12/31/07 (11:11PM) This past year, out of a total of 261 days, I worked 248 days. The 13 days that I missed were all Jewish holidays. Even when I went to school I hardly missed any days. I might have missed a total of six days during my fours years of high school. One time we had a snow storm and when I got to the school, there were only five other people there. When I was in elementary school, I had a boil on my butt and could barley sit down but I still went. In my 16 years of coaching, the only practice I missed was a Maccabi practice when was stomach was bothering me. There was a five year period when I was coaching Magen David JV and being an assistant on Varsity, I was at practice (in P.S. 215) four nights a week for three hours a night. When I got to shul this morning, someone was in my corner seat. I didn’t say anything. I just sat a couple of seats over. When the guy sitting in my seat got up, someone else took his seat. Coach G got back from Israel yesterday morning. Even thought he didn’t call me and let me know he was back until today, it’s nice to have him back. Now Munster will stop talking to me because his best friend is back. It’s ok. I’m used to being used as a friend. I am trying to get Coach G to come with me to Baltimore at the end of January to visit Coach Katz. I think he will woos out and not go.

12/31/07 (12:55AM) Sometimes this blog feels like how I use to do my homework. I use to procrastinate and wait to the last minute. It has been 10 years since I first got my cell phone. When my Treo wasn’t working, I had to buy a new in order to return my broken cell. Sprint was supposed to give me a credit as soon as they received the broken phone back. That was two months ago. When I got my bill this week, it was for $711. On Friday, I finally spoke to a supervisor who not only gave me credit for the whole bill but credited me a free month. Since work pays for my cell (which comes out of my salary) I really lost money. Because of the writer's strike, the only thing  left to watch on my DVR is Boston Legal, which I doubt that I am going to watch.  Click here to read an excellent article in this week Sports Illustrated called The Greatest Upset Never Seen. On Dec. 23, 1982, with no TV cameras and very few press on hand, tiny Chaminade of Honolulu shocked Ralph Sampson and No. 1 Virginia.

Here is the continuation of the article I mentioned last week about celebrating New Year which I got from David Bibi's Shabbat email.         

ANDNOW FOR NEW YEARS ... Again these are just highlights but please keep Kelemen's Christmas conclusion in mind.

In 46 B.C.E. the Roman emperor Julius Caesar first established January 1 as New Year's day. Janus was the Roman god of doors and gates, and had two faces, one looking forward and one back. Caesar felt that the month named after this god ("January") would be the appropriate "door" to the year. Caesar celebrated the first January 1 New Year by ordering the violent routing of revolutionary Jewish forces in the Galilee. Eyewitnesses say blood flowed in the streets. In later years, Roman pagans observed the New Year by engaging in drunken orgies -- a ritual they believed constituted a personal re-enacting of the chaotic world that existed before the cosmos was ordered by the gods.

In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII abandoned the traditional Julian calendar and established the Gregorian calendar which differs from the Julian in three ways: (1) No century year is a leap year unless it is exactly divisible by 400 (e.g., 1600, 2000, etc.); (2) Years divisible by 4000 are common (not leap) years; and (3) once again the New Year would begin with the date set by the early pagans, the first day of the month of Janus - January 1.

On New Years Day 1577 Pope Gregory XIII decreed that all Roman Jews, under pain of death, must listen attentively to the compulsory Catholic conversion sermon given in Roman synagogues after Friday night services. On Year Years Day 1578 Gregory signed into law a tax forcing Jews to pay for the support of a "House of Conversion" to convert Jews to Christianity. On New Years 1581 Gregory ordered his troops to confiscate all sacred literature from the Roman Jewish community. Thousands of Jews were murdered in the campaign.

Throughout the medieval and post-medieval periods, January 1 - supposedly the day on which Jesus' circumcision initiated the reign of Christianity and the death of Judaism - was reserved for anti-Jewish activities: synagogue and book burnings, public tortures, and simple murder.

For Jews, The day is more an anniversary of mourning then one where we could possibly engage in reckless and drunken merriment.

So now that I have completely ruined your New Years eve plans let me end with a thought from my club going days. (I guess all of life’s experiences have lessons). Those of us who would party every night would know that on New Years Eve, one takes the night off. New Years Eve was known as the night 'the regular people' came out and we considered ourselves anything but regular.

As Jews, we should remember that we are special, so this year before you run out to party, consider the origins of the day especially for us. The first Jewish New Years day was the day that G-d created man. The first January 1st was the day Caesar ordered the murdering of Jews. As Jews we celebrate Rosh Hashana with family and in prayer. We have our New Years day!

Maybe we can leave January 1st to everyone else. Why not leave it to the regular people? And remind yourself that you really are more than just regular.


12/28/07 (12:45AM) Jan invited me to watch Flatbush’s 6th and 7th grade play Magen David. Magen David’s teams looked great and well coached as they blew out Flatbush. One thing that I noticed was both coaches ran up the score by keeping there best players in the game until the end. They were pushing up the ball every time even though they were up by 25. One of my first goals when I first started coaching at Magen David was to get rid of the reputation of the Syrian kids being obnoxious and spoiled. I like to think that by the time I wasn’t “rehired”, that I did that. I saw a video of Shaare Torah’s senior prank. They took thousands of leaves and pour it all over the floor in school. I thought it was pretty funny.

12/27/07 (1:20AM) I almost forgot to call my nephew Victor for his 17th birthday. Luckily, I remember at 11:00 tonight and spoke to him. On my list of favorite nieces and nephews, he’s number two. Syrian ladies are the best drivers. I was walking down kings highway today and there was a lot of traffic. This sy lady couldn't care less. With the cars honking behind here, she stopped traffic just so she could make her u turn. I am sure she had to get to somewhere important. I forgot to congratulate my good friend and colleague coach Zvi Goldberg on winning the Sackin tournament with JEC. This may be the year that he wins the yeshiva league championship. Sometimes, the Jewish people are their own worse enemy. There is a situation going on in the league where someone is trying to back stab someone else. Without getting into details, some of these schools could preach one thing to there students while acting a different way. Five years ago, I could relate a little to what’s going on how people with influence could get rid of you simply because they don’t like you. We lost tonight to Flatbush 62-31. It seems like we take one step forward and ten steps back. Looking back at the last time we played Flatbush in Sackin that looks like a miracle when we led after one period. I had one player tonight who I feel wanted us to get blown out. He just stood around and didn’t do one thing. Not one. When the coach cares more about winning and losing then his players, you aren’t going to have a successful team. If a team plays harder and smarter then the other, most of the time they will do well.

12/24/07 (10:45PM)  I reached a new high on Jetman, 2,439. I am so proud.   I got the following from David Bibi's Shabbat email that he sends out about the 'Real Story of Christmas'. i will post one next week about New Year's.

The most requested article this year was one we did at the end of last December. We were requested over and over again to send copies. We figured this week would be the most logical to reprint it. We titled it, “The Case Against Celebrating New Years”. It was based on a class given by LAWRENCE KELEMEN, a professor of education at Neve Yerushalayim College of Jewish Studies for Women in Jerusalem, where he also lectures in modern and medieval philosophy. Kelemen was awarded his undergraduate degree at U.C.L.A. and did graduate studies at Harvard. My daughter Aryana had the pleasure of having him as a teacher this past summer.

In addition to explaining the 'Real Story of Christmas', Lawrence Kelemen makes a great case against celebrating new years. ( I realize that the vast majority of our readership does not celebrate any form of Christmas, but most of you know people who do in some shape or form and knowledge is eye opening. And when it comes to New Years, most of us have during our lifetimes or even today celebrated. After all it is in many ways the beginning of a new year. The calendar we use says so, our tax returns says so and many of our businesses use the new year as our fiscal year. So what’s wrong with a little champagne, Dick Clark and little horn? )

Some of the highlights of the lecture are as follows: (For the full foot noted text – about 6 pages-, write me back requesting a copy and I will e-mail it to you).

I. Popular myth puts Jesus birth on December 25th in the year 1 C.E. This is simply a myth admitted to by scholarly Christian sources. The date has no relation to his birth and even the year is off.

II. How Did Christmas Come to Be Celebrated on December 25?

A. Roman pagans first introduced the holiday of Saturnalia, a week long period of lawlessness celebrated between December 17-25. During this period, Roman courts were closed, and Roman law dictated that no one could be punished for damaging property or injuring people during the weeklong celebration. The festival began when Roman authorities chose “an enemy of the Roman people” to represent the “Lord of Misrule.” Each Roman community selected a victim whom they forced to indulge in food and other physical pleasures throughout the week. At the festival’s conclusion, December 25th, Roman authorities believed they were destroying the forces of darkness by brutally murdering this innocent man or woman.

B. The ancient Greek writer poet and historian Lucian describes the festival’s observance in his time. In addition to human sacrifice, he mentions these customs: widespread intoxication; going from house to house while singing naked; rape and other sexual license; and consuming human-shaped biscuits (the modern ginger bread man?).

C. In the 4th century CE, Christianity imported the Saturnalia festival hoping to take the pagan masses in with it. The problem was that there was nothing intrinsically Christian about Saturnalia. To remedy this, these Christian leaders named Saturnalia’s concluding day, December 25th, to be Jesus’ birthday.

D. Some of the most depraved customs of the Saturnalia carnival were intentionally revived by the Catholic Church in 1466 when Pope Paul II, for the amusement of his Roman citizens, forced Jews to race naked through the streets of the city. An eyewitness account reports, “Before they were to run, the Jews were richly fed, so as to make the race more difficult for them and at the same time more amusing for spectators. They ran… amid
Rome’s taunting shrieks and peals of laughter, while the Holy Father stood upon a richly ornamented balcony and laughed heartily.”[5]

E. As part of the Saturnalia carnival throughout the 18th and 19th centuries CE, rabbis of the ghetto in Rome were forced to wear clownish outfits and march through the city streets to the jeers of the crowd, pelted by a variety of missiles. When the Jewish community of Rome sent a petition in1836 to Pope Gregory XVI begging him to stop the annual Saturnalia abuse of the Jewish community, he responded, “It is not opportune to make any innovation.” On December 25, 1881, Christian leaders whipped the Polish masses into Antisemitic frenzies that led to riots across the country. In Warsaw 12 Jews were brutally murdered, huge numbers maimed, and many Jewish women were raped. Two million rubles worth of property was destroyed.

III. Christmas Customs

A. Christmas Trees: Just as early Christians recruited Roman pagans by associating Christmas with the Saturnalia, so too worshippers of the Asheira cult and its offshoots were recruited by the Church sanctioning “Christmas Trees” Pagans had long worshipped trees in the forest, or brought them into their homes and decorated them, and this observance was adopted and painted with a Christian veneer by the Church.

B. Mistletoe: Norse mythology recounts how the god Balder was killed using a mistletoe arrow by his rival god Hoder while fighting for the female Nanna. Druid rituals use mistletoe to poison their human sacrificial victim. The Christian custom of “kissing under the mistletoe” is a later synthesis of the sexual license of Saturnalia with the Druidic sacrificial cult.

C. Christmas Presents: In pre-Christian Rome, the emperors compelled their most despised citizens to bring offerings and gifts during the Saturnalia (in December) and Kalends (in January). Later, this ritual expanded to include gift-giving among the general populace.

D. Santa Claus - that's a long one that begins in 270CE in Turkey and concludes in 1931 with, the Coca Cola Corporation. Listen to the tape or write me for this incredible story.

