someone instant messaged me tonight asking me to remove some photos from Facebook. I don’t see what the problem was but I did it anyway. The Sephardic Center asked me if I want to coach the Maccabi team going to Detroit. I told them that I would think about it but doubt that I will say yes. I don’t think I am in the mood to wake up 6:00 every morning. I think the next blog update will be either after the Super Bowl or Monday night.

1/31/08 (1:45AM) Here is my take on vacation. People always told me you have to see what the girls are wearing on vacation. Since joining Facebook, I am now able to. Some of the bikinis that these girls wear barley fit on there body. If there parents, brothers and sisters don’t mind, so be it. The people that I have a problem with are the religious ones who sit on the same beaches as these girls. One of these organizations had a meeting before vacation warning about the dangers of winter break. Please. If these parents that warn you about the dangers and then take them to a place where you can gamble and drink, what hope is there? Is it do as I say, not as I do? I think it is hypocritical that the Rabbis know what goes on but look the other way.

I felt a little bad after our loss tonight to Magen David by the score of 58-25. Even for me I yelled a little too much. I felt we had a chance to win but feel that I care more about the game then most of the players do. A couple of years ago while coaching Shaare, some players actually were annoyed that I didn’t yell enough. I told the team that for last two games, I will not raise my voice at all. Maybe then we will be able to win a game. A season like takes a lot out of me. It’s not fun to lose every game by 25 points. It makes me think if it’s worth it to come back and coach.

The other night, a fat lady on American Idol was wearing an I BEAT ANOREXIA tee shirt. Here is a funny clip that Howard Stern mentioned today on his show. It is a bird making in a reporter’s mouth. 

1/30/08 (1:20AM) The past couple of days I’ve been having trouble going to sleep. Then in the morning, I’ve been waking up 20 minutes before I am suppose to. I don’t know if I should try to fall back to sleep or just stay up. I get the Daily News early edition delivered to me in the morning. Is it stealing if I go to the store and switch it for the Sports Final? I haven’t been good in planning my time out. I keep on procrastinating until I get too tired to write the blog. One of the topics I will be writing about tomorrow is vacation.

1/27/08 (11:50PM) Here a couple of thoughts about TV. You have to start watching Friday Night Lights on NBC. It is such a great show. Get the DVD for season one. Clear eyes, full heart can’t lose. I know I am very late on this but Family Guy is extremely funny. I ordered an Apple MacBook laptop today. I am so happy that everyone is back from vacation. Well, almost everyone. Some people are staying until Wednesday. I don’t how some people are able to take so many vacation days during the year. Don’t they have a job that needs them there? This past Shabbat, I had to run the minyan because the Rabbi wasn’t there. I will be going to Baltimore this weekend with Coach G to visit my mentor, Coach Harold Katz. Magen David is in a tournament that they are having there so we are tagging along. We will be leaving Friday morning and getting back Sunday afternoon before the Super Bowl.

1/23/08 (10:40PM) Tomorrow is going to be a great sports night at Madison Square Garden; they are going to retire Brian Leetch’s #2 jersey. The Garden always does a great job with the ceremonies. I can’t wait. The ceremony begins at 6:30. Last Friday was my first perfect day in awhile. I know that it's sad the Heath Ledger died but come on already. There’s been too much coverage of it. Growing up, I think I went away for vacation maybe three times. Two of those times I went to Florida. The other time was to Acapulco. While we were in Florida in 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded over Florida. What I remember specifically about that day was how cold it was.

The following is taking from David Bibi’s Shabbat email.

In the office this week, we were talking about taking kids to a baseball or basketball game. When we were kids, we were thrilled to go. We didn’t complain if we sat in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium or up in the blue nosebleed seats in the garden. Today, if kids are not sitting behind the dug out or on the floor, they stand in shock at the deprivation they must suffer. Much of the fault lies with us. Some years back my son Jonah wrote an article for the Angel Fund paper explaining how the luxuries of the parents become the necessities of the children. We want to give our children the best so the best to them becomes normal, just average. Maybe we should consider sometimes holding back, mixing it up, making things special by making them beyond the normal. Teaching our children values is our responsibility.

This week we read, Vayhi BeShalach Pharaoh – And it was when Pharaoh sent the nation out of
Egypt. It seems apropos this week when so many of us reenact the Exodus, by making our own exodus to everywhere from Hawaii, Mexico, California, Colorado, Canada, Miami, the Caribbean, Europe, and Israel for our “children’s” midwinter vacation break. Before I write about how important taking a break is, I should mention how the rabbi told us that sometimes we should skip the vacation. Sometimes we should say, “not this year”. Instead of Acapulco, maybe we go for a day or two skiing or take them to a museum or other local attraction. We could take a drive out to Montauk or down to Washington DC for a couple of days. Or maybe we just stay home and tackle some household projects. Understanding that sometimes there is a “no” can in the end be a very crucial lesson along the road of life.

1/21/08 (11:30PM)  Eight years ago, I was playing ball and I realized that I was out of shape. I weighed myself and saw that I got up to 195 pounds. That night, I decided to go on a diet. I just cut down on the things that I was eating. I use to get two burgers at Kosher Delight so I cut that to one. I also use to eat two slices of pizza and half a falafel. I then cut that down to one slice. At the beginning it was so difficult that I was cranky all day. I just use to snack on green peppers. After five months, all my hard work paid off and I lost 35 pounds. I have stayed around my current weight of 160 pounds for the past eight years.

What a great Giants game. This is from yesterdays NY Post.

Jan. 20, 1991 - Candlestick Park  - Giants 15, 49ers 13

“After Lawrence Taylor recovered a Joe Montana fumble at the Giants 43 with 2:36 left, Jeff Hostetler drove the Giants, trailing 13-12, into field-goal range. It came down to Matt Bahr - who already had kicked four field goals - with four seconds left. The 49ers called time. "They can't ice you," snapper Steve DeOssie assured Bahr during the timeout. "Steve," Bahr replied, "they're not trying to ice me; they're trying to ice you."Seventeen Januarys later, Bahr chuckles and says: "Afterward, he said it actually made him nervous."
Bahr reminded himself to keep his head down and follow through.
"If you're gonna miss, make it a happy miss," is how he put it. "As soon as I hit it, I said, 'I hit that good.' My immediate next thought was, 'I might have hit that too hard.' It started to pull left." He watched. Everyone inside Candlestick Park watched.
"It seems like it's forever," Bahr said. Finally, euphoria. Giants 15, 49ers 13. "I think it was LT who bear hugged me from behind," Bahr said. He has advice for Lawrence Tynes Lawrence Tynes if tonight's NFC Championship game comes down to him.
"Take a deep breath, and forget everything you've ever been taught," Bahr said. "Keep your head down and get through the ball. Keep it simple. Don't overthink it."

1/16/08 (11:45PM) Some people bother me sometimes when I use the word supper instead of dinner. During my Oreck conference a couple wanted to know where to go for supper. And if it is correct to call it dinner, why didn’t Leonardo da Vinci call his painting The Last Dinner instead of The Last Supper? I watched American Idol the past two nights. My favorite so far is Kristy Lee Cook, who sold a horse to travel from Oregon to compete in Philly. Check out this clip of Extreme Make Over. This clip is Diane Keaton cursing on Good Morning America.

1/16/08 (12:45AM) Thank god for Sirius and a navigation system. This morning, I had to wake up at 6:20 for an Oreck conference in Newburgh, NY. It took me two hours to get there. I have a poor sense of direction and the navigation in my Infiniti guided me perfectly. Without it, I am probably still trying to find it. I know I mentioned it before but Sirius satellite radio is great. For almost two hours this morning, Howard Stern did not have a commercial break. I met one Oreck owner whose nephew plays for the LA Kings minor league team. His name is David Meckler. Here is a funny clip of Terrell Owens crying after losing to the Giants on Sunday.

1/13/08 (11:55PM) Today is my fathers 70th birthday. I gave him a call down in Florida this morning. As I am writing this, the Giants are beating the Cowboys 21-17 with 9:27 left. I feel that they are going to hold them off and win the game. Someone invited me over to watch the game by them but I turned the invitation down. I always like to watch the games by myself. Its annoying to me with everyone always giving there comments. I have an idea how the community can raise a lot of money for charities. One year, instead of everyone going away for intersession, take the money that they were going to spend and donate it to charity. I know it will take a lot of sacrifice but you can probably raise a minimum of a million dollars. I watched the new show Terminator tonight. So far it looks like an exciting show. What a great Giant victory. It doesn’t get any better then watching Jerry Jones on sidelines and Terrell Owens crying after the game. This is the first time in a while that the Giant defense came up with a big stop. I feel real happy for Tom Coughlin. I like all those Cowboy players who said that easy style of Wade Phillips was better then style of Bill Parcells. I guess they were wrong. Here is an article from today’s New York Post about all those obnoxious New York Cowboy fans.

1/11/08 (1:40AM)My parents left to Florida today for two months. I am going to miss them so much. Tonight I watched another great appearance by Howard Stern on the Late Show with David Letterman. They are two of my idols. If I had to choose between the two, I would take Howard Stern over Letterman. I remember back in 1994 when OJ Simpson was accused of murdering his wife, Howard Stern on the Late Show dressed in an OJ Simpson tee shirt with the caption of Wanted for Murder. Letterman took offense to that and said he doesn’t think double murder is something to joke about. A few months later, Letterman and the rest of the comics started joking about OJ. Howard Stern is more honest and real then Letterman.