Lawrence Kelemen concludes that Christmas celebrates the birth of the Christian god who came to rescue mankind from the “curse of the Torah.” It is a 24-hour declaration that Judaism is no longer valid. Many of the most popular Christmas customs – including Christmas trees, mistletoe, Christmas presents, and Santa Claus – are modern incarnations of the most depraved pagan rituals ever practiced on earth.

Many who enjoy their Christmas celebrations would prefer not knowing about the holiday’s real significance. If they do know the history, they often object that their celebration has nothing to do with the holiday’s monstrous history and meaning. “We are just having fun.”

Imagine that between 1933-45, the Nazi regime celebrated Adolf Hitler’s birthday – April 20 – as a holiday. Imagine that they named the day, “Hitlerday,” and observed the day with feasting, drunkenness, gift-giving, and various pagan practices. Imagine that on that day, Jews were historically subject to perverse tortures and abuse, and that this continued for centuries.

Now, imagine that your great-great-great-grandchildren were about to celebrate Hitlerday. April 20th arrived. They had long forgotten about Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen. They had never heard of gas chambers or death marches. They had purchased champagne and caviar, and were about to begin the party, when someone reminded them of the day’s real history and their ancestors’ agony. Imagine that they initially objected, “We aren’t celebrating the Holocaust; we’re just having a little Hitlerday party.” If you could travel forward in time and meet them; if you could say a few words to them, what would you advise them to do on Hitlerday?

On December 25, 1941, Julius Streicher, one of the most vicious of Hitler’s assistants, celebrated Christmas by penning the following editorial in his rabidly Antisemitic newspaper, Der Stuermer:

If one really wants to put an end to the continued prospering of this curse from heaven that is the Jewish blood, there is only one way to do it: to eradicate this people, this Satan’s son, root and branch.

It was an appropriate thought for the day. Next Christmas, how will we celebrate?

12/24/07 (12:40AM) I am happy that Tom Coughlin got the Giants into the playoffs, but I was kind of hoping that they would lose today. The reason being is that I wanted next Sunday’s game against New England to mean something so that they would play there starters all game. I don’t want the Patriots going 16-0. Coach G is in Israel and here is an email that he sent me today. I cleaned it up a little bit. "I didn't get captured by al Queda I did however have dinner with two females it wasn't so great cause They werent so great looking . Been to Haifa 2 times that jdate girl is smoking we speak a lot and hung out met her family kinda weird but i dont really care. That's basically it from israel. How did the great truck blow a 20 pt lead what happened who did he scream at mustve been richies  fault i know i know there gonna grind it out"

12/20/07 (11:30PM) I went down to see Magen David play North Shore. Magen David had a 48-31 lead in the second half but lost 60-57. If you have Facebook, you can watch the winning shot here. One of my goals when I first started my web site over 10 years ago was to have video clips of the game. Now I am able to that with Facebook. While I was at the game, thanks to my Treo, I was able to get information about four other games going on at the same time. Who would have thought that was possible ten years ago? I remember I use to have to wait for a fax on Friday afternoon for the results of the game. Now it takes seconds.

I was going to wrote about this myself until I saw it on David Bianculli’s blog at TV Worth Watching. He was the television critic that I used to write at the Daily News.

"Late Show" Christmas - Baby, Please Come Home

My wish for the holidays this year is simple but sincere, and involves the no-end-in-sight writers' strike. I wish Late Show with David Letterman could get special dispensation to resume production of its CBS talk show, if only for one day.

Otherwise, before the month is out, viewers will be handed a big lump of coal, instead of another delightful dose of one of the holiday's most entertaining TV traditions.

Every year on his last show before Christmas, Letterman brings on Darlene Love to have her sing the song she first recorded in the early 1960s on a Phil Spector holiday record: "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)." Backed by Paul Shaffer and the band, an augmented orchestra and a stage full of backup singers, this annual treat has been served up since Letterman first shared the Love on NBC's Late Night with David Letterman in 1986.

Or, better yet, look at it this way: Love and Letterman already had established this number as a late-night TV tradition before the previous strike by the Writers Guild of America - and that was 20 years ago.

Something this venerable, and this beautiful, should not be tossed aside lightly. This isn't a streak that should be hobbled with an asterisk. In the spirit of the season, Late Show should be given the okay to mount one new show, to be telecast either Friday, Dec. 21, or Monday, on Christmas Eve.

A CBS spokesperson said yesterday that not even the rerun schedule for Late Show has been set past this week, so we don't know yet whether any earlier Love holiday appearance, much less which one, will be rerun before Christmas. For my money, CBS and Letterman could have started repeating them already - all of them - in a sequential countdown replaying the entire Late Show Christmas canon.

Love's always thrilling vocal is the most tenured spirit-of-the-holiday reason to cut Letterman a break, but isn't the only one. For 10 years, Jay Thomas has shown up to toss a football, with uncanny accuracy, at the giant meatball atop the Late Show tree. And for four years straight, he's told Letterman the same long, true "Lone Ranger" story.

If you have to ask why these are fun and funny, you haven't been watching, which means you don't know what you're missing. But those of us who have looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed these annual Letterman shows, we do know what we're about to be missing. And we shouldn't have to miss it.

To all the Scrooges at (or away from) the negotiating table, we, the viewers, aren't asking for much this Christmas. We're not asking for the moon, or the stars, or a quick end to the strike. To paraphrase the Beatles:
All we need is Love.

12/19/07 (11:35PM)  I figured since I missed a couple of days of the blog, I would give you two for today. I love fast days. It gives me a chance to lose some more weight. I usually don’t break the fast until a half hour after it’s over. I just like to see how long I could go without food. Everyone always makes a big deal about fasting. It’s only one day. People are starving all over the world. That guy that I see walking out of shul is still ignoring. Now I just look straight at him but he puts his head down. I think I am going to bump into him by accident just to see if I get a response. On Sirius this week, they have a special each on the history of Howard Stern. It’s fascinating to hear him from his early childhood and how he turned out to be the king of all media.

12/19/07 (1:30PM)  Sorry for the delay in the posts. I am still having trouble with my hosting company, www.1and1.com. The other night, one of my favorite movies was on, It’s A Wonderful Life. It stars one of my favorite actors, James Stewart. They used to show it quite frequently on TV but since NBC bought the rights to it, they only show it twice during the holiday season. I kind of wish to know what the world would be like if I wasn’t born. Here is an interesting perspective on the movie. We lost again last night to Lev Bonim, 49-38. Some of the players think that I hate them. I don’t. Do I hate the way that they play? Yes. But as people, no. Some of them have been talking back to me during the game. I found the best solution to fix this problem is by putting them on the bench. At least the games this past week have been competitive. I went to Magen David after our game to watch them upset Ramaz. There best player came back from his injury and led them to victory even though he picked up another technical foul for yelling at the referee. Whenever a player of mine picks up a technical, I always pull them from the game. One of the reasons that I do that is to show the referee that I don’t agree with the player being disrespectful. The other reason is the player is being selfish because he picks up a personal foul; the opposing team gets two shots plus possession of the ball. As a coach, I always hate the spectators that try to coach the players during the game. Even though they mean well, it distracts the player. If I ever see a player listening to them, I pull the player aside and tell him, either you play for me or you can go sit next to the spectator for the rest of the game.  

12/16/07 (11:30PM)  We played in the 35th Annual Sackin Tournament this past Thursday and Saturday night. In the first round, we played Flatbush and had a 12-6 lead after the first quarter. That included two missed lay ups that would have increased our lead. We then came back to reality and were outscored 49-12 in the 2nd and 3rd quarters and ended up losing 62-37. We missed our last 15 free throws. In the consolation game we lost to Magen David 53-40. I decide to let Coach G coach the game and he did a brilliant job. He got us a 22-20 lead at the half. At the start of the 4th quarter we were down by nine but managed to cut the lead to 39-37 with a couple of minutes left. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take the lead and lost 53-40. Jack Mizrahi and Joseph Dana were named to the all star team. Magen David hasn’t won Sackin since 1999 which is hard to believe since only four teams are invited. Some kids still think they are better then they are. I mean they play so terrible but always complain that they should play more. Based on what? I don’t mind them not being good players but at least practice and try hard. As a team we are getting better based on the last few games. I just hope it turns into some victories. I just finished watching four hours of Survivor. I caught up on Thursday episode and tonight’s two hour finale plus one hour reunion show. Some of the girls look better when they are on the show then when they come back for the reunion show.

12/13/07 (4:45PM)  Today was Howard Sterns last live show until I think January 2nd, 2008. How am I supposed to know what to think for the next three weeks? Two years ago when he had his last show on 92.3 K-Rock, me and Coach G went to the city to the rally that he had. Even though we were far away from the stage, it was still a great experience to be part of. It is so great that he is on Sirius. I was listening for a little while today to Mike and the Mad Dog. They play so many commercials that it’s hard to listen to.

Here is an email that I received about solving problems from Harvey Mackay. I posted this up at work. Another approach I like is a system put into practice at a large publishing company by an executive, named Leon. He was sick and tired of boring and unproductive meetings marked by excessive hand-wringing. He enforced a rule that everyone who wished to present a problem to him first had to submit a memo answering these four questions:
1. What's the problem?
2. What's the cause of the problem?
3. What are all possible solutions to the problem?
4. Which solution do you suggest?
Leon rarely has to deal with problems anymore, and he doesn't worry about them. He's found that his associates have used the system to find workable solutions without tying up hours in useless meetings. He estimates that he has eliminated three-fourths of his meeting time and has improved his productivity, health and happiness. Is he just passing the buck? Of course not! He's paying those folks to do their jobs, and he's giving them great training at decision-making.

On Friday I received an email about donating money. It seemed like a good cause so I sent a check in on Monday. Today, I received the email again so I will post it here.
My grandson has a terrible cancer called Neuroblastoma with
a poor prognosis. He is only 5 years old and his name is Zev Wolff from
Woodmere Long Island. Sloan Kettering hospital has developed a drug
that can give most kids a chance to beat this cancer but unfortunately,
Zev, and 60 other children like him, can't take this drug because it's
made from mice cells. His immune system quickly identifies the mice
cells as a foreign body and kills the drug before it gets a chance to
kill the cancer. My family needs to privately raise $3 million dollars
to pay a biotech company to humanize the drug.

Sloan Kettering won't give money since the humanized version of the
drug will only help 60 kids, Sloan needs to spend their development
money on this unique drug where they will have the most impact and that
is on the hundreds of other kids where the mice cells work.

So far we have raised almost 1 million dollars. We need to raise
another $2 million.

Our plan is to have as many friends as we can reach out to as many
friends as they can and raise the money that way. I want to know if you
could commit to recruiting ten friends to ask them to raise $1,000 from
among their friends. All they have to do is call ten friends and ask
for $100 each. That way your efforts alone will bring in $10,000. At
that rate we can easily raise the remaining $2 million dollars.

If you have more questions, I can send you a question & answer page.
Checks should be made out to ZEV'S FUND and mailed to me:


WOODMERE, NY 11598-2803

Tel: 516-295-5664

12/12/07 (11:00PM) I might get to sleep before 12:00 tonight. I finished reading my papers earlier today. Before our game tonight against Shaare Torah, I wasn’t so sure I was going to pray Arbit with a minyan. Usually when I have a game, I just pray by myself. Since God has been good to me lately I rushed to make minyan which I just caught. I figured that would be a good sign for the game. There was a glimmer of hope tonight. I know Coach G hates moral victories but we only lost by 11, 51-40. Led by Mark Shafer’s five three point shots, we scored 21 points in the 4th quarter to put a scare into Shaare. We had two players who were suspended for a half and another two who were suspended for the game because of poor grades. Tomorrow night we play at Flatbush in the 34th Annual Marc Sackin Tournament. In 1995 when I was an assistant for Magen David Varsity, we played in Sackin vs. Flatbush at Beach Channel High School. It was the loudest crowd that I have been involved with. You couldn’t even talk to the players on the court because they couldn’t hear you. Back then, the hate was so great against Flatbush that some players said they would rather win Sackin then a playoff game. I think the last time Magen David won Sackin was in 1999. I am glad they moved the Tournament back to Flatbush High School. The loudest sporting event I attended was in 1994 when the Rangers beat the Islanders in Game two of the first round. During the National Anthem, It was so loud that you couldn’t talk to the person right next to you.

 12/11/07 (11:58PM)Jan Sandusky stopped by the store today for a few hours. He came into Brooklyn so he needed a place to hang out. He was actually good because before he came, it was very slow. Once he got there, the store got busy. Not much else happened today. Tomorrow we are going to take our team picture. This is the first year I am using a digital camera. In the past, I always had to wait to the pictures got developed to see how they came out. If I messed up, I had to do them over again. Now I will be able to tell right away. The only time I didn’t take a team picture was in 1994, my first year of coaching.

12/11/07 (10:45AM) Sorry for the delay. I was having a problem uploading the information to the web site. I just spoke to guy in the Philippines who said that it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Happy 21st birthday to Albert “Munster” Braha. I finally got my thank you even though I had to go fishing for it. I saw the person online and asked them if they got what they wanted. Here was the reply. “I did!! Thanks so much!! I guess the exclamation points means they were happy. In the past it would have bothered me that they didn’t thank me but now I am a changed person. Here is another reason why you should always wash your hands. I was just finishing using the bathroom when the door bell rang at work. I didn’t have time to wash my hands when the customer came into the store. Imagine if I shake his hand? How disgusting would that be? I did go wash my hands right after he left. But you never know who washes and who doesn’t. That’s why you should wash your hands after you shake hands. We had our family Hanukah party Sunday night. This year, being the great uncle that I am, I decided to give each kid $xx. With eight nephews and four nieces it added up to a couple of hundred dollars. I figured this would cover me for the birthdays as well. I never mind spending money on other people. I think the only time I am cheap is when I look for a meter that already has time on it. I don’t want to spend the quarter. Some of these people on Deal or No Deal are so stupid. The other, this lady had two briefcases left to open. The two amounts remaining were $50 and the other was for $200,000. She was offered over $100,000 which she turned down. She ended up winning $1. Stupid. Still can't stop playing Jetman.

12/9/07 (9:45PM) Lately, God has been very good to me. More and more, whenever things happen, I just say that God must have a reason for this. On Friday morning, because of alternate side of the street parking, it took me half an hour to get a spot. Usually I would get frustrated but not this time. It’s all up to God. I know that I am sounding like Stephon and getting all radical but that’s what I believe. It is so disgusting when people spit on the street. I could understand if they do it in the street but on the sidewalk? They are animals. I did a favor for a friend the other day. I thought I would get a thank you by text or phone but nothing. I guess that’s the way some people are. Watch the video at the end of this article to understand why I hate going on the subway. It’s like you’re a prisoner in the underground. If I saw that happening to someone else, I am not sure if I would help. I hope that I would but I am a woos. I found out that another coach in the league is a blog reader and is a listener to Howard Stern. Who ever listens to him I feel joins an exclusive club. You know that they can take a joke and have sense of humor and they aren’t stuck up. I am addicted to this game on Facebook called Jetman. I cant stop playing it.

12/6/07 (11:30PM)The weeks are going by real fast. I can’t wait for Friday nights so that I could sleep more then five hours. An old teacher of mind stopped by the store today to say hello, Mr. Halevi. He was one of my favorite teachers because you were able to joke around with him and his class was never boring. Plus, he taught my favorite subject, social studies. Some people I have no trouble talking to. But there are some who I just can’t have a conversation with. The other night was just like that. It just feels awkward. It usually happens with people that I feel that I have to censor myself to what I say to them. I am afraid that if do say something, they would get very sensitive. I hate that. So I keep myself guarded and just say short answers. I do give people a chance but as soon as they say something like “that was a nice thing to say”, I go into my safe guard mode. I don’t hate those people. I just don’t tell them much. One of my players, “AI” gave me Pearl Jams’ Ten CD. Even though I already have it, it was a very nice thing he did for me. That CD is one of the greatest albums ever. One day I will list my top albums. As I am writing this, I just got a nice email from a high school student given me a compliment about the web site. I know people are visiting the site but not sure if they are reading the blog. Imagine some schools are having classes studying this blog and looking into my mind trying to analyze me. There is a lot to analyze.

12/4/07 (11:50PM) Tonight’s episode of House was a repeat but one of my favorites. It’s the one where everyone thinks they are sick on the plane but ends up that it was all mental. Around 10 years ago, I had terrible back pain. After I use to play full court, I had to lie on my stomach so the pain would go away. One day, I heard Howard Stern recommend a book that he said cured his back pain. It was by Dr. John Sarno called Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection. What he says is that you can get rid of most pain mentally. Once I read it, the pain went right away. I suggest to anybody that has back pain to get the book. I watched Heroes tonight. The ending was great. I actually jumped when he got shot. Why can’t someone else just make the announcement that he was going to make? When I went to get my dinner tonight from Dunkin Donuts, I forgot my wallet. Luckily I know some one who lives right there and I was able to borrow money. I’ve been adding a lot of old photos from my Magen David days onto Facebook. Friend me so you will be able to view them.

12/3/07 (11:45PM)Today was my nephew Stevens 7th birthday. I am proud to say that I haven’t missed visiting him on his birthday since he’s been born. I made a post on JVElite saying that I need information about the past champions in Varsity. I have received a lot of hits from the link that I posted. Here is what I wrote tonight on the forum. “Why doesn't some one write a book about the Yeshiva League. It seems hard to believe that it hasn't already been done. As people get older, the history will fade away. The book basically writes itself. You have a chapter about the coaches, rivalries, players, tournaments, teams, controversies, referees, where are they now, gyms and so on. Its a shame that a league with such a deep history hasn't been archived.”What I suggested that they do for the Sackin Tournament is have a pamphlet listing all the past champions and all stars of the tournament. I doubt that they could do that since they probably don’t have that information. When I was at Magen David, I made sure to keep track of the stats every year. I first started my web site back when it was called www.mdybasketball.com in 1996. I wanted to publicize the team and have the information for everyone to see. We lost again tonight to Heschel 54-24. Over the last three games, we are averaging 22 points a game. It takes three games to score what most teams do in one game. We actually played ok tonight on offense. We just missed a dozen lay-ups. And on defense, I think Heschel game plan was to miss so that they could rebound there shot and put it back in. One of the kids tonight said that I should let them play “street ball”. What does” street ball” mean? Not to play defense and just shoot every time you touch the ball? Or call foul every time some is near you. Please. Only teams that are losing bring that up. After the game, I went to see Magen David beat Shaare Torah. Magen David scored 65 points which takes us three games to accomplish. If you want to see some pictures from my time at Magen David, click here to view it at my Facebook account.

12/2/07 (11:55PM) A perfect morning to wake up to. Cold and snowy. It was also a great football day with the Jets blowing out Miami and the Giants coming from behind and beating Chicago. I bet you if the Washington Redskins would have won today, they all would have said the Sean Taylor had a hand in it. Now that they lost, I guess he didn’t really care. I hate change. That’s why I feel bad that Rick Reilly from Sports Illustrated is leaving the magazine. Every Friday, he was the first article that I read. He will now be going to ESPN. There was also an article in today’s Daily News about Artie Lange who works on the Howard Stern show. When Jackie Martling left the show, I thought that no one could replace Jackie. I could relate more to Artie because we are close in age and love sports. That’s the genius of Howard Stern. He could make anyone and anything funny. People think that he is disgusting and vulgar. I then ask those people how much did u listen to him. They reply only just a few minutes. How can you judge someone who is on the air for close to five hours a day? To put it in perspective, that’s what the talk shows do in one week. There was a great special on HBO tonight on Don Rickles called MR. Warmth. He is one of my favorite comedians. I think the first time I saw him was on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson more then 20 years ago. He always makes me laugh. He is 82 and still doing shows. Congratulations to Marc Chrem on the birth of a baby boy.

11/30/07 (1:40AM)Sorry for the late post. It took me 20 minutes tonight to shave with my new shaver. It feels like there is no power. I read the instruction and it told me to give the shaver 21 days for it to feel right. So that’s what I will do. Whenever someone tells me to “call me later”, I never do. What, are they so important that I have to call them? If they want to speak to me, call me. People that aren’t watching Survivor are losing out. It is such a great show with a lot of surprises. It was good and ugly night in sports. The Rangers finally beat the Islanders this year. Jagr looked great. As for the Knicks. This has to be the lowest point in franchise history. Even worse in the early 90’s before Pat Riley came and turned the franchise around. If Isiah doesn’t get fired now, when will he? I am starting to put old basketball pictures up on Facebook.

11/28/07 (12:35AM)It’s been five months since I took a haircut. I’m thinking that I will buzz my hair when we win our first game. In practice, there are a few kids that don’t even know how to do a push up. It boggles my mind that kids in high aren’t able to do a single push up the correct way. All it takes is a little effort and anyone could do it. I watched House tonight. They will not have a new episode until January. I am so happy #13 got the job.

11/27/07 (12:55 AM)On Sirius Ch 10, they play Bruce Springsteen 24/7. At night, they rebroadcast old concerts that he did from as far back as 35 years ago. It’s remarkable to hear a “new” song that he is introducing which is now a classic. What artist today can you see being just as popular 30 years from now? Some of players always think that I have a favorite player. They are right. My favorite players are the ones that never miss practice, work hard, want to get better and are respectful. One of those players this year is Elliot Tabache. Anything I need him to do for the team, he does without question. Whenever Bill Parcells coached a new team, he made sure to bring in his type of players. Elliot is the type of player that would make any team that I would coach. He wouldn’t be as talented as some but he would work the hardest. No matter how hard I get on him, he never yells back. He just takes it and tries to learn from his mistakes.

11/25/07 (11:50PM) Short blog for tonight. Not much going on. My whole body was so sore on Friday and Saturday after playing football. I don’t think I have used those muscles in five years. The Giants had another horrible game. I feel bad for Tom Coughlin. I hope he doesn’t get fired. A former player asked me why I bother doing drills with the team. He said I should just let them scrimmage. I told him I am not like some coaches who just scrimmage all practice. I think that is the lazy way out. I will always try to teach them to get better by doing drills. I don’t think you get that much better just scrimmaging all practice. You don’t learn as much.  I have this pimple near my nose which is annoying me but i will not pick at it. When you do that, you get a scar. It should be gone in another day or so.