1/9/08 (11:35PM) PROGRAM ALERT: Howard Stern will be appearing on the Late Show With David Letterman tomorrow night, not Monday night. Today is the two year anniversary of Howard Stern starting at Sirius satellite radio.

1/9/08 (1:20AM) I usually have a premonition when certain friend calls. I thought they were going to call last night.  I was off by 16 hours. Tonight on Fox, they had the pilot episode of House. It’s always amazing to see how much a show has changed from the first episode it aired. Here is an email that I got from J.D. in reference to what i wrote about  yesterdays funeral. They probably were cursing us out, but who cares, it shows us united. I was there and saw a lot of different types of Jews there. Black hats, Srugies, people without kippot. Not a Hillul Hashem, but a huge Kiddush Hashem. Btw R'Kahane's funeral was next door at the young Israel, the whole ocean parkway block was closed off, not just the service lane. Rabbi Sutton said when the coffin came out, there were 20,000 people yelling for revenge, and were going crazy. I don’t know if it is a sign, but a we were walking to the funeral we saw a poster with Rabbi Kahane's face on it, and an invitation to come to his yahrzeit.

1/7/08 (11:55PM) That guy is still seating in my seat in shul. I think tomorrow I am finally going to tell him something. Due to the funeral of Rabbi Shmuel Berenbaum at Mirrer Yeshiva, a five minute ride to work today took me 30 minutes. I wonder if people were cursing out the Jews while being stuck in all the traffic. I got a thank you note from a wedding I went to last March. Is it even worth it to send one out after waiting this long? I totally forgot about it. As of today, we are the worst team in the league. We lost tonight to Ramaz 64-20. Starting this Wednesday night, there is going to be a show on Channel 13 called The Jewish Americans. Howard Stern is going to be on the Late Show with David Letterman next Monday night.

1/4/08 (12:45 PM) Whenever I buy the Daily News from the newsstand, I always take the middle copy, never the top one. And I am not the only one that does that. I really enjoyed last night’s episode of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.

Here is an update from David Bibi’s Shabbat email on the lady that is collecting money for her grandson.

About a month ago, I posted a letter from, Mrs. Hannah Berman. You may recall it spoke about her 5 year old grandson, Zev Wolff, who suffering from a rare form of cancer, Neuroblastoma. My baby daughter Mariyah’s good friend is Zev’s sister.

In the letter, Mrs. Berman related how, and why, $3 million needs to be raised in order to produce a medication that might promise the chance for a cure. She suggested that those wishing to get involve each try to get 10 friends to either donate $100 each or to take on becoming the point man getting their own network of 10 friends to each donate $100. We were able to raise some money in our Shul as were many Synagogues out there. The Young
Israel of Woodmere did an incredible job in organizing a Yom Iyun last week raising hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I noticed a post advising that 2 million dollars was already pledged. Another noted an e-mail from Mrs Berman stating, “We're working feverishly. Zev continues to go into Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital every day. So far so good. We say he's in remission but the likelihood is the cancer is still around but jsut not showing up right now (which is good). Hopefully his doctors can keep it like that until the medicine is manufactured. Would anyone ever believe that it could cost $3 million to make a medication? I had no idea, until now...". Please go to very informative website: Zevsfund.org. Three Million dollars can save the lives of at least 60 children today.

My intention was to write a check the day I wrote the column, but I never got around to it. Tomorrow and Tomorrow. It was sitting on the corner of my desk waiting. Waiting for what? So I just stopped writing the newsletter, wrote a check and mailed it to: Zev's Fund, POB 58, Cedarhurst, NY 11516. I hope many of you will do the same. And yes, all donations are tax free.

1/3/08 (12:45AM) Everything is back to normal. Howard Stern came back from vacation and David Letterman came back from the writers strike. Today I got an email asking me to do something. Instead of that person sending the email and finding out what he needs, he ask me to send it. He could have saved a step just by him doing it himself. Usually I would have sent an email back telling him to do it himself but I didn’t. We had our last practice before vacation and they were just going through the motions and not practicing hard. I decided to divide the team into two. I had the senior’s plays the freshman, sophomores and juniors. I then said who ever wins the five on five will start on Monday against Ramaz. As soon as I said that, the intensity picked up immensely. The seniors ended up losing by two.

1/2/08 (1:20AM) Since I was young, I always watched the ball drop on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve. A few years ago, he had a stroke. He has come back from it but he has trouble talking so you can’t really understand him. I feel bad for him but I don’t understand why he still shows up. He is only on the air for around five minutes, if that. Today on NBC, they broadcasted a hockey game between Pittsburgh and Buffalo that was played outdoors at Ralph Wilson Stadium, home to the Buffalo Bills. It was pretty cool watching them play in the cold and snow with 71,217 fans watching them. There was talk that the Rangers would play the Islanders at Yankees Stadium but so far it hasn’t happened. Tomorrow (or today) Howard Stern and David Letterman finally come back with new shows.