11/22/07 (11:50PM)Usually on Thanksgiving, I sleep until 10:30/11:00. This is year I decided to wake early and go to shul at 9. I know the real religious people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because they think it is just for the goyim. Its not. I don’t see what the problem of having your family over for dinner and being thankful for what you have. I don’t understand how some people just go out to eat instead of having everyone over for dinner. I am extremely tired. The last three nights I have a total of 15 hours of sleep. We had our family (plus the Horowitz’s) football game 11:00 today at Friends Field. After I went to shul in the afternoon, Jack Aboutbul drove me home in his new BMW 535XI. He was in Germany over the summer and he purchased it there. It’s a very fine car that’s has a lot of cool gadgets. Everyone came over for dinner around 5:30. There were no fights this year. The only person not here was my niece Janice who is in Panama for a friends wedding. Between the start of dinner and 11:00, I gained five pounds. Happily I was 156 before I started to eat. I used the shaver that Coach G got me. It was ok. I will hold out judgment for another week. Tonight David Letterman usually has his mother on the show. Due to the writers strike, we will have to settle for a repeat. My friends on Facebook are growing. I sent out an invite to my whole address book. My Treo has a very cool feature. I was able to watch tonights game on the NFL network on my phone live.    

10,000 Maniacs                                        

These are the days
These are days you’ll remember
Never before and never since, I promise
Will the whole world be warm as this
And as you feel it,
You’ll know it’s true
That you are blessed and lucky
It’s true that you
Are touched by something
That will grow and bloom in you

These are days that you’ll remember
When May is rushing over you
With desire to be part of the miracles
You see in every hour
You’ll know it’s true
That you are blessed and lucky
It’s true that you are touched
By something that will grow and bloom in you

These are days
These are the days you might fill
With laughter until you break
These days you might feel
A shaft of light
Make its way across your face
And when you do
Then you’ll know how it was meant to be
See the signs and know their meaning
It's true
Then you’ll know how it was meant to be
Hear the signs and know they’re speaking
To you, to you


11/22/07 (12:40AM)Sometimes the anticipation feels better then the actually moment. 10-15 years ago, Thanksgiving eve used to be the best night to go down to the Center and play ball. Kids had no school and the adults had no work. The full court games were great. Tonight I had to stop by the Center to pick up some cones and a football for tomorrows football game at Friends Field. What I saw there were tryouts for the 7th and 8th grade team. No full court games. I then stopped by baby Alan (who is almost five) to say hello. I read him the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving book that I had since 30 years ago. As I was leaving, a thought popped into his head. He told me “Danny rhymes with daddy”. Coach G kind of forced me into buying the Norelco shaver from him. He told me that he gave me a great discount. The one thing that i dont like about it is that it doesn't let me know how many minutes of battery that i have left. As I was walking down

Kings Highway
, the guy that works at the bagel store on
Kings Highway
East 16th Street
called out to me to say hello. That’s where I used to get my dinner from on Tuesdays and Thursdays until I started going to Dunkin Donuts. While I was waiting at the light, instead of just having the Walk and Don’t Walk flash,
Kings Highway
and Coney Island has a clock counting down the seconds until the light turns red. That is such a brilliant idea. They should change all the lights to this system. I spoke to a source that is close to Isiah Thomas to get his take on the Knick situation. The source told me one word. “Patience”. Happy Thanksgiving!

11/21/07 (11:00 AM)Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year, Thanksgiving. The following words are from Vix List (I give credit, not like some web sites) which sums up my feelings. “Ah Thanksgiving - one of my favorites. There's something special about families getting together, eating turkey (or kibbeh or both) and watching football. The weather change is the backdrop - falling leaves & a chill in the air. And of course, there's the nostalgia (don't be surprised if there's a showing of home videos from 30 years ago or if the slide projector from the good 'ol Bradley days makes an appearance at our family gatherings). And it’s all done in the spirit of being thankful for what we have. I love it.

11/21/07 (12:45 AM)When I started coaching in the league 13 years, I didn’t know many of the coaches. Back then you had the old time coaches who didn’t know me at all. As the years went by I became friendlier with more of the younger coaches. One coach that I admire is the coach of MTA, Daniel Gibber. We started coaching against each on the JV level and now varsity. In all these years, I really never saw him lose his cool or run up the score during a game. After a win or loss against MTA, he would a send me an email with his thoughts about the game. I told you last night that I had a good feeling about tonight’s game vs. Rambam. Well, I was right for a half as we were down only 19-16. In the second half, we were outscored 46-10! How did this happen? We just can’t hold on to the ball or hit a shot. We must have had at least 30 turnovers and that’s being kind. Two things really bothered me during the game. The first one was having a player talk back to me and being disrespectful. It happened at the start of the third quarter and he was playing really well. Once he talked back, I benched him for the rest of the game. I would rather lose by a 100 then have some one disrespect me. The second one was Rambam having a 30 point lead in the 4th quarter yet there best player was still in the game. I mean what did the coach think? We had a chance to come back. I guess he just wanted his best player to pad his stats. After the game, I saw Jack “Red” Beyda at Dunkin Donuts with his friend. When I did coach him, I never took him for granted because I knew he was a special player. I started coaching him from 6th grade and it makes me feel well to see that he turned out to be an excellent player. That’s why when some of my current players think I don’t know what I am doing, I did the same drills with him and it looks like it worked. I am thinking about spending $700 and getting an HD Tivo. I miss my tivo because DVR sucks. It exactly six months, it will be my birthday.

11/20/07 (1:11 AM)I am having trouble with my server so I don’t know when this will be posted. This week is my favorite week of the year. Some mornings I have a premonition that I will carry the torah or get an aliyah. This was one of those days and I was right. I finally developed my pictures from my digital camera and they came out great. Bff’s Coach G and Albert “Munster” Braha came down to practice to show the guys how to play. I have a good feeling that we will play well tomorrow night at Rambam. They have one of the smallest courts in the league. Our hard work is going to pay off. I saw that Ramaz demolished my former school, Shaare Torah 72-29. Brutal. I have to give a shout out to Joseph Dana. Yesterday I mentioned that some people give you a hard time when you ask them for a favor. Not Dana. He posted a link of my web site on JV Elite. What a great kid. I hope that Coach Dweck gives him the playing time that he deserves. My niece spent last year studying in Israel. I just saw her transcript and out of 26 subjects, she got A’s in all of them.

11/18/07 (11:11 PM)As I was walking down my block I saw the guy who used to cut my hair at Masapara. I was impressed that he remembered my name especially since I haven't gone there in a couple of years. I ate at this new place on

Kings Highway
tonight called Kookooriko. It’s like a knock off of Burgers Bar. The service was very slow. I don’t mind people copying me but at least give me just a little credit. And when you ask some one for one small favor, I like how they make such a big deal out of it. Good win today by the Giants and Jets. Why can’t they televise the halftime ceremony today for Curtis Martin? I think football is the only sport where they don’t televise the halftime ceremonies and you have to be in the stadium to watch it.

11/16/07 (12:05 AM)I felt like such a moron today. I leave work tonight and go to the spot where I thought I parked my car. For five minutes, I am just standing looking at the empty space thinking that my car was stolen. I then realized that was the spot I parked in the day before. After one week, my stomach ache is finally over. I don't feel any pain at all. It had to be something psychological. Caught up on some TV tonight. Survivor and Smallville are still two of the top shows on TV. The NY Rangers are looking great.

11/15/07 (1:11 AM)I came back from lunch today and noticed that I lost my yamulka. I got real cranky but then decided to retrace my steps an hour later. About a block away in the middle of the street I found it. We lost to Magen David tonight 71-51. Since Coach G became our offensive coordinator, we have doubled our scoring average for the season. He has an amazing mind. We are still taking baby steps but things will get better. Magen David’s team does not look like a good team. Tonight they played without Abe Mann who was suspended. Take away all star Eddie Gindi and they look as good as Zvi Roth. Coach Dweck didn’t look happy. Rumor has it they he hasn’t been this unhappy coaching a team in twenty years. I asked him about it tonight and he told me that he was only talking about a specific game and not the team. This is the first graduation class in Magen David that has not had the benefit of me being there head coach on any team. My favorite night of the year, Thanksgiving eve is on week away. If anyone wants to buy me a present, please get me Get Smart the Complete Series -- Seasons 1-5 DVD Box Set


11/14/07 (1:20 AM) I had an appointment with my doctor at 2:15. I was running a little late and got there at 2:19. I had to wait an hour and twenty minutes until he saw me. What is the sense of making an appointment if they are not going to hold to it? When the doctor came into the exam room, he tells me to sit on the table and notices that I have the Daily News with me. He then proceeds to read the paper for ten minutes while I am just sitting there. He then thanks me and tells me he has no time to read the paper during the day. He then exams me and tells me everything seems normal. If I continue to have pain, I should go back to him on Thursday. Went to eat at Vabene tonight. I had the Penne vodka which is very good. It makes me sleepy. One of the superstars that was suspended from Magen David WAS NOT Joseph Dana. As much as he fouls, we expect him to play only  a few minutes.   

 11/13/07 (12:10 AM) Happy Birthday to Joey Dushey and Ralph “Abdo” Cohen. We had a special visitor to practice tonight. Coach G finally showed and the guys loved him. Since we have been struggling offensively, Coach G installed a couple of new offensive sets. Rumor has it that the two Magen David superstars have been suspended for the game. We need all the help we can get. I am getting a little nervous about my stomach pains. It still hasn’t gone away. If I still feel pain tomorrow morning, I will call the doctor.

11/12/07 (12:35 AM)My stomach was killing me all night so I hardly slept. It is finally getting  better. Can the Giants ever win a big game? 



11/9/07 (11:15 AM) My Shabbat shoes are 14 years old today. I bought them because I needed dress shoes for my first coaching game against Flatbush. I totally forgot that I had a wedding on Monday night. Last night I opened up my draw and saw the invitation. I really did want to go to this wedding. I am starting to believe that I jinx some players. Anyone that I put in the top line of my scorebook usually has a bad year. This is an interview that Bill Parcells had with the Daily News the other day. The Cowboys folded down the stretch last year, losing three of their last four and then were eliminated in the wild-card round. Parcells doesn't seem surprised that some of his former players have criticized him, but would not name names.” That is nothing new," Parcells said. "I've heard that anywhere I've ever been. It's only two or three players. But the press gets a hold of it and makes it like it's 40. I know it's not the case. I know who they were. It's the same kind of guys saying it when I left the Giants, Patriots and Jets. It's the players who are always the victim. It's never them. It's the system that wouldn't allow them to flourish." Not all players can handle the pressure Parcells puts on them. Those are not the players he wants. He has no regrets how he coached the Cowboys. "My answer to that is I'm the most selfish guy in the world," he said. "If a player can help me win, I'm going to try and put him in position to do that. Only a fool would assume I wouldn't do that."


11/9/07 (1:40AM) I still haven't gone to sleep earlier then two o'clock this week. Extremely tired. We got blown out in our game vs. Heschel. On the way home I got into a big argument with one of my players. It’s amazing how some kids perceive things. It is nowhere close to reality. In the past I had no problem listening to suggestions from players who knew what they were doing and that could play. But this kid, who rooted against a teammate during the game, was telling me that I don't know what I am doing. After we got back I went to Burgers Bar with some of the guys. While we were there we saw a guy and girl who couldn't be older then 18 sharing a cigarette. So stupid. This morning it took me 25 minutes looking for a parking spot. They should get rid of alternate side of the street parking. Thankfully I get to listen to Howard. I went to Magen David tonight to see them lose to Flatbush 48-41. One of things I miss about Magen David is coaching in this rivalry. After getting fired,  it’s always feels good to see them lose. Even though I am friendly with some of the kids and there coach, I still resent them for firing me. Sammy Fallas is still one of the best players that have played for Magen David. I know there was talk of someone being better then him this year but no way. I noticed that the Stealer still hasn’t updated the Magen David website in a while. He must be very busy. As I drove my nephew home from the again tonight he asked me if I saw that Zvi Roth got beat 50. I said of course I knew. I coach the team. Here is another Stephen clip. I just weighed myself. 157.4. Maybe I am becoming anorexic.


11/6/07 (10:50 PM)I was very cranky today. I guess the five hours sleep every night is catching up to me. I am going to try to get to sleep early tonight. I can’t wait for Fridays after we change the clock to standard time.  I love getting home early and sleeping before I eat. I went to Super Nuts on

Kings Highway
tonight to buy some sunflower seeds. I asked him about the pineapples that he had so he gave me a sample of each one. He then asked me which one I wanted. I didn’t want any. I just wanted to taste it so I told I will get some on Thursday.


11/5/07 (11:20PM) I read some bad news today in the Daily News. The only television critic I trust, David Bianculli is leaving the paper. The good news is that he is starting his own web site called http://www.tvworthwatching.com/ which looks like a great site. You should check it out daily so you know what to watch. I am actually happy that the Hollywood writers went on strike. Letterman has reruns all week so now I could get to sleep a lot earlier. I was surprised tonight by how well we practiced after losing by 47 points. They hustled and did very well. I just hope the hard work will translate into a win on the court. Check out Sylven Landesberg. Ironically, a few years ago, I coached against him at the Maccabi games in Richmond, Virigina where he is now going to be playing Divison One college basketball. You can check out his highlights here.


11/5/07 (12:40AM)The past couple of days, I have started to get embarrassed just by talking to people. I really don’t get embarrassed but I feel my face get all red. I hate that. Growing up it always use to happen to me. I always like when I had a suntan so if I did get embarrassed, no one would notice. On thing that really bothers me is when Jewish people eat in a kosher place but don’t wear a kippah. Is it that big of a deal to carry one in your pocket and wear it while you eat? Or maybe ask to borrow one. Some of the players were bothered that I wrote that they went to a Halloween party. They said it was just a get together. I then go to Facebook and see pictures of them dressed up with makeup and the girls all dressed in black. And they are JEWISH. DO they know what Halloween is? Here is the answer. c.1745, Scottish shortening ofAllhallow-even "Eve of All Saints, last night of October" (1556), the last night of the year in the old Celtic calendar, where it was Old Year's Night, a night for witches. Another pagan holiday given a cursory baptism and sent on its way. Hallowmas"All-saints" is first attested 1389.  For the past three Saturdays, I didn’t have the T.V. on during the day. I haven’t stopped watching because I am becoming more religious. It’s just that there hasn’t been anything on. We got demolished by Flatbush 68-21. It was my worst loss ever. They actually stopped the game with two minutes left because we were down by 40. Mercy rule. After the game, me and Jan go to Kosher Delight where we see this guy who use to go to Shaare. He asks Jan about his former JV coach Richie G. He then  rants that if he ever sees him he will spit in his face and punch him out. This guy once got thrown out from the Center for starting trouble. He is a nut.

11/2/07 (12:30 AM)My brother published a book calledGetting Started in Value Investing. You can purchase it at Amazon.com. These next two months are my favorite. Three weeks from tonight is Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite day of the year. I will get in that more as we get closer to the holiday. I love the cold and snow. The only thing is that I still don’t have a winter jacket. I am going to freeze. I did something today that I was proud of. It was around 5:45 tonight and I wasn’t so sure that I was going to get to shul on time so I was just going to pray by myself. I then decided I was going to try and make it even though the time was getting let for me to make. I ended up just catching the last minyan for Mincha. It felt good. Now that we are changing the clock Saturday night, I won’t be able to pray Mincha with a minyan so this was my last chance. I always like talking to my players away from the basketball court. Years ago it used to be by telephone but now it’s online. Good or bad, at least my players talk to me. Tonight I had a good conversation even though it is the same thing every year, just with different players. It’s usually about some players that don’t deserve to play or that I gave up or that I don’t give them confidence. It’s amazing how they see themselves. When an ugly person looks in the mirror, all he sees is a good looking person. I remember when I started to lose weight. When I looked in the mirror, I just saw the same person that I was. Only when people told me how my face was getting thinner did I realize the weight loss. I have only gotten 10 hours of sleep the past two nights. I can’t wait for my Friday night sleep. Here is a sign that your parents are getting older. Tonight, the phone rang at 8:30. My mother says who is calling this late?

11/1/07 (1:10AM) I don’t know which is worse. Someone hating you or someone ignoring you? At least when you are hated that person knows that you are alive. But when you are ignores, its like you don’t exist. I filled up my car (Infiniti G35X) for the first time in a month. When I used to drive my Jeep, I filled up the car at least every two weeks. That was the major reason why I switched cars. We had our first regular season game tonight. It was played at the Aviator which is a beautiful sports complex. We got squashed 51-34. It’s going to be a long season. This was supposed to be our easy game. I don’t know how much longer I could take this. I feel bad when I yell at a player during a game. I know that they are trying hard but they just aren’t that good. Some kids feel bad after a loss but only for a few minutes. Tonight after the game, some kids went to a party which happens to be on Halloween. I don’t mind them having fun but do they have to be like the goyim? Where do you draw the line? Anybody could be doing the same job as I am with this team. One time after having a great season, Ralph Kiner of the Pittsburgh Pirates went to the owner asking for a raise. The owner’s response was "we lost with you, we can lose without you!" At least Magen David and Flatbush lost tonight.

10/31/07 (12:15 AM) I noticed the other morning that my grey hair is becoming more noticeable. I think that I might like that look. I had another meeting with my school on Monday. This time the meeting went a lot better. I got my own keys to the gym and a closet to store the basketball in. Small things which will make a big difference. During practice, I am explaining to the team what to do and notice a couple of guys not paying attention. Less then a minute later, the exact situation that I just explained happened and the player had no idea what to do. I just don’t know why some guys just waste there time. His teammates should be the one getting on him because he could cost them a victory. We have our first game tomorrow night. I didn’t even realize that the NBA started tonight. It’s just not the same as it used to be. This has to be Curb’s funniest season. Amazing Race starts this Sunday at 8:00 P.M. on Channel 2.

I will leave you with this song from Nirvana called Lithium.

I'm so happy. Cause today I found my friends.
They're in my head. I'm so ugly. But that's ok.
'Cause so are you. We've broke our mirrors.
Sunday morning. Is everyday for all I care.
And I'm not scared. Light my candles. In a daze cause I've found god.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah.....

I'm so lonely. And that's ok.
I shaved my head. And I'm not sad, and just maybe
I'm to blame for all I've heard. And I'm not sure.
I'm so excited. I can't wait to meet you there.
And I don't care. I'm so horny. But that's ok. My will is good.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.....

I like it. I'm not gonna crack.
I miss you. I'm not gonna crack.
I love you.I'm not gonna crack.
I kill you. I'm not gonna crack. (x2)

10/28/07 (12:45 AM)In shul on Friday night I sit in my usual corner seat by myself. A friend walks over shakes my hand and then walks away to sit with his other friend. I thought he was going to sit next to me but I guess I’m not as good a friend as I thought. At the end of tonight’s World Series, Fox played Bruce’s Radio Nowhere at the end of the closing credits. What a great way to enjoy the Red Sox winning. And if that isn’t good enough, Alex Rodriquez is opting out of his contract. You can tell how friendly you are with someone by who you sit next to in shul.  I went to the Magen David Tournament tonight to watch Magen David play Flatbush. I think the rivalry has lost something. It doesn’t have the same buzz as it use to be. It felt like the first game between Ramaz and HAFTR had more excitement then the Flatbush Magen David game. They hardly had any fans at the game. I know its just preseason but there should have been more fan interest. But what do I care? I don’t coach at either school so it doesn’t bother me.The other day a lady walks in to the store with her old vacuum that needs service. I told her that instead of putting more money into it; why not trade in her vacuum for a new one. You’re spending more now but in the long run you would be saving money. She told me that’s what a goy would do and that she has faith in God that he will help her fix this one. I told her God came to me and told me that she should buy a new one. She ended up spending $140 more dollars on her vacuum.

10/26/07 (1:00 AM) My father came home from the hospital this afternoon and is feeling better. This morning I woke up weighing 158.8. One of the reasons I was that low was because of the Subway on

Kings Highway
. I had a six foot beef sandwich and it tasted great. It was very fresh. I think that might be my new Wednesday night dinner. My luck with Sprint might finally be changing. When I got out of my car this morning, my phone fell out of its holder and got a little damaged. I called up Sprint to help me fix my email and finally spoke to an agent who was helpful. On monthly bill they charged $10 extra for a roaming charge. I called yesterday and they said they couldn’t do anything about it. The agent I spoke to today, Karen credited my account. I then asked her to speak to her supervisor just to let her know how helpful Karen was. The supervisor was very grateful and noticed all the problems I’ve been having with my service. She then proceeded to give me a $40 credit on my bill. It was 21 years ago that this happened. “And it’s going to go to the back stop. Here come Mitchell to score the tying run and Ray Knight is at second base.” “A little roller up along first, it gets by Buckner. Here come Knight and the Mets win it.” “If one picture is worth a thousand words, then you have seen about a million words.” It makes feel good that some high school kids know and appreciate how great Bruce Springsteen is.

10/25/07 (1:00AM) My father was having some discomfort in his chest so he had to go back to the hospital. Hatzolah came to the house this morning and took him to Maimonides Hospital. They checked him out and said everything is fine. He should be coming home this afternoon. I always give money to Hatzolah because I think they are one of the most important organizations out there. When I coached the Center team, we had a free throw shoot-a-thon and collected $1500 for them. Not bad for a 7th and 8th grade team. I went to the hospital today to visit and it is so disgusting. I made sure not to touch anything there. I received both pairs of shoes today. One pair I have to return because it is too small. I am still debating if I should keep them. I know someone who always tells me that I am his friend. His sister gets engaged and he doesn’t even call me. I wasn’t looking forward going to practice after last night’s pathetic performance. We had a surprisingly good practice which I was happy with. Even though we aren’t the most talented team, we do try hard. I just wish we were a little smarter with the basketball.

10/24/07 (2:43 AM) My father came home from the hospital after an overnight stay. He had an angiogram done and they found an artery clogged so they put in a stent to open it up. He is fine. I remember when he had his first heart attack. I think I was five or six years old and remember my mother calling the doctor. He didn’t want to go to the hospital in ambulance because of the attention the ambulance would bring to the block. There is web site where you can sign up to get one telephone number and link it to any phone. Check it out at Grand Central. Here is one of the reasons that I don’t like to fly. This happened to the USC football team last week on there way to play Notre Dame. Here is an interesting article about some of the curses in sports like the Sports Illustrated jinx. For those of you that were collecting money to buy me a pair of shoes, I have the total that you need. It came out to $82.79 for a pair of shoes. I wasn’t sure what size to get but they have a great return policy. I got then form Endless.com. The two pairs that i got were Unlisted Men's Coast to Coast Dress Oxford and Unlisted Men's Coast Slip-on. Not only do they give you free shipping but that also credit you five dollars just for buying the shoes. Damages had there season finale tonight. This is one of the rare shows that have actual twists to it where you say out loud “I can’t believe that just happened”. We had out first exhibition game tonight in Magen David’s Preseason Tournament. We lost to Kushner 41-26. Morris Dweck runs one of the best tournaments in the league. It gives you a chance to see 12 different teams. My team looked like a JV team compared to the other ones. We have a lot of work ahead of us if we want to win some games. Losing sucks. It gets me aggravated seeing some coaches have no clue what to do but are able to win simply because they have talent. You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken s----. Or as one coach once said, “Give me Larry Majors players and I would win also”.

10/22/07 (11:40 PM) Busy day. I will have to save some stuff for tomorrow’s blog. Here is some feed back that I got about the blog. MP’s friend sent me this instant message yesterday. “your blog is pathetic. why do you want pple to know you as a moron “ I guess I just have to thanks for the feed back. I got the following email about how much you need to sleep from “the stealer”. Rambam says medically you should sleep 8 hours. But he said in another place to sleep 6 hours, and spend most of your night learning torah. I think Burgers Bar has the longest wait for your food. The only time I go there is when I am not in a rush. Last night, it took me around a half an hour to get my order. Thankfully I didn’t see anyone I knew otherwise I would have had to have a phony conversation until my food was ready. I hate that. I had a very troublesome meeting with Zvi Roth today. They changed administrators from last year to this year. I have been working without a contract for the last two months figuring that I would get the same salary as last year. The new administrator told me he had no idea who I was and was not the coach until I signed my contract. The salary that he offered me was way below last year. To make a long story short, I settled for a cut in my salary. I wasn’t too happy about it but what can I do? Sometimes schools don’t realize how important athletics’, especially basketball is to a school. Around 10 years ago, a player came up to me and asked if we could pray after practice. I thought it was a great idea and have done it ever since. For the first time, I was hazan. I think the last time I was hazan was ion 7th grade. The problem with me doing it is my voice is pretty shot after practice. But I don’t think I did that bad. I may do it next practice as well. Tomorrow is our first game in the preseason tournament at Magen David.

10/21/07 (1:30 PM) I use to forget what I wanted to write about in the blog. What I do now is write it down on my Treo so I don’t forget. The streak is finally over. For the first time in four months, I combed my hair. I am thinking about buzzing it again. Every morning in shul you have these people collecting money from Israel. One person was collecting for a wedding he was having for his son. Wouldn’t he have saved money just by collecting in Israel? The plane ticked alone must cost around $1600. Marmaduke has to be one of the unfunniest comics around. I don’t think it has ever made me laugh. Last night on Channel 21, they had a Paul McCartney concert on from 2005. He sang most of the old Beatles songs. Not only do the lyrics have real meaning to it, any age could listen and enjoy it. What artists can say that today? Justin Timberlake? 50 Cent? Please. There is nothing better in sports then a game seven.

10/19/07 (1:45 PM) The past couple of nights I’ve been going to sleep early (12:45). I think the more sleep I get the more tired I get. I read somewhere, maybe the Rambam said this that you only should sleep six hours a night. Last night I went to the Sprint store on

86th street
to get my phone fixed. They said I had to come back Friday night or Saturday which is a problem. I was on the phone with them all night and got nowhere. Finally this morning I got an agent who will be sending me a new phone. They will charge me but once I return it they will credit my account. What is the point of the yellow line on top of the fence in baseball? If it hits it, it’s still not a homerun. I am happy that the Yankees got rid of Joe Torre. Anything that makes them worse is great news for a Yankee hater. I watched a great college football game last night. Rutgers beat #2 South Florida 30-27.

10/17/07 (12:30 AM) I went to see baby Alan and Rachel for the first time in three weeks. I took him to Dunkin Donuts and on our way back we pass a real estate store that has trophies in the windows. He starts to count the trophies and then ask me “is this Uncle Sammy’s office?” He is the cutest kid in the world. Munster did me a big favor tonight by dropping off a scorebook so that I didn’t have to go to the Center and pick it up. I found out today that Zvi Roth doesn’t have me on the payroll yet and that the reason that I haven’t been getting paid. I hope this doesn’t turn in to a problem.

1015/07 (10:50 PM) Happy Birthday tomorrow to Morris “Truck” Dweck on his ?? birthday. Good article in this week’s Sports Illustrated about the coach of Tennessee, Bruce Pearl. My Treo sucks. I should have listened to everyone and got a blackberry. Every time I try to use my AOL instant message, my Treo shuts down. Now I have to go get it fixed. I like when former players of mine come down to practice. It means a lot. Tonight Kobe stopped by and practiced with us. There was one player in particular that I coached who never stopped by one practice of mine in 10 years. I guess he never had time.

10/14/07 (11:15 PM) This has to be one of Curb’s funniest seasons. I like how Larry has a mezuzah on the front door of his house. On Friday afternoon for around 30 minutes, I was in a great mood for no particular reason. It felt good. Around four years ago, I felt like that almost every day for a few months. It was great but of course it couldn’t last. It was 10 years ago that I first got email. Now everyone takes it for granted. For work, I use to have to go in on a Saturday night to fax things. But now it’s all at your fingertips. I wanted to read the NY Times article about the SY Community. Instead of going to the newsstand, all I had to do was go online. I went to Shop Rite today to buy my Diet Sprite. It was on sale for $16 for five twelve packs (including tax). Which means each soda came out to be 27 cents each. Maybe Magen David should go buy some for there tournament and save some money.

10/12/07 (12:50 AM) I have a problem when it rains. My shoes have holes in them so my feet get all wet. I have told somebody to buy me shoes for like five months but they have not gotten around to it yet. I have no idea what to get. I like to welcome a new reader to blog, Ronnie. The readership may have hit double digits. Everyday I have to read the whole Daily News. I mean every article. If I don’t finish it, I have to finish reading it the next day. I wish I could stop doing that but I feel if I don’t read something, I am missing out on something. Richie Simon called me tonight so I went down to the Center and hung out in the office. Again, hardly anyone was in the gym. This is the first time I have been there in months. I was going to get an EMT to come to Zvi Roth’s home basketball games but the guy wants $120. That’s for just an hour and half. Originally I said ok because I thought the money was going to Hatzolah. If anyone is CPR certified and wants to come to the game, please let me know. It is a requirement from the league that we have one there. I wonder how many people realized that National League Playoffs were on tonight. I hope Colorado wins because they never have made it to the World Series.

10/9/07 (11:55 P.M.) This is one of the many reasons why I hate the Yankees. Listen to Suzyn Waldman after they lost. She was a Red Sox fan growing up. Please. Here is a clip of Oklahoma State Football Coach Mike Gundy being upset. I had a nice conversation with mom tonight. Actually she was the one doing the talking. She is concerned that I don’t take vacations and travel. She wants me to have fun instead of just work. As I got older, I learned that sometimes just not to get into an argument. So I just told her that I was concerned about her. I was also told tonight by a friend that I should have paid respects. I hate doing that. I just feel so uncomfortable doing that.

10/8/07 (11:42 P.M.) I was planning on writing this last night but I had to wait a week. It’s amazing what could happen in eight days makes. Last week, all the Yankee and Philly fans were happy that their team got to playoffs and the Mets didn’t. And now look at them. Joining the Mets at home. I know the Yankee fan is going to say that I am happier when the Yankees lose then when the Mets win. Not true. But it does feel great. The curse of Don Mattingly lives. All those phony Yankee fans can go back into hiding. What happened to the aura of Yankee Stadium? I thought teams were too nervous and scared to win there? Could the Yankees please get rid of there 7th inning stretch with God bless America? It takes like 10 minutes between the innings. One time, I called a Yankee fan right after a playoff loss to rub it in. Not only did he hang up on me but he also refused to answer the phone when I called back. I did like the coverage of TBS even though the Yankees announcers were horrible. It was nice to have the games back to back. TBS must be real happy to have Colorado vs. Arizona. How many people do you think will be watching that? One last thing for tonight. There was a new walker in shul today. A walker is someone who when he prays just walks around right in front of you instead of just sitting down. Very annoying. I just stare at them so maybe they will get the hint that they are being annoying. I am too much of a woos to tell them anything. I need to be like Larry David.

10/7/07 (11:45 P.M.) All the holidays are over and it’s back to normal. Two nights a week practice from 6:30 to 9:00. All the people that were coming to shul no longer bother to go. I can’t wait for the cold and snow. Next holiday coming up is Thanksgiving. I just started using WaterPik that Coach G gave me for free. I thought it would be better but it’s ok.

10/2/07 (11:45 PM) Click on the link to see how Israel knocked out Syria's nuclear plant. I like the people that tell me to say hello to your father. No. If you want to say hello to someone, call them yourself. Then there are the people who when they come in the store act nice to me. But once I see them out in the street, they act like I don’t exist. Munster wanted me to go to Connecticut with him tonight to see Bruce Springsteen. I didn’t go because it’s Hoshana Rabbah. I did the reading tonight at Sephardic at 7:00. It took 1:45 minutes to finish reading the whole book of Devarim. Instead of using the books that have the print that’s hard to read, I just use a Chumash. Some people’s goal is just to finish reading it as fast as they can. Then you have others that come late, leave early or just talk the whole while the other people read. Then you have the people who just don’t go at all. I think they are missing the point of the reading. Great game last night between Colorado and San Diego. If this game had a New York team involved, no one would stop talking about it. This was the second game that Trevor Hoffman blew to get his team into the playoffs. That’s why Joe Torre is so lucky. Even though I hate the Yankees, Marino Rivera is great. Without him, they don’t win as many World Series.

10/1/07 (11:30 P.M. ) Here is why David Letterman is still the best. Watch him interview Paris Hilton. The holidays are making me fall way behind watching my shows. To many good shows on. Coach G and Munster invited me  to go clubbing Saturday night but i was to busy watching T.V. They told me they had a great time. I went to a funeral this afternoon. My friends grandmother. I hate going. No one could escape death. It’s just a matter of time when you will have a close member of your family dying and then it will be you sitting there and crying. It is just a fact of life.

9/30/07 (11:50 P.M.) I was wrong. No way in the world did I think the Mets would lose the division. I still don’t think blowing a seven game lead with 17 games remaining isn't as bad as blowing a 3-0 lead with a lead in the ninth to get to the World Series. I am not as upset as I thought I would be. I will now be rooting for Lou Piniella and the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series. While the Mets were losing, so were the Jets. Where was Chad Pennington throwing the ball at the end of the game? At least the Giants were able to beat Philly tonight. I heard Magen David has a new policy where no one could fail off the basketball team. I wonder why they put that in this year. I won $10 in the Mega Millions the other day. I had two numbers plus the mega ball. I almost won $10,000. The numbers that came out were 4, 13, 20, 25, 33. I had 4, 13, 19, 24, 49. What is the proper distance to say hello to someone. When I am walking in the street and I see someone walking straight at me, I don’t know what to do. Look away, wave or say hello. It is always awkward.

9/26/07 ( 2:00 P.M. )   I was walking out of shul today when a car backing up really fast almost hit me. I know some people were hoping that it did. Read this story about what happened on Yom Kippur.

9/26/07 (12:10 P.M.) Here is some one agreeing with me about what I said in yesterday’s blog about Keith Hernandez. There is a saying that the bigger you are the harder you fall. Some people are so sensitive that you have to be careful what you said to them. We are doing the charge drill and one of the guys starts complaining because he was hit too hard. Get tough. Some people have turned Sukkoth into a big business. I love that song on the new Ipod commercial.

9/25/07 (1:04 A.M.) Happy Birthday to Coach G. He was going to have a bowling birthday party but it got cancelled. I didn’t watch Heroes yet but did watch the new show Chuck. I liked it. I am still watching Life of Ryan on MTV. It’s really a great show. I may start using the words like gnarly and chill. Had a good practice tonight. We are doing better then expected but we just don’t have any height. We may have to press for 32 minutes game. I am still debating what to do. Magen David Tournament starts in 28 days.

9/23/07 (11:18 P.M.) Happy 58th birthday to Bruce Springsteen. On Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 10, it will be playing all Bruce starting This Thursday until March. It was nine years ago today that I started to go to shul in the morning. I stated to go when Joe Sutton suggested that I start going just a couple of days a week. I decided to go every day. The Fast of Gedilah was my first day and I rarely miss a day. During the week I pray at eight and on Sunday I go at nine.  I changed up my schedule this morning. I caught on a couple of my shows. Survivor looks like its going to be another great season. Don’t forget that Heroes starts tomorrow night. Here is a good article by Mike Vaccaro of the NY Post about what I was talking about the other night. Second night in a row that I didn’t have a good night sleep. Last night I woke at 4:30 because I couldn’t swallow. So I went downstairs and had some tea. Good sports today. During halftime of the Jets game, they had a ceremony for Wayne Chrebet. I don’t understand why they can’t televise the ceremony. Then the Mets played another exciting game. Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez are the best announcers in New York. That was followed by the Giants coming back from a 17-3 deficit. One thing I can’t stand is after every tackle, some one is always showing off. After the tackle just go back to the huddle.

9/22/07 (11:11 P.M.) A couple of thoughts about the fast. First of all, I have to thank Coach G. I had the privilege to sit next to him during the prayers. Every time my concentration wandered, all I had to do was look over to him and see his intensity and fervor that he had with his prayers. It lifted me up. I can see people coming a little late to shul but on the holiest day of the year; they come at 11:00? If they can’t make an effort and get there on time today, when will they? If you are going to shush people that’s fine but don’t go talking a little later. I find it funny that at the start of Neilah every one stands up because the hechal is open. Once they realize that they will be standing for 30 minutes, they slowly sit down. My last point. Why for the last prayer before the fast is over, Arbit, everyone rushes through it? It is treated with such disrespect.

9/21/07 (12:35 AM) I wish I didn’t care about sports. How great would it be if I didn’t care about the Mets? So what if they won or lost. But I do care. It does bother me when they lose. But it also feels great when they win. But tonight’s loss hurt. I will be cranky for the next day. A three run lead in the ninth and they blow it? I still believe they will win the division. It will only make it feel that much better. The Yankees in 2000 lost seven in a row from Sept 25- Oct 1 and they went on to win the World Series. During Yom Kippur, I think there should be some sort of law where you are not allowed to shake hands. If you think how disgusting it is when you know the most people have only washed is up to their knuckles.

9/19/07 (11:55 P.M.) I was driving down East Fourth going to shul when I see a parking spot on the corner of Avenue T. A car coming down Avenue T had its left turn signal on. He was just sating there so I make the left turn and pull into the spot. I then hear him honking his horn and I just figured out he was waiting to make a U turn into the spot. He continues to beep but I just ignore him and park my car. He then continued driving. A mother and daughter come into the store looking to buy a vacuum for her daughter. The mother was a very stern woman just wanting to know the price. After she decided for her daughter which one to get, I show them some products. The mother just had a mean look on her face waiting to leave. I said to her let me get something downstairs. I was going to give her a free gift. I bring the box upstairs telling her I have something for her. She tells me “I don’t want to see anything else”. So I just put it away. Her loss. I hope all the Met fans have calmed down. Like I said yesterday, they will the division. Mets won tonight and Phillies lost. Magic number is down to nine. I had ZDR practice tonight. This might be one of the best group of kids that I have had to coach. Nice kids who are practicing hard. After coaching for 14 years, I still like the practices. Don’t forget to watch Survivor tomorrow night on Channel 2 at 8:00 P.M. I love this song, Under Pressure.

9/19/07 (1:35 AM) I am very tired. I still haven’t finished reading the Daily News or Post bit I know people can’t wait for the blog. I found out that I have a new reader. When I use to coach Magen David, I stayed up till 3:30 to finish watching the video and doing the stats. A lot of good that did me. I am falling behind again on my television watching. To all the Met fans, relax. They will win the division. I don’t want to hear the fans say they aren’t going to make it then jump back on the bandwagon when they make the playoffs. Just root for them to win. I went to a Chanukat Habayit tonight. That’s when someone buys a new house and they have people over to pray. I can’t mention who the people are because they don’t want to be mention on the blog. The house is beautiful and the food was great as always. For all the people that make fun of me for not wanting to shake hands, reads this survey.

9/17/07 (11:00 P.M.) I carried the Torah this morning. I have a friend whose family I don’t think likes me. I walk right by a family member of his and he doesn’t shake my hand. Maybe he didn’t see me. Other people in his family don’t even acknowledge me. Also, when I walk in shul in the morning, I give and get the phony good morning. But some people who I know just walk by me and totally ignore me. I had my Zvi Roth tryouts tonight. With the help of Coach G, I picked the team. I took 15 guys. I gave the same story that I give every year how I was cut from Flatbush JV three years in a row. After the tryout, I had a one on one with Elliot Tabache. I lost 11-4. I know I’m not that bad. Here are some excuses why I lost. I’ve played basketball maybe once in the last six months. Also, Zvi Roth has the worst gym. I told him to buy nets from four months ago but he never did. I will beat him the next time I play him. A great web site to keep track of all the score is ESPN. It gives you real time action.

9/17/07 (12:50 A.M.). Here are a few random thoughts about the holidays. I hate people who complain that they are in shul for so long. Its only two days and last around four hours. Is that so hard to do? Its not like you are making a major sacrifice. I like those people that come to shul two hours late. If it was a regular work day that would be there on time. But to come to pray to God, that can’t wake up. I can’t stand those people that have to always be walking around while everyone else is praying. Like they have something very important to take care of. They just want everyone to notice them. God knew what he was doing by making a fast day right after the holiday. I gained too much weight again. It’s hard for me to stay at 160 lbs because I can’t weigh myself until the holiday is over. For people that think anti-Semitism is going away, read this article. Today is one of the worst sports days for me. It starts off with the Giants losing. Then the Mets. Then the Jets. And to top it off, the $200 million underdog Yankees beat Boston. I still can’t make up my mind if I should keep the Treo or get a Blackberry. It is driving me crazy. By the way, the notary is open for business tomorrow.

9/12/07 (3:00 P.M.) Hey. Shana Tova. Someone in the community is starting a Craig's list for the community. It is called VixList.

9/11/07 (11:55 P.M.) Here is a freaky story. Spoke to this guy who was in charge of an organization yesterday. He sent someone in to drop off a vacuum. I got a call today to let me know that he was killed in a car accident.

9/10/07 (10:45 P.M.) I have not combed my hair since the middle June. Here are two new links. The first one is Log Me In. You can access your computer from anywhere in the world. The second site is the Wayback Machine. You can view an old web site that has been taken down. I discovered this site from Joseph Dana. He is restarting the Magen David basketball web site that I started around nine years ago. It only took them four and half years to restart it. He is taken all my ideas and copying it on to the new site. I started the web site voluntarily so that we could publicize the basketball teams. I did not get paid any extra money for doing this. This was the first Yeshiva Basketball League web site. Here is my last article that I wrote for the Magen David website on March 27, 2003. That article was printed in the Jewish Press without giving me credit. It wasn’t the first time that something has been stolen from me without getting credit. The person that designed my first web site was Ron Chemtob. The last web site was designed by my cousin Mitchell Coopersmith.

9/9/07 (11:30 AM) Happy 22nd birthday to Stevie Fallas. One of my top five favorite people. As I was walking home from shul Friday night, I saw JS and he sarcastically said to me that I must be very happy that everyone is back. Right. I heard some people talking how they wish they were still in Deal. So do I. No one is stopping them from living there. They are going to miss there pool’s and tennis courts. Wah Wah Wah. I was talking to KA and told me he had surgery for a detached retina. That is why I go to the eye doctor every year. One of my biggest fears is losing my eye sight. I have the coaches meeting in the city tomorrow. Once a year I have to take the train. Its feels like you’re locked up in a prison. One person goes crazy and there is nothing that you could do to escape. I just find out that ZDR is invited to the Sackin Tournament for the second year in a row. I like to thank Coaching Legend Mike Gelber for inviting us. Here are a couple of links to check out. Coach G sent me this link about Stephon Marbury's reaction to Zach Randolph. The next one is a fantastic new site that Joseph Dana is putting together for Magen David.

9/7/07 (11:30 AM) Don't forget to watch the start of the sixth season of Curb Your Enthusiam on Sunday night at 10:00 PM on HBO.  Here is a review from today's Daily News.

9/6/07 (11:50 PM) I finally got down to 160 lbs. The problem was I was eating a Chocolate Chunk Cookie which has 540 calories instead of my regular Chocolate Kreme Filled Donut which has 270 calories. Now I am back to my regular weight. Last night I went to the Sephardic Center to fill up my basketballs. There were only 10 people in the gym. It was not like the old days where you had full court games every night. I ended playing one on one. Even though I haven’t shot a basketball in months, I could still hit some shots. I saw a former player and when I went to say hello, I smelt the cigarette smoke. Then today, I see him go into the store and by some smokes. How could a 22 year old smoke? I could see maybe 20-30 years ago where people didn’t know as much about the risks. But in the year 2007 where they know all the risks of smoking? The lung cancer? Stupid.

9/4/07 ( 11:35 PM) Here is the link to Bruce Springsteen's new song Radio Nowhere. It was four years ago today that I got fired from assistant coach at Flatbush before I even started. I was hired to be an assistant coach to JV with no pay at the end of June. Just before tryouts, Mike Gelber asks to meet with me at Dunkin Donuts. He told me that some people found out that I was coaching and they don’t want me. So I was fired. I think that was the low point of my life. But just a couple of months later, it turned out to be the best year in my life. Everything always seems to work out for the best. Some people that think they defeated me were mistaken. One time I picked this kid on JV even though he shouldn’t have made the team. A year later, this kids tries to get me fired by having his friends quit the team. A year after that he succeeded in getting me fired. The things that bothers me is guys that I thought were loyal to me end up kissing this kids behind. Amazing. Never trust anybody.

9/3/07 (11:25 PM) I can’t seem to lose one lousy pound. I am still at 161.4 .I have been trying for the last two weeks but can’t get rid of it. Click here for a great article about Israel by Joseph Dana. Someone said to me today that this blog is boring. This is coming from a guy who thinks watching a 5th and 12th seed ladies play tennis is exciting. I just write what I want to write. You don’t have to read this. Another great baseball day. Mets win, Yankees lose. I know I am going to embarrass him but I have to tell this story. Coach G was walking out of shul when he saw someone looking for a lift. He then went out of his way to drop this guy off. What a great guy. Late Show is a repeat tonight. I get to go to sleep early.

9/2/07 (11:35 PM) I forgot to mention this story. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a kid that goes to Flatbush who went to Maccabi with me last year. He gave me a great compliment. He asked me if I got the Flatbush JV job. I told him no, they didn’t hire me. He said that they are really stupid. And he doesn’t even play basketball. It made me feel great. I look at it this way. It’s not my lost. Its there’s. I don’t have anything against the person that they hired for the JV job. He is probably a great guy. But I wonder if they did a background check on him? Did they go to the “Board” to get approval? They should have some excellent teams these next few years no matter who is coaching them. Anyway, everything always works out for the best and I am very happy at Zvi Roth. It's still is a varsity job plus I would have had to cut my salary in half.

8/31/07 (12:00 PM) I am in today's Daily News on the bottom of page 147. Read the article here. I am in the eighth paragraph fom the top.

8/31/07 (12:30 AM) Back in May, Coach G said he would get me a nice present for my birthday. When it came time to pay for it, I ended up having to pay. I am too embarrassed to ask him for the money. Today’s Met game had to be one of there worst losses ever. Even when they were down 5-0, I thought they would come back. But once Wagner came in the game for a six out save, I knew they were going to lose. One of the worst Mets losses ever was to St. Louis on September 11, 1987 . At least this year's team is still in first place.

8/30/07 (1:00 PM) Happy 14th anniversary to the Late Show with David Letterman. I went to the very first show at CBS. A week before he started at CBS, I got tickets to some tests shows he did the week before. I couldn’t go to that because I was at Maccabi. I forgot how but Ira somehow got tickets and we went. The first guest was Bill Murray and Billy Joel. After the show, I was interviewed by radio and WCBS TV. You could watch part of the first show here. And here is a clip from the last show at NBC.

8/29/07 (11:45 AM) I discovered another new reality show. Life with Ryan on MTV. Watched the first episode tonight and I liked it. It is about a 17 year old skateboarding phenom named Ryan Sheckler. Ryan is the youngest person to ever turn professional. It was another horrible day in baseball. Mets and Boston and Seattle lose, Yankees win.

8/28/07 (11:00 PM) With the US government closing in on its 22nd year of incarcerating Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard, the public is called on once again to clamor for his release.
The public is asked to phone US President George W. Bush every day, until Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement, Sep. 22), asking him to pardon Jonathan Pollard.  Citizens in the US and around the world are asked to call the White House between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM EST, once a day, at 202-456-1414, and say, "Please release Jonathan Pollard. 22 years in prison is more than enough."

I love these types of stories. Sen. Larry Craig got caught doing this. Here is a previous quote from the senator: "it is important for us to stand up now and protect traditional marriage, which is under attack by a few unelected judges and litigious activists."

8/28/07 (12:25 AM) NEW BRUCE SONG - RADIO NOWHERE.  The signs that summer are over are beginning. The housekeepers are making there appearance to clean the houses here. Watch this clip of South Carolina answering a question in Miss Teen USA.

8/25/07 (9:15 PM) in the third inning of today’s Met game, Ralph Kiner joined Tim McCarver in the booth. As Phil Mushnick wrote in the NY Post, “Those two, from the mid-1980s into the late 1990s, for our nickel, made for one of the best broadcast teams ever.” I agree.

8/24/07 (12:18 AM) Guess what. Some one that I haven’t spoken to in a couple of weeks texted me today. They need something. Of course I said yes. I am such a nice guy. I forgot to give you an update on Maccabi. The basketball team went into the “B” division and lost in the quarterfinals. This is the first time since 1999 that a basketball did not win a medal. I have to admit it felt a little good that they lost after winning the Gold last year with basically the same team in the “B” division. I like to think that maybe if I was coaching, we would have went further. I am getting the hang of the Treo but still haven’t decided if I am going to keep it.

8/23/07 (1:11 AM) Busy day today. First I bought Hebrew/English siddur and Machzor set. Then I went to Sprint and bought a Treo 755. Same one as Howard Stern has. I’ve been spending the night trying to figure out how it works. I saw a lady whose mother passed away. Of course I didn’t say anything to her. Just a phony conversation. Hi how’s everything. Here is an update on the web site Facebook. One girl is 18 and she is hardly wearing anything in these pictures. Then you have the so called religious guys who wear the yamulkahs in shul’s drinking and partying. But I am the one that can’t get hired to coach at Flatbush. What a bunch of hypocrites.

8/22/07 (12:45 AM) Perfect weather today. Rainy and cold. What an exciting Met game tonight. They won it in the 9th 7-6. Its fun when they do the interviews after the game, you can hardly understand what the ballplayer is saying. I like the people that when they need something they call you everyday. Once they get what they wanted, you don’t hear from them for weeks. Five years ago yesterday, I coached in the most exciting game I have ever been involved with. It was in the Montreal Maccabi Games and we beat South Jersey 111-102 to get to the championship game. Coach G arrived back from Israel Sunday morning and headed straight to Deal. He is now feeling a little under the weather.

8/20/07 (11:30 PM) "When everyone is looking for gold, it’s a good time to be in the pick and shovel business." -- Mark Twain                                                                                                                  I went to my dentist, Dr. Doueck today. The appointment was at one o’clock and I didn’t  have to wait at all. First time that has happened to me while going to a doctor. My old dentist filled my cavity with silver which was cracking. Dr. Doueck took out the old filling and put in a new one. I was suprised that i didnt pass out. 30 minutes of work for $255. Not bad. Two weeks from today everyone comes back. Can’t wait. No parking and annoying people who think they own the world. High School Musical 2 was a big success. I  got new blades for my shaver after six years. Now I finally get a close shave. Here is a baby Alan story. He wanted me to take him to Toys-R-Us. So I told him we had to ask mommy. He says don’t tell her. I said what if she asks me where we are. He tells me to tell her nowhere. Well, i thought that was cute.

8/20/07 (12:05 AM)  I got the following in an email. I have a friend who tries to teach me this.   The High Road Principle, which says, "We go to a higher level when we treat others better than they treat us." When it comes to dealing with others, there are really only three routes we can take:

*The Low Road---where we treat others worse than they treat us.


Middle Road
---where we treat others the same as they treat us.

*The High Road---where we treat others better than they treat us.

The low road damages relationships and alienates others from us. The middle road may not drive people away, but it doesn't attract them either. But the high road creates positive relationships with others and attracts people to us--even in the midst of conflict.

Taking the high road requires COURAGE. It certainly isn't one's immediate inclination to turn the other cheek and treat people well while they treat you badly.

8/18/07 (9:05 PM) It was 15 years ago today that Larry Bird announced his retirement.

8/16/07 (9:21 PM) Saw Stevie Fallas today. He came over and said hello to me. He is not one of those phony people who make believe that they don’t see you when they really do. Got a negative comment about the blog. Someone said that it wasn’t interesting. Who cares what he thinks. Bruce is coming out with a new album on October 2nd.

8/15/07 (11:42 PM) If you like football you have to watch Hard Knocks on HBO. It is a behind the scenes look at the Kansas City Chiefs training camp.

8/14/07 (11:35 PM) From tonight’s Damages. “Trust No One”. Update from Coach G. He has been staying close to the Arab quarters, but seems to have bonded well with his Arab brothers. Hotel is $97 a night, so you can’t beat it. He’s even spent time with some Arab women, but expressed their disinterest in taking photographs. Claims there are a lot of French Jews staying at the same hotel, but says French women are too tough.

8/13/07 (11:55 PM) Howard Stern is back from his vacation. Funny story in today’s news. Married man sues florist for revealing affair. Went to the dentist today. $195 for a cleaning and x-rays. I also have to go back Monday to fix a filling for $255. Spoke to some of the guys from Maccabi. They won both games today.

8/12/07 (11:35 PM) First time since 1992 that I didn’t go to the Maccabi Games. I didn’t want to travel five hours by plane. So far I don’t miss it. I am going to miss the eggs. Went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. Great action movie. Bill O’Reilly had an interesting article about the movie. Spoke to Coach G from Israel. He was a column away from a shooting the other day.               Here is a  joke. The 3 fastest ways of communication in the world are:
3. Tele-fax
2. Tele-phone
1. Tell-a-woman

Need it faster??
Ask her not to tell anyone !!!!

8/9/07 (11:50 PM) Letterman and Howard Stern are both on vacation this week. Freaking Mets. I guess last nights game wasn’t the turning point of the season. People may not realize this, but they still have the best record in the National League. Today was cousin Mitchell’s birthday. I remember one time when he was young and he had a birthday party. He was sick so he had to watch the party that was outside from his room. Here is a report from Coach G who is in Israel. Went out with jdate girl #1. may see her again may not unclear. Prayed at kotel today. small fight between a rabbi and the turban guys that blow the shofars and sing during bar mitzvah for people. next week tel aviv

8/9/07 (12:35 AM) Went to my eye doctor today, Dr. Cohen. Everything was fine. The only doctor I have left is my dentist, Dr. Doueck on Monday. Everything was perfect at 3:15 today. Listening to my Sirius Satellite Radio which was playing Prove It All Night by Bruce. Coach G instant messaged me from Israel. He is doing fine. Driving home today and in my rear view mirror, I think I see a former player of mine smoking a joint. Not 100% sure that it was him, but pretty sure. Going into the 9th inning of tonight’s Met game, I thought Wagner was going to blow it. This game could be the turning point of the season.

8/8/07 (12:25 AM)  Just watched Barry Bonds hit home run #756. So what that he allegedly took steroids. I’m happy for him. A fan wearing a Met shirt caught the ball. A friend of mine, Jack Aboutbul just called me from the game. He will be posting video of the shot on You Tube. I went to see The Simpsons Movie. Very funny. If you go, stay until the credits finish. That’s when you will hear Maggie speak. Coach G left for Israel tonight. Hopefully he will be sending in reports from there. If someone calls you on your cell but leaves no message, do you have to call back?

8/7/07 (12:23 AM) There was an article about the Coney Island project in yesterdays Daily News.  Facebook is a great site. Funny video of a  Chris " Mad Dog" Russo impersonator on You Tube. Another great episode of  Greek.

8/2/07 (11:30 PM) It was 28 years ago today that Thurman Munson died in a plane crash. Even though I was only eight, I remember the day because it was Tisha B'Av and I was home from Broad Channel Day Camp. A good day today. Mets win. Yankees lose. Boston and Cleveland win.

8/2/07 (1:35 AM) Spoke to Coach G today. He was crying about his pictures being put on the site. WAH WAH WAH! He once told me that right after July 4th, the summer flys by.   Rescue Me has to be one of the top five shows on television. The first ten minutes of tonights show was amazing. Feeling a little under the weather. Took a Clartin. They work very well. Did Dushey a nice favor tonight.

8/1/07 (1:50 AM) - Happy Birthday to Kiki Vandeweghe. I was going to write more tonight but the Met game screwed me up. They lost 4-2 in 13 innings. Tonight was the last episode of Shaq's Big Challenge. Shaq took six overweight kids and got them into shape. One kid lost 77 pounds in 10 months. I finally posted some new pictures. I am using a Canon PowerShot SD1000 camera. 12 years ago tonight i got stuck in Deal. Had to spend the night. 32 days until summer ends.

7/31/07 (12:40 AM) -  Just finished the first Harry Potter book last week. Have to get the second one. I loved it. First book i read since the Da Vinci Code. I will be posting new pictures probably tomorrow. Went to Jerusalem Steakhouse with Coach G and Munster. Sorry. I mean "Cool" Al. Hope i weigh 160 in the morning. I may change my lunch tomorrow. Didnt have a chance to watch Kyle XY or Greek yet on ABC Family. Greek is a great new show. Bill Walsh died. Scroll down and read the comic strip Foxtrot. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions about the site. Got to finish watching Letterman  and  reading the Daily News and Post.